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I want to know when do you do your homework? Do you do it before the kids are home, after they are in bed or when someone can keep them for a few hours? I know for a fact my two little ones will not let me sit and do my homework, especially DS#2. I am going to be doing pre-nursing req's and then getting an ADN to be a RN. I know when I did go to school before we had lots of work and I am worried that I will either drown in it or be so busy doing schoolwork that I will neglect time elsewhere.

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Well for me, I usually do it when the kids are in bed. We have an early bedtime for the kids - 7:00pm (they don't have to sleep per se... they can read quietly or have one or two toys on the bed etc). Usually I take the time to do my studying from about 7:30 - 10pm, then I have an hour or two to just sit around, talk to DP, clean... whatever. Usually I am in bed by 11pm and the latest is midnight.

I also dedicate Sunday afternoons to studying/completing assignments while DP takes the kids out for a few hours.
I'm halfways through my 3rd year (Environmental Studies & Political Science Undergraduate) and i'll be done (most likely) early next year :

One thing that has helped me to organize myself so I have time to study, take care of/play with the children, and everything else is writing myself a rough schedule. I *try* and follow this as much as I can, but I don't get upset if I can't....kwim?

Being a student and a mama is hard, you can do it though
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Whenever I can! usually late at night, or early in the AM. I just started summer term and the kids are all out of school. In the fall it will be easier b/c I will have 2 kids in school full-time and 1 going half days. I will sometimes set my kids up with a movie or TV show and then start studying. But, for the most part I wait until DH is home and I can go upstairs and be by myself. That's when I get the most done. I think it's definitely best to get little amounts done here and there so you don't get behind and are trying to cram in a bunch of info or work at once.

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I usually did it before picking up my son from daycare - class for four hours, homework until done or until pickup time. If there was still homework left, I'd either leave it for the next day, or do it after bedtime. I tried to stay a day or two ahead on homework so that I had some leeway in case of emergency, but your ability to do that will depend a lot on the program.
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I treated it like a job, and did it during the day.
I found I was mentally too taxed at night and I kept my weekends work free.

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Ditto to the PP... by the time we're all home at night, DD has been fed and put to bed, and DH and I have eaten dinner, my brain is just done working. Sometimes I can get in a hour or two of studying if I really need to but I can't count on it. DD is in day care full-time and I've had the most success with just treating school like a full-time 9-to-5 job.
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I always found that morning was the best time for me to do homework and study because my brain just seemed to function better. I first noticed this when I was still working and trying to sneak the occasional homework in during work hours. It seemed to all come to me easier... Now I try to get the studying done before the older children come home from school. Sometimes if it is a bad day for the baby I do need to wait for the oldest to help me out with him though.... All in all it is easier to try to get it done before the stress of the evening kicks in and I'm braindead...
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The best thing that worked for me was scheduling 2 hrs in the morning two times a week - before classes started and 4 hrs one afternoon. Just for studying. This was enough time that I only needed to study after dd went to bed (at 7:30pm) for an hour or more if I had a big project.

I think it also depends on what types of classes you have, my 4 hr afternoon for studying also became the time I could meet classmates for group projects, or go over to the lab to work on assignments etc.

I had been studying only after dd went to bed, but that left no time for DP and I to relax or just talk about our day!

dd - 7yrs
edd july 1ish

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I have classes in the a.m from about 7:30- 11:00am, my dh has class after that until about 3pm.
I study a lot during dd's naptime (about 2pm), and after she goes down for bed (7:30pm)
Ds plays by himself and will typically leave me alone if i'm studying.
really, i just do it whenever i can. On the weekends i just leave my books, materials out on the kitchen table and sit down whenever i can. Dh will watch them when he is able for me to go to the library sometimes too.

Its been hard, but i'm glad dd is 2.5 and ds will be going to kindergarten half days in the fall. It will be interesting to see how much more i will be able to get done!

E Veg*n Mom to ds 6 : dd 3
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I'm brain dead in the evenings, so used to get up at 4am to do my homework in nursing school. I don't remember having homework in my pre-reqs, but I'm sure I did, just don't remember how I got it done.
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