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This might be a silly question but what do you use to label your child's stuff (bottles, clothes, etc.) Do you have labels made up with your child's name? Do you use tape and marker? Just marker? Sorry, I am feeling rather clueless about this!:

TIA very much!

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Hey mama!

It's so cool I can talk about working stuff now

I label Kailey's extra clothing etc... with permanent marker, usually on the tags of the clothing and on the front of her backpack.

If she were to take a cup I would use tape. In North Carolina the cups/bottles have to have the childs name on the lid and body of the container. I do the lid/cover in permanent marker, and sincee the date needs to be on the body's label I use tape with name and date

Her blanket and pillow are done in permanent marker since they are washed weekly by the center
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I use marker too, on the tags of clothing, although I have a few items with dark tags which have me stumped. I also use marker on the tags of the sheet and towel my son uses at naptime and on the tupperware and cups I bring in for him. I keep promising myself to get it together and use labels for the clothes and bedding, since even the permanent marker comes out in the wash eventually and then I end up with unlabelled stuff. But I haven't managed to get that organized.

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I use a laundery marker made by Sharpie - hate the smell - but it works well.

I also have the tape and pen sold in sewing stores, got miine at JoAnn's, but have never used the tape. The pen is ballpoint and works well on the size content tags in the clothes.

For dark tags you might try a fabric decoration pen. They come in light colors. Look in any craft store or the craft section of the supermarket/kmart...

My beef is my kids have "lost" several items, including a new $30 (retail) jacket, all clearly marked, and no one ever turned them in to the lost and found!!!
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We use permanent markers for DS's clothes, sheets and blankets and tape w/permanent markers to put his name on cups and dishes, but the County of Los Angeles requires that everything also have date labels, so we use grease pencil to mark that. Just makes it easier than tape because it washes off with hot water!

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Wow, things sure are different in South Carolina. We use a sharpie on bottles with the first letter of dd's name -- and that's it! We don't label clothes or stuff so far -- the daycare folks just know which is whose... Maybe it will change when she gets older.
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Sharpie works on almost anything. For clothes, there are also fabric markers. I like the kind we were issued when I was in the military, don't remember the brand but you can usually find them at Wal-mart, Target, or any craft store. For marking on dark-colored stuff, you can use a white fabric marker or a silver Sharpie.

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We just use a Sharpie. By the way, I have heard it's not good to mark names on the front of backpacks and things like that so that strangers can't identify the child by name.

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For my son's bottles, etc we printed out labels. For his clothing, we had to use a marker.
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