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Vortexing's Avatar Vortexing 09:29 PM 09-17-2010
I have two kiddos now and I'm thinking ahead for next fall for what to arrange for childcare. My kids will be 5 (obviously) and 2 when kindergarten starts next fall. We have always just had a part time nanny come in and then shift our schedules so we can both work, but minimize childcare time and cost.

So my issue is I want to get as much bang for my childcare buck (aka - if someone else is with my kids, I'd best be at work and minimizing it), but also do the important things that only mommy can do for my kids.

What I'm wondering is if you've found that dropoffs and/or pickups from Kindergarten are one of those things your kids wanted mommy (or daddy) to do and not a nanny. Anyone with advice on how to arrange one full time and one part time parent with one kid in school and one not yet there???

Oh, why isn't there half day preschool for 2 year olds??

bluebunny's Avatar bluebunny 11:10 PM 09-17-2010
My kindergardener wouldn't really care who picks him up but my middle child would, regardless of age. I think it is more personality rather than age. Is there a way for you to do drop off or pick up half of the week or two days out of the week for something special?
cchrissyy's Avatar cchrissyy 02:29 AM 09-18-2010
we split pickups and dropoffs between us parents but FWIW I don't find dropoffs ot be "specila time" at all. honestly, they're rushed and unsentimental. However, pickups often include nice conversation and summaries of the day, as well at the chance to fit in errands or eating as part of that trip, so my vote is to be there for pickup time.

there are preschools for 2 year olds. The preschool all my kids attended goes from 2-6 and the schedules are 9-1 9-3 or 8-5:30 so there are absolutely families sending their 2s to half day preschool, at least in my town. (FWIW the ages my own kids started pre-k at 4, 3, and 2y9m. but 2y0m is the minimum)
lunarlady's Avatar lunarlady 05:03 PM 09-19-2010
Our drop off and pick up are not a special time for us, and our nanny will be doing it when i go back to work next month. Our preschool (montossori) starts at age 2.5, or slightly sooner for a " mature" toddler. Hope you find something that works for your family.
blizzard_babe's Avatar blizzard_babe 05:31 PM 09-20-2010
I'll do both drop-off and pick-up, but DS will attend preschool in my office building and when he goes to K, he'll be in the building next door.