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Marsupialmom's Avatar Marsupialmom 11:09 PM 11-24-2009
The other morning my daughter did this -

I laughed at the time. We had a talk about bad words.

Well my kids were messing around and making up achronyms and doing some word plays.

ADD is Attention Deficite Disorder

CADD is Cat Deficite Disorder

but it isn't Computer Aided Design (CAD) or Control + Alt + Delete.

This game got quite silly...........then she did it again!

The cat has SASS -- Stupid As Sh*t Syndrome - Hand over mouth with a oops I'm busted look. I just left the room. When I stopped laughing I asked her how were were going to cure the language problem? She is still thinking on that one.

I don't freak to much about language but I do think they need to develop filters and sometimes need our guidence doing it.

Mountaingirl79's Avatar Mountaingirl79 11:37 PM 11-24-2009

I think, at home, that kind of stuff is just fine, even an endearing family moment to remember and write down for the books.

I do/did have a talk with my boys about appropriate language/appropriate places/company and they have never disappointed me.
Kinipela79's Avatar Kinipela79 11:39 PM 11-24-2009
I keep running across people who have that very syndrome...
Peacemamalove's Avatar Peacemamalove 12:34 AM 11-25-2009

MCR's Avatar MCR 01:56 AM 11-25-2009
OMG she's a real crack up, that one made me snort. Not sure I want my kids using that language either.