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Aeress's Avatar Aeress 12:18 PM 07-21-2009
I found this website. If you have a thing for interesting buildings and such, take a look.


~Boudicca~'s Avatar ~Boudicca~ 12:23 PM 07-21-2009
wow, that is cool! Thanks for sharing.
itsrtimedownhere's Avatar itsrtimedownhere 12:36 PM 07-21-2009
abi&ben'smom's Avatar abi&ben'smom 12:42 PM 07-21-2009

GoldBerry's Avatar GoldBerry 01:06 PM 07-21-2009
great link- thanks!
DaughterOfKali's Avatar DaughterOfKali 01:15 PM 07-21-2009
For some reason, I can't access any of the other places.
jessemoon's Avatar jessemoon 05:12 PM 07-21-2009
nolansmummy's Avatar nolansmummy 05:19 PM 07-21-2009
That's really cool. I love stuff like this.
When i was a little girl, there was this abandoned building we always passed on the way to my grandma's. My dream was to buy it and fix it up and become an interior designer. I was devastated when they finally tore it down.
mamajama's Avatar mamajama 05:29 PM 07-21-2009
Originally Posted by DaughterOfKali View Post
For some reason, I can't access any of the other places.
are you using a mac with safari? I am and can't navigate the site either. Wondering if that might be the reason?
sapientia's Avatar sapientia 06:11 PM 07-21-2009
check out www.opacity.us I love that site. I've been following it for a few years.
Mama2Bug's Avatar Mama2Bug 06:52 PM 07-21-2009
This is awesome. It's giving me vacation ideas....
Sagesgirl's Avatar Sagesgirl 09:07 PM 07-21-2009
Here are a couple of others:

www.dubtown.de (Worth putting through Google's translator.)


Pinoikoi's Avatar Pinoikoi 09:19 PM 07-21-2009
That is really cool. They should come to Alaska.. abandoned mines, orphanages, whole towns, heck even colleges..
Pinoikoi's Avatar Pinoikoi 09:55 PM 07-21-2009
Aeress's Avatar Aeress 10:46 PM 07-21-2009
Oh my, I just spent over an hour looking through both sites....amazing what gets left behind.
savannah smiles's Avatar savannah smiles 12:36 AM 07-22-2009
Awesome! I drive around nearby areas snapping up pictures of abandoned homes and buildings. Love these sites!
Theoretica's Avatar Theoretica 04:19 AM 07-22-2009
Subbing, these are great!
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 05:33 PM 07-22-2009
Great link.