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View Poll Results: Do you flush in the wee hours?
Yes of course! 68 29.06%
No, too loud! 155 66.24%
Other, Chamber pot, Outhouse, etc... 11 4.70%
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Talk Amongst Ourselves > Do you flush in the middle of the night?
boigrrrlwonder's Avatar boigrrrlwonder 12:41 PM 02-03-2010
I oscillate. The noise definitely disturbs my kid, but at the same time, being pregnant, I pee a million times at night and think it's gross to use the toilet that much and not flush.

BedHead 02:37 PM 02-03-2010
We don't flush at all unless it's something other than just pee, or it's been about 24 hours and the bowl is getting full
leavemealone's Avatar leavemealone 03:17 PM 02-03-2010
Yes and no. No, b/c if I've only peed once, I don't flush it. However, being a 28 week pregnant woman, I pee multiple times per night. Eventually, it needs to be flushed even though it's only pee.

I do flush the toilet on the first floor after each time b/c I wouldn't want someone dropping by unexpectedly and using a toilet with my pee in it. I don't flush the upstairs bathrooms every time, but I usually only use the master bathroom upstairs.
BetsyS's Avatar BetsyS 11:19 AM 02-04-2010
During the night, I don't flush. Dh does, and it drives me crazy. LOL
NaturallyKait's Avatar NaturallyKait 01:07 PM 02-04-2010
We recently moved and the new house is in the country, we're now a "If it's yellow, let it mellow" household. If someone flushes in the middle of the night, they better have a darn good excuse because the pump starts everytime someone flushes and it's obviously very close to my bedroom because it's so loud I can't hear my TV clearly during the day when it goes, so it wakes me up for sure. No way could I handle dealing with that all night. We generally don't flush after pee except for when the TP starts to pile up and we don't want to plug the pipes, or after poos or that time of the month for me.
momasana's Avatar momasana 04:05 AM 02-05-2010
I don't flush at night. Not because the toilet is loud but because I pee a thousand times at night and it wastes water.
Belia's Avatar Belia 01:24 AM 02-06-2010
I'm so surprised at the number of non-flushers!

I flush every. single. time. I am just waaaaaayyy too grossed out by the thought of using a used toilet. No no no no no no no.
stiles' mummy's Avatar stiles' mummy 10:46 PM 02-06-2010
I flush every single time. My dh won't flush in the middle of the night. Even if he's gone # 2. That grosses me out beyond belief. So now he has a system. He will put a strip of toilet paper over the closed toilet seat to indicate that the toilet needs to be flushed by the first person in the morning who uses that particular toilet (we have three in the house). I still hate that.
Storm Bride's Avatar Storm Bride 01:48 AM 02-07-2010
I don't flush reliably for pee, day or night. I grew up flushing whenever I used the toilet, but then became aware of the water conservation aspects, and try not to flush for just pee these days. I've never managed to fully break the habit, though. It makes no difference whether it's day or night, though. Nobody in this family is likely to be woken up that easily...maybe dh, but he'd fall right back asleep.
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