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I definitely plan to take classes this summer, but I'm not sure about how many or exactly how to take them. I only have 2 semesters left to get into my core classes and finish my general education. This semester I'm taking 3 classes to equal 9 credits.

Part of me wants to load up and take 4 classes the 1st part of the semester and get 6 weeks off before the fall semester. The other part of me says don't be insane, just add a class (to get to full time) and go with the consistency of extended summer courses. And finally part of me feels nuts for going full time in the summer at all. I have a 17 month old baby boy.

So what are you doing for summer classes? Am I crazy to even consider the first option?

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I'm only taking one class this summer and I'm going to be sitting at my computer ready to register the minute registration opens so that I can get an online section. I moved to the midwest from Florida almost 3 years ago and I am *still* adjusting to the idea that summer actually means something! I need to be outside playing with my kids and soaking up the sunshine while it lasts now. I never appreciated the weather in FL. I just grumbled about my a/c bills. Live and learn!
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Since summer semester is shorter than a normal semester, my program limits us to two summer classes.

Maybe figure out how many hours you usually work per credit hour and then how that would translate to the shorter session so you can decide if it's feasible.
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IME, summer classes move twice as fast and require twice as much work. So one four-credit class eats up as much time as 8 credits during the fall/spring semesters. Lab sciences can be especially brutal over the summer.

The schools that I have attended have 2 2-month sessions during the summer.

I am a pretty good student that generally does not need to put in as much time for homework as the instructors say is required for an A, but there is no way in heck that I would take four classes over the summer! Not only would the workload be insane, but the temptation to enjoy summer would be a constant struggle. Summer courses work best for me if it is one easy, throwaway course at a time.


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I'm taking 9 hours over a four-week period. Classes start May 10th and run through June 8th. I'll be in class from 8-5 (well, from 8-12 I'm student teaching preschoolers, so that will be lots of fun!). The other 2 classes are in curriculum and instruction and I've heard they aren't too bad, but they are 400-level classes.

June 8th is my kids' last day of school, so we'll finish up at the same time and get the whole summer to play!
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I am going to take one or two courses this summer.
Maybe repeat a course I got a D on......
I have an 18 month old as well.
I really want to finish this degree in a year.
I got to talk to my boss, I am working on campus and don't want to over do it.
Guess its time to meet with my advisor

8 might be enough
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my school has special 5 day superintensive classes worth 3 credits each. i'll take a 2 month semester with 2 classes (the equivalent of 4 classes in regular semester) then in july & august i'll take 3 or 4 of those 5 day classes. the weeks i'm in school will be sheer insanity, but it's worth it to be done school a whole semester sooner. i could technically take more, up to 10 classes over the summer, but i need to have some fun and spend time with my kids or i'll lose it. and 5 or 6 classes done in a time when most people get none is good enough for me.
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