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Hi!  So I'm wondering if there is anyone else out there who is finding they actually enjoy service oriented jobs? such as waiting tables?  I have a lot on my resume that fall into that category and a little that isn't.  currently I'm working part time, 4hrs/day 5 days/week, and while it's service oriented, it is as an administrative assistant. Perhaps it's just because it's really slow right now but perhaps it's also because i've been here more than a year and due to other circumstances, it's rare that i've held a job other than a service job for more than a year.


I feel like i'm bored out of my brain!  Yes, I have things to do while at work, most of the time, but I totally do not feel motivated to do this work.  I work to help pay our bills while we start our small farm and having a very defined schedule is really nice however I miss being able to be more flexible in what days/times I worked to some extent and I really enjoy and miss talking to people and serving people like I did while waiting tables.  (which I could not turn into a "full time" job.  I wasn't one of the "best" servers though I left potentially on that track for a job at the university which promised the option of eventually gaining benefits for myself and my family.  not possible waiting tables...)


Any suggestions for types of jobs to look for that'll like my very diverse resume and are very service oriented?  I'm itching for a change here but it's got to have benefits and the state university benefits are hard to beat.  the downside is that the university jobs that i'm qualified for are all either temp jobs that don't offer benefits or full time and not service oriented; it's sit at a computer ALL DAY.  I can't afford to make a chance that drops benefits right now either.



So many people tell me i've got a great job and to keep on keeping on but I'm starting to not like going to work. (it's totally not the people, just the duties)  or when i get potentially excited about applying for a food service job in the university they tell me it's not a good idea but in the past five years, most of my employment has been food industry: waiting tables, head cook for a boy scout camp, cooking for a fraternity and production cooking for a small business (that one wasn't my favorite but it may have been different with a different boss...).  I enjoyed all that work.  I hate this job.  I feel like such a machine.  isn't this what machines are for?  argh!


please tell me at least i'm not crazy!

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It isn't crazy to do something you enjoy! I much preferred working retail to my current "good" job. 

"Have faith in yourself and in the direction you have chosen." Ralph Marston

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I answered yes but I think it depends.  I HATED HATED HATED waiting tables.  It was the only job I ever had that I just quit showing up for.  However, I LOVED retail.  Loved working as a grocery store cashier when I was younger and I loved my job as retail manager for a coffee company.  I liked seeing the regular customers, I loved interviewing and hiring and I loved seeing everything run like a well oiled machine.  


That said, I went back into a service oriented job after I had kids.  I didn't like it.  But maybe the job was the wrong fit (and I had also been pretty much home full time for the past 10 years).  Maybe I should have gone back into the coffee business.  But... retail hours are not fun with kids.  I was always exhausted and always working on the weekend.  It just wasn't a good fit for me.  But without kids in the mix, going back into retail wouldn't be a bad thing for me... but probably only retail management.  It provided me an outlet to use my brain (to increase sales, track P&L stuff, schedule, etc) but also a chance to be with customers and joke and laugh with them.  

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Not crazy at all.  I loved waiting tables.  It was a challenge to make people like me a lot in the hour they were dining so that they would give me a big tip.  Plus, it's impossible to be bored when you're on your feet and moving.  I also like retail because of the customer interaction, but I hate stocking/folding/etc. so that messes it up.  It's just more fun to stand/move and talk to people all day than it is to type.

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So glad to know I'm not crazy!


Thank you all!  I love hearing your experiences!


I have so many people telling me I have a "good" job now but I'm so freaking bored these days.  (I know it'll get busier as we get closer to the summer and fall semesters starting again but still!)


 I'd love to hear more folks' opinions please!

Farming mama to DD1 (10/18/07), DD2 (10/3/09) who are always DS born 8.21.14 and wife to loving hubby (6/23/2007).
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I loved waiting tables. I also loved bartending. Both did get a bit old for me when all my friends had day jobs and I was the only one working odd hours. I also had a sweet administrative job for a while and just hated it. I worked with people I knew my whole life and loved with the bottom of my heart...but I hated the work of moving papers and entering stuff in the computer. Nope, not for me. Waiting tables/bartending is super interesting, I think. But, I'm done with that for now too. Home with a baby for a bit while I'm in school, then it's off to the public school art classroom for me. I'm excited! 

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