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Earth Angel's Avatar Earth Angel 12:53 PM 08-22-2005
Sometime I really love bringing dd to work and sometimes I long to be a SAHM so badly it hurts

me too nannymom....your not alone.....hugs mamma

kerc's Avatar kerc 03:12 PM 08-22-2005
Originally Posted by nannymom
Sometime I really love bringing dd to work and sometimes I long to be a SAHM so badly it hurts. I guess it's just vacation let down.

I don't currently bring dd to work -- not terribly practical for me. BUT I do have the same feelings. Vacation let down is awful -- who wants to go back to work after having a good vacation?
veggiemomma's Avatar veggiemomma 03:24 PM 08-22-2005
Stopping by to join up!

I am so glad I found this thread. My fil, dh and bil own a medical supply business, and I am the full time secretary. I have taken my ds (now 17 mo) to work since he was 4 mo old and my dd (3 mo) also. It's hard to know whether or not to classify myself as a working mom or a sahm. I mean, even though we go to work, they are always with me and we play and do all the things we would do at home (except laundry and wash dishes). I'm glad to find a place where I actually fit in.
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 03:35 PM 08-22-2005
Originally Posted by kerc
who wants to go back to work after having a good vacation?
I do.
kerc's Avatar kerc 03:49 PM 08-22-2005
Originally Posted by Geofizz
I do.
: You see, that's why I'm not a R1 university material. I have too many other fun things I really like to do. Don't get me wrong, I love my work most times but I could probably walk away and be ok with it. Sure i'd miss it, but it no longer consumes me like it once did.
athansor's Avatar athansor 06:44 PM 08-22-2005
Hi all, and glad to see the thread going (and the new one as well!). I'm interested in hearing more about working with 2 or more kids, and ideas for older (more mobile!) babies.

As I posted over there, today I was supposed to take ds to spend some time in what was going to be morning daycare 2x per week. (I had signed up for a GIS course with my tuition waiver, but found out on Friday that the course had been cancelled...but we decided to go with a few mornings a week of daycare to give him a break from the 'boring' office and let him have the chance to play with other kids.

So, this morning I was going to go over there with him and hang out while he spent some time there. On the way there I got a call saying that the provider couldn't take him after all, she needed to watch her nephew and that would put her over the limit for children under 2! At least we found out before getting started.

On the bright side, I got two more good leads today, and it may end up being a blessing in disguise! The person I originally planned on using was 10 miles outside of town (We live 25 miles north of the town where we work, and she was 10 miles south, so it would have meant even more driving!). Today I'm going to go with Joe to see someone who is actually quite close to campus, and tomorrow we'll visit another one in town. I'm going to take him in the jogger, so maybe I can get in a few runs on the way to/from the daycare! He loves the jogger, so it might be a nice way for him to wind down before we head back to the office.

Whimsy, that sounds like a neat situation! What kind of work do you do?
berkeleyp's Avatar berkeleyp 01:07 PM 08-23-2005
I didn't get a chance to read this whole thread but i'd love to talk about bringing baby to work. I always wanted to be a SAHM but my father offered me a position as his secretary/paralegal (he's a lawyer in private practice). We really need the money and he said I can bring dd. This is my second week and it's stressing me out. I have a pac n play set up and will be getting a sheepskin for it soon in the hopes that dd might take a decent nap out of the sling. I also bought one of those activity mats with the double arch to entertain her but she still fusses more than i'd like and much louder than i feel is appropriate. I like the idea of having her in the sling but its killing my back and neck to have her attached to me while i'm trying to type, answer the phone, and take notes all at once. I'm rambling. Mostly i'm just happy to have found this thread and the other and hope that you will welcome me.
whimsy's Avatar whimsy 01:13 PM 08-23-2005
athansor -

we do living quarter conversions in horse trailers. after reading your siggie, I see that you might know what that is. It's kind of hard to explain.
Geofizz's Avatar Geofizz 01:14 PM 08-23-2005
berkeleyp ~ What happens if you place a nursing pillow on your lap while the baby is in the sling? I found with DD that it took the weight off my back but still gave her that "I'm in the sling" kinda nap. Maybe you could make it narrower (giving more space to type...) by using rolled up towels instead of a pillow.
Earth Angel's Avatar Earth Angel 01:22 PM 08-23-2005

After only 2 weeks I remember being very stressed too....and this is a new job right?? I returned to my job I'd been doing forever (wayyyy too long) after both my boys were born.....Starting a new job and bringing baby to work....thats a lot....but what a nice opportunity your father has given you!!

I think you are doing all the right things (your baby is about 3 mo right??) As you continue and as she gets older it will get easier. I'd recommend a bouncy seat. It was the easiest transfer from my arms/ the sling into a napping spot cause I could still bounce the boys with my foot on the bouncy seat.....and if you can get one that vibrates, she might really dig it. My second slept for a while if the vibrator was working!! Actually, the bouncy seat was the only thing I had for Ds#1, Ds#2 was given a floor mat with the arch/toys by his auntie, and he liked that, but the bouncy seat was what always saved me cause they'd actually sleep in it.

Once they can sit up and play it is a bit easier cause they can begin to occupy themselves, at 3 mo they really occupy themselves by looking at and interacting with you, so it is difficult to try to not engage them . Is she picking up toys yet??? Maybe she will have a favorite toy to hold and mouth after bit??? That always helped too, and the favorite toy stayed at the office, so it was new and exciting each time and was a special thing to have while there at work.

OH, and can I ask...what does it mean to be born at the donut depot???? Sounds rather exciting :LOL

I didn't realize the new thread started...I'll have to head over there.

Just wanted to also say though, mamabeth....glad you are finding some peace
berkeleyp's Avatar berkeleyp 01:37 PM 08-24-2005
posting reply on the monthly thread
kerc's Avatar kerc 02:43 PM 08-25-2005
when we start a new thread, let's try to link it to the old one so all of us, the busy moms, can keep up.
here's the new thread
berkeleyp's Avatar berkeleyp 10:28 PM 11-13-2005
been away for awhile. Can't find this tribe???
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