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ihugtrees's Avatar ihugtrees 10:52 AM 04-18-2012

I haven't had any science in many years, and only minimal Algebra, but my college is letting me into an Anatomy & Physiology class this summer. I'm doing some math and science review via my Health Occupations Test study guide and am supposed to begin the class in May. This will allow me to apply for my program (Occupational Therapy Assistant) to begin this fall instead of NEXT fall. I'm a little nervous about taking A&P I. I've read that it's mostly memorization, which I am really good at, and this will be my only class. I also probably will only be working part time if at all. But I also don't want to completely screw up my GPA and ruin my chances of ever getting into the OTA program...anyone who has taken A&P I think I am crazy? If I do flash cards and the coloring book and study my butt off, will I pass? 

Alphaghetti's Avatar Alphaghetti 12:12 PM 04-18-2012

A&P is hard, but it's all memorization. It helps if you're interested in the human body and its functions. :)  I wouldn't worry. If you have a good study ethic and are committed, you'll pass.  I took it after having been out of school for over a decade, and I had three small children at the time.  and  I got a B. I am not very studious, either! Hope this helps.

cat13's Avatar cat13 04:07 PM 04-19-2012

I agree, if you really want to do it and you put the time in, you'll do fine. Just be sure to keep track of all drop deadlines just in case!

mamakah's Avatar mamakah 08:36 PM 04-20-2012

I'm in anatomy right now and will be taking a physiology course next semester so I can only speak for anatomy at the moment. I don't feel like my past science classes have helped me much in anatomy.  When studying histology it's good to know about cells but that's really it. We've briefly talked about mitosis and meiosis during our lecture on reproduction. Physiology will probably be a different story since it focuses more on processes (Citric Acid Cycle, etc) rather than location and function.  My anatomy book had a whole chapter on cells to "refresh" our memory. 


Anatomy has been a lot of work, and like a previous poster said, it's all memorization.  I bought flashcards and an anatomy coloring book but those didn't help me as much as making my own flashcards, watching you tube videos and just spending time with my text book redrawing and labeling structures. I'm getting an A and to be honest it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  I think people fail anatomy and physiology because they don't realize how much work needs to go into it but it's absolutely possible to do well.  The minute you buy your book, start reading it. :)

Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 07:32 PM 04-22-2012
I think you'll be fine. I passed A&P I recently w/o any science, in like forever (if I took bio in high school, I certainly don't recall any of it).

And I just wanted to say yay for an OTA program! I wish our community colleges offered that or PTA here. You should have good job prospects after you finish.

Best of luck!
kythe's Avatar kythe 11:52 AM 04-23-2012

I had to retake A&P when I went back to school because it had been too long since I'd last taken it.  I didn't have to retake any prereqs though, and it didn't matter.  A&P is not directly based on general biology or chemistry, and has nothing to do with math.  I found it to be the most fun prereq for nursing, and the most relevant to nursing.  I think the same would be true for OTA.

beebalmmama's Avatar beebalmmama 02:35 PM 05-14-2012

I just completed two semesters of A&P and did very well. I finished my undergrad 10 years ago and didn't find that I was lacking anything. Anatomy is mostly memorization but I think Physiology is more involved and requires a lot of committed study time to do well. I was taking the course for prereqs for a masters in OT. The closest assistant program is over an hour away here.

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