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I'm also in nursing school. I've just begun my 3rd semester, with 3 semesters to follow. For Spring, we are taking our second Patho/Pharm combined class, our second Medical/Surgical class in the series and Health Promotion. We will also be having 2 clinical placements! It has been hard, but oh so satisfying, and I am trying to learn all that I can, and prepare myself for continuing on to work for my CNM as the ultimate goal. My children are now 6,8, and 9, and have made my life an absolute joy. They are so helpful and give me strength everyday to continue to follow my dreams.

Non Practicing Midwife, going back to school! Mamma to my 3 loves, living each day to the fullest.
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Hi August, welcome!  

I am starting my second semester!  Made it through the first with 2 B's and 1 A.  I would say that the content is not difficult, its the amount of work that needs to be done.  


This semester is going to be much more difficult.  I have Med/Surg 1, Psych, and Research.  I'm going to start studying asap.  


Hope you all are doing well!  Including this semester, I have 3 more to go!

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Currently in the 2nd semester of a 11 month Practical Nursing program. Very intense, very fast paced. 
SI have a love/hate relationship with Nursing school!
Definitely gonna take a year or 2 before I go back and get my RN degree....

~Kris mama to Alexis (15), Elizabeth (10), Andrew (7), and 1 angel
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Another nursing student here :)

Currently almost done with my second quarter for an ADN program.

So far I have not found nursing school horribly hard, just very time-consuming, and a huge juggling act with two kiddos. Thus far I have found that I am really loving nursing.

My intent is to work 3-4 years after I graduate and pursue nurse-midwifery or some form of advance practice. I am hoping to skip the BSN as I already hold a bachelors in biology. I have actually completed all the pre-med requirements as well, but the life a doctor has to live has never appealed to me.

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I'm working towards my BSN and I have a 12 yr old daughter with a lot of special medical needs, a five year old daughter with lots of energy, and a 2 year old son who is as sweet as can be. I'm tired and ready to graduate, lol.
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I have orientation tomorrow and I start class next week. Finally it's here and I am both excited and nervous!

Wife to Joe and Mama to Rosie, 6/28/06, Jack, 10/25/08 and JoJo 3/18/10.
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It's been a long time since I signed in to mothering. I apply for the nursing program at the end of this semester. This is also the first semester that they require the applicants to take the TEAS V test. I was wondering if any one else has taken it, what study guides you used, and if that was helpful. TIA.

Goody gumdrops- How exciting to have one semester under your belt.

Kris, I plan on taking a break between my BSN and masters. I'll do the AS program to get my RN, work and go to school part time for my BSN. The community College I am going to just started a program with the State University where some of the courses are concurrent.

Olive & Pimento, that's awesome. I can't wait to be there.

Welcome, vargasroxy and 102212.

I'm a little worried about the program just because this semester of regular college is overwhelming. I am taking 5 classes, I have four kids, Hubs, who promised he would be able to pick up the slack got a new job and I don't see him at all during the day. Leaves in the morning, comes home after the kids are in bed. It probably didn't help that I had two weeks when I couldn't be at the school studying because I had 1 or 3 kids home AND that it was right before mditerms, AND I had two weddings to attend AND family in town for a week. But, hell week is over and I got through it. So, I guess I can do anything.

Courtney and Cree, baby made 3, added one more then there were 4, sakes alive, then we had 5, another in the mix now we have 6!

A Momma in love with her Little Women-Jewel Face, Jo Jo Bean, June Bug, and Sweet Coraline.



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I am an RN

Very happy to say I am done with Nursing school it was a long challenging haul. Very long very challenging for me and my family.

I did an ADN program, took the Hurst review a month after graduation and passed the NCLEX 6 weeks later.

I have 3 kids preshool-elementary aged during my 3 yr part time program.

Now I am looking for jobs. All the hospitals want BSN.

ugh. When I started school the BSN was not required now it is mandatory for hospitals in my area. I just got my first per diem RN job (even per diem made me sign a contract that I will start a BSN program by next year). I feel so validated for being able to use my RN

good luck to all. feels so good to be back with my family.

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Female Medical Workers

I have completed my radiology technician degree in 2010 and now it's almost five years i am working in a private clinic. several of my class fellows where get married during the study.Even one of my best friend (Carajames) had married. According to her- In start it's quiet difficult to manage the study with the married life but after the few months things becomes normal and things can easy to carry. She missed her semester but after that continuous work out help her to find the degree at the end.
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