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mamasaurus's Avatar mamasaurus 08:45 PM 05-29-2008
Originally Posted by Evan&Anna's_Mom View Post
As far as I can tell, this nanny is a live-in, which does change things a bit.

I completely agree that the nanny needs to be fired. I wouldn't be willing to have her watch the children for through 2 weeks notice, but I do think you need to give her some amount of time to find another living situation.
What some people do if they want the nanny out immediately is to give them a few nights at a motel.

I've known people to go so far as to buy the nanny a plane ticket home and hand it to her when giving immediate notice. I've seen this in the US, if the nanny is from another state.
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monkeybum's Avatar monkeybum 12:41 AM 05-31-2008
Thanks for your additional feedback. Here's my update for anyone still following along...

DS 4yo is scheduled to start at a montessori school June 16th.

DS 14 months is scheduled to start daycare July 4th.

I am on vacation June 20th to July 4th.

So we'll let our nanny go on June 20th, and provide her with a weeks paid vacation, plus 2 weeks pay in lieu of notice, (both of which are a little more than required by law here based on her length of service). I actually know a few people who would like to hire her as a housekeeper, so maybe she can get something right away. She has friends and family nearby that she stays with on weekends, holidays, etc. so I am not concerned about where she'll go.

So basically I just need to make it through to June 20th. *sigh* Until then, DH will be home with the kids and nanny in the mornings, I will be home one afternoon a week.

Now I'm getting stressed just thinking about the morning "out the door" routine, and the dual drop-off and pick-up, (both of which I'll be doing on my own). I have to start packing lunches, labeling clothing, getting "indoor and outdoor" shoes, aye-yaye-yaye! Next thing you know, I'll be on here b*tching about how hard it is juggling working and daycare!

DH is completely miffed that I am putting my 14 mo old in daycare. But I just won't trust a nanny again. I know I won't. I was so impressed by this woman, and I see what an act it is, I just won't believe it no matter how nice they are. But given our home, location, etc., I feel really good that - knock on wood if we can get through all the fevers, germs, viruses, etc. - that this is for the best. Thanks for everyone's support. Sometimes just getting it all down on paper helps sort it out in my head!
lauren's Avatar lauren 12:58 AM 05-31-2008
What good news that you have such a comprehensive plan in place. Probably many of us will breathe a sigh of relief, not to mention you!! This sounds fair and balanced. I hope she will not retaliate, or leave early to 'spite you' (though that wouldn't be the worst thing....)

Getting the morning routine going does take practice but it's definitely doable! And feel free to moan about it here!

The more you can get set up and set out the night before the better. The goal is not to have to think too much in the morning. As your kids get older they can help, but frankly, I find it easier when they are younger to get everything ready. Perhaps just go through and label everything they own some weekend, so you won't have to think of that every morning.

I applaud you for your courage in confronting a tough situation and taking strong action.
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