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springbride's Avatar springbride 04:25 AM 02-02-2010
So I have a case study due at 6pm when I take a final tomorrow... and I can't wrap my mind around it! I've been working on this paper for 3 days and I have 1 of 5 pages

So, what do you ladies do when you've got a deadline and have to focus, but can't! What recharges you and helps you focus?

I'm taking an evening accelerated program, so every 5 weeks I have a new class. The good news is it's just 1 class at a time, the bad news is since it's 1 class at a time, they really lay on the assignments.

oceane's Avatar oceane 05:31 AM 02-02-2010
I hate that! and seeing as I am answering you, I'm not sure if I can give you any advice
I try to make myself to, say, 30 minutes of concentrated work and then I can just surf on the internet for 10 minutes. then back to work etc. but with your deadline looming you might have to work more like 45 minutes with a 5 minute break!!
outlier's Avatar outlier 11:57 AM 02-02-2010
Make a skeleton of an outline of everything that needs to be included, then go back and fill in more information for each section, such as sentences you know you need to include or sources you need to cite. Then go back and add in more. Keep fleshing it out this way until you have the bodies of most of the paragraphs for the paper, and then add in the topic sentences and concluding sentences to make it all flow together.

I find writing papers is much less daunting if I don't have to jump right into creating big, meaty paragraphs on blank documents. Starting with an outline helps me get ideas on paper in an organized fashion, and that usually gets the ball rolling.

Good luck! Don't despair, you are fully capable and can do this!
Ellien C's Avatar Ellien C 04:26 PM 02-02-2010
Just get started. I tell myself ANYTHING to just START the process. Don't think about finishing it, don't think about everything you have to do, just do one, tiny, little itty bitty thing to get yourself STARTED.

And then it usually takes over from there. Sometimes I say that I will spend 10 minutes on something and then go from there if I want to continue. Usually I do.
*MamaJen*'s Avatar *MamaJen* 06:19 PM 02-02-2010
Well, I'm a writer by profession. When I get stuck with writer's block, I try to just start writing something. It doesn't have to be perfect -- it can be total cr@p, even -- but just getting that writing process going can really help.
springbride's Avatar springbride 06:59 PM 02-03-2010
So you all want to here a funny story....
I worked up late 3 nights in a row, completely stumped at how I couldn't get enough information to fill the prompt given...

So I said to myself, "Ok, i just finish formatting what I have, print and do a proofread, then at least I have a well done 1/2 paper"

Then I noticed that I had been writing SINGLE SPACED after setting the correct spacing and making room for the running head... I was 3 pages OVER.


Guess who'll never do that again.