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We've opted out of exchanging gifts with extended relatives. It's just too much.

We buy gifts for:
*our kids
*our niece
*my parents
*DH's dad

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Honestly my main concern this year was DS.
After that I sent some re-gifted items to my sister/bil, mother and dad (they feel entitled and I didnt want an arugment.)
I am also giving my daycare provider cash equal to one weeks rate ($50) and cross-stitched kitchen towels , a cute ginger bread pattern.

I have all the shopping done, I need to get wrapping on DS presents soon. I hate wrapping.

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DP (maybe one thing), DD (a few things), and my 11 y/o niece (one or two things).

That's usually it, though it depends on the year. Sometimes we've bought for friends or more family members if we were all doing something together.

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I buy for my son. I give ds a little money to buy supplies to make something for his father.

Occasionally, I buy something small for my mom if she is visiting but it has to be light enough to fit into her suitcase.

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Originally Posted by RockStarMom View Post
We go out of town for Christmas and stay with friends so those friends are the only ones I buy for that I don't feel obligated to do so.
I don't do presents with my friends and family anymore--thank goodness!
I nanny/babysit for a bunch of families so it is all of them who I feel obligated to buy for.
Last year, I was doing a lot of home daycare and for our Christmas party, I gave all the kids cool slippers that stayed here, pictures of something fun they had done with me to take home and some baked goods. Easy and inexpensive. Oh, and I made them cds of mixed kids music and their parents videos of the Christmas pageant we put on and a slideshow of pictures of them throughout the year. The slideshows took a lot of time and effort and I was still pretty miffed that none of them got me and/or my kids even a card or anything Sort of added to my feelings of being unappreciated as a caregiver!

This year, I am only giving each child a decorated gingerbread and a photo to take home after our annual Christmas pageant.
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We have big families and don't draw names.

I bought for 39 people this year:
My 2 kids
My mom and stepfather
my 5 siblings and 3 significant others - sometimes we do couple gifts other times individual gifts
Kids under 18 in my extended family 11 this year (some are my first cousins and some are kids of my first cousins)
DH's 3 siblings and their partners
Our neices and nephews 7 this year

I also print 4x6 pictures to hand out to adults in my extended family, and sometimes some of DH's extended family. We do small crafts or picture gifts from DD1 for some people too. We often do a book exchange with play groups. And I send out about 100 Christmas cards.

Honestly, I really like doing all of the gifts. I have no real interest in going to name draws. None of these gifts feel like obligations to me. A few years back my extended family went down to gifts for just the kids and photos for the adults. I do get frustrated that in DHs family they do more expensive/bigger/more gifts for the adults than the kids, which always feels backwards to me.

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exh from kids
rats(little treats for all the animals,including dad's )
dd's godparents
my cousin's son
my best friend and her dd
my step nephew
ds's home based therautic services worker

I think that's it.Most gifts are in the $10 range,except my best friend's dd(she has no grandparents and very little relatives,my parents call her their granddaughter and I call her my niece, so she is spoiled by all of us) and of course my parents and ds and dd.

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One good friend (I wasn't planning on this, but when dd saw me making felted beer cozies for my dad and BIL, she decided that this friend of ours would really like one too. She insisted I make one for him!)
DD's preschool teacher (DD and I made her a candle in a decorated jar. It turned out really cute. )

I'll do a gift exchange (Yankee swap) at work. We send wreaths out to our grandparents, parents, siblings, one aunt, and a few friends. I'll probably get or make little things for our closest friends' kids and make some sweet treat for our friends.

My parents and sister still live where I grew up, along with almost all of my extended family. The adults draw names for gifts for each other. I stopped participating when I stopped traveling home for Christmas.
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Let's see:

DD (11)- just one big gift
DP- again with the one big gift

My mom
2 nieces, 2 nephews
SIL and BIL- one family gift (although I did get presents for the kiddos too!)

I think that's it. DP buys me a gift too of course. I think the total for everyone was around $950- yikes! $600 was for DD and DP though. My siblings and I don't exchange gifts anymore, which makes it easier.

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our kids
5 nieces and nephews
2 SILs and their partners
dh's aunt who hosts the annual family party
dh's 3 cousins and their kids
my parents
my sister
my grandmothers
8 assorted cousins, aunt, uncle
godparents of our children
our godchildren and their siblings and parents
a few friends
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Brother in Law
Boyfriend's parents
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My 3 kids. My girlfriend. My girlfriends mom. My mom & dad.

Thats it. simple enough for me, lol
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