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Currently, I work *very* part-time as in less than 15 hours per week. I work for a local college as an instructor and a small administrative role. I'm very lucky in the fact that my employer is VERY flexible with my desire to not be away from my child for longer than 3 hours. Especially since my 7 month old still refuses food from anything other than the source ;). But I'm anticipating them to give me an ultimatum very soon. So, I need options for work from home opportunities!


Anyone have advice or places to work, or at least a place to begin my search? I do have a MA in Health Communication.



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I'd like to suggest that a good network marketing company, one with good management and that is of course financially solvent, that has good products and/or services might be your answer.  After years of working in the salaried world in an office cubicle, a friend finally got me into a network marketing company and I now use the products to help others launch and build their own home businesses.


Even as I type this reply, I'm sitting in my pajamas mid-afternoon on Friday and still making an income.  If you choose the best company for you and work to get it going, you will get the life you desire.  If smart people like Warren Buffet are into network marketing, maybe they know something that most people don't.  Donald Trump is into network marketing but with the way he's making a fool of himself lately, he'd only be a negative to what I'm posting here so disregard that jack a**.

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Hi Kathryn, I agree with the poster before me. If you'd like to be with your little one more often considering a Network Marketing Company or a work from home job is in your best interest.

There are many scams out there however so you have to be careful. From personal experience I can say that there are actual legit work from home jobs however. A friend recently introduced me to an online program and I'm now making about $120 daily with it and progressing. I didn't have to pay to get started, there were no fees, there wasn't a background check, and I don't sell or ship anything. If you want to know more about the program email me at I'll help you get started. There's also a support team : )


Best wishes.

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I feel like I'm posting this same answer on a bunch of threads lately, so forgive me if you've run into me saying the same thing on another thread :-)


I work at home as a Virtual Assistant, where I give office support to businesses and organizations from home. Much of what I used to do has been made obsolete by technology (such as offering answering services, message services, etc), but I work more than part time serving about 5 different clients doing things that can't be automated (database maintenance, customer service, newsletter development, website design). It did take me a while to build up a list of clients that I serve, and some work I like more than others. I've also been surprised by the politics of being a highly-educated, competent woman who is treated like a "Secretary". It's made me much more sensitive to how secretaries and other traditionally-female professionals are treated. But it has allowed me to earn a significant income from home while I evolve as a mom and as a professional.


I'll also throw out there, in case it's helpful: It was incredibly important to me to work from home while my children were really young, and I thought that I would never again want to work a job outside the home. I'm surprised to find that, now that my children at 5 and 3, that I'm actively seeking outside-the-home work, and I'm really looking forward to it. The only reason I bring that up is that I think I frustrated myself for a long time, trying to find a WAHM solution that would last for a long time. In my situation, and in others I've seen, it really only was needed for a shorter time than I expected. That can help take some of the pressure off in finding an ideal situation that is perfect.


I hope that helps, along with the previous posters.




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I teach for a uni online, and notice that there are many gigs that only require a master's degree. Check out as a start, but see what online uni's offer similar coursework to your degree, and you might land on something that is very similar to what you are already doing, but doable at home. It worked for me! (and I'm always on the hunt for additional ones to take on). It is possible to earn around $60k with one part-time online teaching gig depending on the uni you work for and what degree level you're at...the online world pays much, much, much better than the standard $7-900/credit hour type of deal one expects from a brick-n-mortar institution.



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lanamommyphd, what do you teach, if you don't mind me asking? I've been adjuncting and had no idea online university teaching could pay so much more.

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I taught at uni, computer programming, the pay was great $107 per hour, but there is no pay in the uni holidays. and the work is very unpredictable, based on how many students enrol, and the politics of the uni .

and depending on the uni they can lump you with loads of marking, at the time when you have your own exams to study for.

online would be great !
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Mama, I can totally empathize with you.  I am a professor who has recently switched to totally online teaching for DD's first years and I have OH SO MANY resources that I can share with you about how and where to find yourself some virtual vocations.  My specialty is English lit so the resources may not always be right up your alley but many of them should do the trick.  


Here are some great places to start:



Academic Keys ALWAYS has recent postings for online teaching jobs.  I just sign up for notifications every week and my inbox is crankin'.  I have applied to, like, ten jobs in just the past few    months.



Well, it's an old standby but I often find online teaching jobs here.  Many universities use it.



Kaplan is a jackpot of online jobs in academia.



ACO sometimes has a little somethingsomething.



University of Phoenix



The Center for Distance Learning has a huge adjunct poll for online teaching.  Yeah!



I love Adjunct Nation.  I find online jobs here all the time.



Capella University has something.



Colorado State is just blowing up.



LOVE WGU!  So much going on virtually.



Indeed. com is a great place to look.



