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t2009's Avatar t2009 04:30 PM 11-22-2011

I haven't posted on here for a while but I could use some wise (or just understanding) words right now. 


So I graduated law school & am in the first 3 months of my first job. I love it. It's interesting & I work with really smart, nice people. 


Problem is that I am really struggling to stay on top of my assignments. What I've produced so far has been more or less satisfactory. But I've gotten things flat out wrong a few times. 


I don't know what to do. I know it's a huge learning curve right now but I'm so stressed out. I wake up at 5 to work, hang out with my son before leaving, work & usually sit at my desk without much if any physical activity, go home & do dinner & nighttime, work, bed, repeat. Oh & 40 min commute each way (which I use to either work or blog or email friends or etc).  I usually protect the weekend as much as possible. 


I know I need to get some physical activity routine because I just feel awful. But I'm not sure how to make that happen, especially during the winter months (I plan to start riding my bike to work in the spring). 


But how else can I reduce he stress? I don't think I'm stupid but the mistakes I've made lately are really bringing me down (especially considering how much time I spent making them). And my employer has been pretty kind, but I know I'm exiting the "honeymoon" stage! 


Anyway. I don't mean to whine because, really, things are generally good. I guess I just needed to get that out & would like advice about dealing with the stress. Just struggling a bit. Thx for reading!

KenzieBee's Avatar KenzieBee 09:50 AM 11-25-2011

As a first-year associate, no one is expecting you to be perfect or to not make any mistakes at all, as long as the mistakes are productive ones.  If you learn something and don't make the same mistake twice, I doubt anyone will give you grief over it as long as your billables are up and you try your best.  Most firms actually lose money or break even on a first-year, but as long as they see growth in your skill set and body of knowledge in whatever your practice area is, you should be ok.  If they are billing your time rather than writing it off (although it's necessary to write time off in the first year, for example when you go along for training purposes), then don't worry so much about making mistakes.  Also, it's possible you're being hard on yourself - what kind of mistakes are you making?  If your research is well-reasoned and thorough, and someone still disagrees with you, I would say that's not a mistake but a difference in opinion that could be impacted by the partner's own experiences.  The only mistake that is going to get you fired is the kind of mistake that loses a client or involves a serious lack of judgment in the ethical area - and you're not going to make that kind of mistake!  Best of luck to you.