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Filiz Dolar's Avatar Filiz Dolar 10:18 AM 07-31-2012

Hi Moms!


I am the mother of an amazing 2 year old, and expecting another little one (yay!) and I wanted to share a the Expanding Business Workshop with you.  I know many of you, like myself, would love to have a thriving business making a great income while being able to create your own schedule and spend your valuable time doing what you desire, such as being with your kids.  In this new paradigm we can do this.  If you have always wanted to pursue this passion of yours, or are simply curious, this workshop is for you.


This is a workshop to help you setup your business- its free, detailed, and will help you get started.


It Entails:


Internal Mind Work

Spiritual Work



and Bonus Material


Our Goals:



  1. Start your business confidently
  2. Create infrastructures for success
  3. Get clients, MAKE MONEY
  4. Expand


If your commited to starting a new chapter in your life, or have already started and are looking for foundations and fundamentals, methods and tactics, I invite you to check it out


Good Luck Mamas!









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cynthia mosher's Avatar cynthia mosher 05:47 PM 08-08-2012

Sorry but I had to remove your link. Please see my note. thumb.gif