Ashford University has something









Oh hell yes



Oh hell yes.


I hope that gives you a place to start, yeah?  Good luck.

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Professor mama dedicated to natural birth, breastfeeding, growing our food, cloth diapering, hunting, foraging, a Nourishing Traditions lifestyle, no television, no vaccinations, no circumcision


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Originally Posted by esinedeggplant View Post

lanamommyphd, what do you teach, if you don't mind me asking? I've been adjuncting and had no idea online university teaching could pay so much more.

I teach psychology. I have about 15 years of college teaching in, but only 2 in the online world. I teach for a uni that requires a PhD and is only online (for profit), so that might account for some of the pay-bump, but for a 6-week accelerated-style section, the base is 1400 plus 100 per student over 6 up to 30, so a max of around 3800. I can teach two sections at a time, so in the ideal situation (that never really actually happens, but can get close) I could pull in 7600 gross in 6 weeks. That blew me away, at first. But--and there's always a but---that could also be about 1800 for the six weeks too. It depends on enrollment. I can only "count" on the 1800.


I work "more" than I did when I taught in the brick-n-mortar world, but it's a different kind of work...I used to have lectures sort-of memorized over time, and I reused the syllabi and test questions, had the same assignments. I spent more time at the job in the "real world" (once we include office hours, driving to and from 3 days a week and live class time, prepping lectures and materials, schlepping and sorting papers, faculty meetings, etc, etc). In my current virtual world, course developers have already written the class. Tests, syllabi, course construction, book choice, you name it. That is all completed for me...and standard so if someone else teaches a section, the class doesn't really change. Sometimes it's a little stifling as it's harder for my awesome lecturer traits to come through, or for the wonderful and creative assignments I used to develop (and I miss now).


I grade one 3 page paper per student per week (up to 60), and one discussion board (about like a 2 pager) (up to 60). In the board, I respond to the majority of students, so about 40-60 max, or as few as 10 depending on the load. So, technically speaking, during a rough week I might have 120 "papers" to review and provide feedback on. So you see--more work, technically.

Each of these gets around a page worth of personalized feedback, so a lot of my work is paper-grading. Some days I feel like an English prof instead of a psychology prof, as I have some students who don't know how to cut/paste, and some that far surpass my own writing talent. While I'm not sure my students are getting the "fun" piece I used to put in the classroom, I am absolutely certain that the courses I teach now are far more rigorous than what I taught live.


What I love about it: I can work whenever I want. If it's going to be a crazy day at home, I can "make an appearance", put one thing in the classroom, and I'm done working after 2 minutes. If my kiddo needs me, she gets me. If we're on the road, I can "work" at McPoops for an afternoon. And the money. wow. 


What I hate about it: the quality of students is sometimes shocking. This week, I have one who does not understand that grabbing a paragraph verbatim from a website is plagiarism. I've explained it 5 different ways. She's fighting me about it, and since she won't take the feedback I'll have to spend hours on an academic integrity report. I hate those. I also have one who can't write anything that makes sense, and will likely fail the course because she cannot understand what Grammarly is. I hate to fail students, I really do. But in the online world I can't just demand time from them to set them straight...I have ask and then wait until they call me..and mostly they don't. That said, in the live world I didn't see as much writing as I do now. We didn't use Turnitin then, and I'm sure some of many plagiarism reports I've had to write lately were also common then (I just didn't notice them).

I also hate that I never really know how much money I'll make. They split payments up over a couple of months, but even then, I have a "minimum" budget, and then "gravy". The gravy end of our budget is stuff like savings or shampoo or things that are gray areas of necessities, but we wouldn't be in total pain without them. Because lately the payments have been more towards the minimum, and we're having to pay rent for the winter as we're parked in the north, I've been seeking some cushion gigs. Sometimes I resent the limits on how the course is run, but other times I am quite thankful for them. I worry sometimes that of my two sections I usually teach, none would fill. Then, my vagabond lifestyle would come to a screeching it's not all that dependable.


I also take courses online! As an undergrad, no less. It's far cheaper than having to pay student loans for now, and much less headache than doing another graduate degree. I'll likely go back into NHSC for loan repayment at some point, but for now, I'm getting a look at how traditional uni's are handling online coursework, and it's mostly terrible!! It makes me feel like a rock-star professor, for sure! They have a need for folks who understand andragogy and understand how to maximize online tools, not just try to plug their old live class into the online world.


Modest just made my day! I'd been pondering heading overseas!! I'm totally looking at those (not phoenix, though. lots of friends have made no money there)


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I work for a company called MCA, we offer benefits similar to AAA but much better and you have the option to earn an income from home which is what I do. It is extremely easy and provides a service we should all have. Visit my site and please email or call if you're interested in working with me
Thank you
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