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I have come across a situation that confuses me for lack of better words.
I'm not involved at all and god willing, will never be.
I reconnected with an old friend. She's a sweet person, very spiritual, I consider her wise and she may be just the most forgiving person I know. Or not..I'm not sure what she is really. Lets call her A
She has a friend that I used to be friends with also (we'll call her B). That mutual "friend" did some pretty hurtful stuff to my friend A in the past. That hurtful stuff included cheating with A's dh (they're still married btw) Ex-friend B isn't or at least wasn't a very nice person. Fun, but the type that gossiped alot, did drugs alot, and was just all around shady. Fun as all get out, as long as you were on her good side.
Anyway, here it is, almost 6 years later and A&B are friends again...or still. (W/E, I don't care, just as long as B doesn't try to befriend me again. I trust her as far as I could throw her. A is a grown woman, she doesn't need my approval.)
I just don't get it though. If you were A, would you allow B back in your life? They have known each other for probably close to 15 years now. They have been on the "outs" many times over the years. What do you think? Dysfunctional, deep love or other?

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I probably wouldn't, because of the cheating issue. Not in the punitive sense, but in the "maybe it's best to leave that in the past" sense.

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