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I have 1 DS who is 14 months old and am currently 3 months pregnant with #2. I work 10 hour shifts, Monday thru Thursday then have Friday thru Sunday off every week. After DS was born I took 8 weeks off completely, then worked 8 weeks at 1/2 time before returning to full time. The first few weeks back at work were hard, but then I really started enjoying the part time schedule! 5 hours a day for 4 days a week was the perfect amount of time to get a little break, have some "me" time, but still have most of the day and then the 3 day weekend to spend with the baby. I had another adjustment period when I went back to full time but now I enjoy that too! I think part of what made it so easy is that my mom watches my DS M-W so I don't need to "worry" about him while I'm gone, then we have a great nanny that comes to our house on Thursday's and I've cut down to a 7 hour shift for that day.


When the new baby comes we'll be sending both kids to daycare, although hopefully its going to work out that the daycare provider is my best friend. I know she'll send me text messages and updates and take great care of the kids... but I keep wondering if it will be harder because now I'll be leaving TWO babies, or if it will be easier because I'm already "used" to it? What was your experience?

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I am due with #2 late September/early October and am curious about this too!


I am in the office 2 days a week, and WAH 3 days. DH keeps DS while I am in the office as he is in night school at the moment. I am concerned about juggling the needs of 2 babies while WAH . . Thankfully DS is pretty independent. (for now, anyway!)

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It's easier in that you know what to expect and know that your baby will really truly be fine.  It's always hard leaving your baby with a sitter for the first time though.  Being able to check in and talk with your sitter will help alot.


Good luck!

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I'm on maternity leave right now with my second child.  I'm already nervous about heading back to work.  DH will have to get both ready in the morning since I'll be out of the house before they wake up and then the evenings will probably be a bit challenging now that there will be 2 bedtime routines.  Squeeze in cooking dinner and playtime and that doesn't leave much chill time.

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With my first, I was devastated leaving her - cried in the car after dropping her off, being a mess at work, etc.  With my second, I was more familiar with the babysitter (same babysitter for both), I knew she was in good hands, and there was little fussing on my part :)  I think knowing your child is being well cared for is the best thing for mommy when returning to work!  BTW, I'm jealous of your work schedule - I would love to work 4 x 10!

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#2 was not easier for me but only because we had to switch from my mom as full-time care provider to a new nanny and had just moved cross-country and were in a new community. For anyone who is continuing an existing childcare situation or switching to one with a familiar friend/family member, I bet it would be easier.


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It was easier in the sense that I knew we'd get through it.  I was more anxious with DS though, since he was a preemie and had breathing problems and eating problems.  Luckily my Mom changed her sleeping for awhile until I could find a nanny to come to the home to watch him.


But overall, I guess with #2 it was easier.

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