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ILoveMyBabyBird's Avatar ILoveMyBabyBird 03:13 PM 01-18-2014

My anticipated start date would be late july. I have not secured a job, but I am dreadfully looking at childcare options now. I have dd who will be 3 in April and DS who is 7 and will be 8 in july. I am finding it difficult to find a center that will meet all my needs for both children. I will be applying for jobs at the middle/high school level which mean early mornings. Most centers around here open at 7 that transport to my son's school. I would prefer to have them at the same location if at all possible to make drop off easier. I CANNOT rely on their father to keep them at all in the mornings even though we live 1 mile from each other and he could easily keep them until a decent drop off time. He refused last year so I won't be asking him again. So would you forgo everything and place the kids in the same center for the time/drop off to school convienence? At this point only 2 major chain centers will meet my needs. La petite and Kids R kids. I am almost dead set against La petite because I interviewed for a job at both companies though different facilities than the ones the kids would be attending. I did not like the layout of la petite at all, it appeared to open and likened to a mad house with such openness rather than actual doors for the kids to stay contained by age group. I have heard the kids r kids is pretty good in my location but have not toured or found out the price range but typically it is about 200$ week for dd and 100-125$ a week for DS for both before and afterschool care although I do not know for sure he will need care after school, it just depends on my hours. 


I am not too keen on an in home daycare. I would prefer a church run center but the only one that transports to ds's school doesn't open until 7am and that would be too late for me to drop them off.

lauren's Avatar lauren 07:57 PM 01-20-2014

Hi there. I am curious why you are not keen on home providers?There are (imo) many wonderful home providers and they are often much more flexible in their hours and accommodations than centers.....and they have less turnover!  

Natalie12's Avatar Natalie12 04:58 AM 01-22-2014

Just wanted to second the in home childcare idea. I'm a teacher at one. We offer full preschool just like a center, lots of individual attention, and more flexibility. I also believe that it's cheaper. Make sure that whoever you choose has lots of great references.


I have also worked at centers and those are great too. I would recommend sticking to one center. You'll find it challenging to get yourself and the kiddos ready in the morning and you'll need that. Good luck!

ILoveMyBabyBird's Avatar ILoveMyBabyBird 09:37 PM 01-22-2014
In providers charge almost the same as a center and wouldn't be available early enough if you dont fit in their time frame forget it.. I have talked and emailed several and they always come off very rude. They couldn't drop my ds at school either.
lauren's Avatar lauren 04:25 AM 01-23-2014
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In providers charge almost the same as a center and wouldn't be available early enough if you dont fit in their time frame forget it.. I have talked and emailed several and they always come off very rude. They couldn't drop my ds at school either.


I'm sorry to hear you have a 'bad batch' near you! I have always experienced the complete opposite--home providers have been more accommodating, more flexible, less expensive, and have transported my children to preschool---true gems!! I guess it depends on the area in which you live and the 'culture' of the home providers. 


I guess if the drop off factor is the most important thing to you, you should go with the center that is going to make things most convenient. 

nextcommercial's Avatar nextcommercial 11:18 AM 01-28-2014

I say, relax and keep looking.  But, since the drop off time and school transportation is important, I'd go with one of the centers as well.  

Don't give up on home care though.  It's true, you will have a harder time finding the right fit in a home daycare, but I think your kids will be happier and more relaxed in a good home care vs a center.  

boosmomma's Avatar boosmomma 05:52 PM 02-01-2014

Kind of off topic, but for those of you who are in home providers, how can I go about finding home providers in my area? I only need 1 day a week of care and don't know if people take kids for that little amount of time. I don't really have any friends in the area and everyone I work with has their kids at large centers. 


ILoveMyBabyBird I hope you find something that works for you - it can be a stressful process! 

EnviroBecca's Avatar EnviroBecca 10:15 AM 02-14-2014

It sounds like Kids R Kids is a good prospect.  I would visit there and hope it's a good option for both kids.  I think it would be really rough getting them to two separate places early in the morning, especially as a single parent.


Boosmomma: In my area, the YWCA has a childcare referral service (free!) with which many in-home providers are registered, so call your local YWCA and see if they do anything like that.  The in-home providers I have known were all flexible about schedule, within the hours they were available, and just charged by the hour.