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Have you seen I met the founders at a conference and they absolutely want to support women in entering all areas of this field. In my early twenties I worked in an auto body and repair shop doing very basic stuff, but it was the most fun I've had at a job.

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I know a lady who is Ford Cert. mechanic. Has been for years. I know another lady who became a millwright in her 40's. So imo, go for it! Its a fascinating field, good money, high demand and travels well
good luck!

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You can do it!

I worked for 10 years as a residential electrician. On some jobs, I was the only woman (and about 30-60 men).

I loved it. Sometimes I got attention I did not want, but quickly learned to deal with it and not take it personally. Sometimes the men were hard on me-assuming that I was 'weak' or not skilled, but I quickly proved myself to be an 'equal' team member.

Most of the time, though, I loved it and I think most of the men did too. Women bring different talents and skills (and flair!) to the job and I was respected and appreciated.

Good luck!
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Yeah there'll be some trouble with those who don't think women are good at being mechanics... But I can only think of a couple of occupations that women can't really do simply because male physiology is a requirement... I mean, I doubt you'd make it as a male stripper or anything, but I'm sure you can make it as an auto mechanic.

FTR, our main auto mechanic is female... Just like DD's hair dresser is male (and looks like he should be playing football instead).

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I started studying small engine mechanics once, but other things got in the way.

Hand strength might not be as much of an issue... as a pro you'd probably be working with hydraulic tools most of the time. Lifting heavy parts might be. I'm very weak and it's tough for me to pick up a brake rotor, nevermind a tire.
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Originally Posted by InMediasRes View Post
DH suggested opening a "mommy mechanic" shop that taylors to moms with kids in tow. I know I HATE doing car errands with the kids. It would be nice if the shops had stuff to keep the kids occupied, or was right next to a park or something.
add in ethical business practices and thats a MILLION DOLLAR IDEA. women owned business can get extra loans, well. and you could sponsor teen moms to go into trade school to learn a valuable trade!

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have you signed up yet????

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I say go for it! I've learned alot about the parts side of mechanic work as my Hubby has worked on our older vehicles. I love being knowledgeable when I go into a parts place and know what I'm talking about. There's just something good about that.

About your schooling, I read somewhere once upon a time that a person could get funding for schooling for being a minority in that field. I think it's a state fund? Maybe check into it?

Definitely do what you desire to do!
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Well, I looked into all the classes I would need to take, and it looks like I wouldn't be able to start the program until sometime in the fall. The classes are at god awful times, at either 6:30 AM or 5:30-10:30 PM. But it's local, so once my youngest is older, it should work out alright for me to do an evening class. DH and I wouldn't see eachother for a month and a half at a time (half-semester intensive classes), but it would only be for a short while, and he might be able to work something out with work. We'll see. I think it's a great idea, and something I really am interested in doing.
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My cousin's an auto mechanic..never forget the time we came upon a driver broke down and he asked our driver "male" what he was thinking and my cousin was suggesting things, smelling fluid and the guy was ignoring her etc. then she walks over and tells him exactly what is wrong and he still ignores her and the male friend says "listen to her, she's the mechanic, I don't know anything about cars" and then later my female cousin fixed his car. The guy was so excited about the girl mechanic(he was probably in his sixties) he was calling people telling them how great she was

Go for it!
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You should watch My Cousin Vinnie for some inspiration. Marissa Tomei (sp?) rocks in that movie!

I agree that I'd be more inclined to trust a female mechanic. I really hate it when mechanics talk down to me just because I'm a woman. The worst part is that they're right: I know NOTHING about cars. But that still doesn't make it okay for them to assume as much, KWIM? Someday I'd like to take a class like that just so that I'm not clueless.

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I didn't even read any of the replies before I was ready to say this:
OF COURSE IT'S PLAUSIBLE! IT'S POSSIBLE! IT'S A GREAT IDEA! And everyone had great replies. Go for it!!!!!!!

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I hope you do it! I would also feel more comfortable with a woman mechanic. I think it'd be great.

Currently, I go to a repair shop that, while owned by a guy, is specifically aimed at female customers.

Good luck.
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