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If you are feeling cranky about something feel free to post it here.

I'm cranky today because I'm tired of dh telling me he is going to do something and then never doing it. So after days of him saying he would call the insurance company and have them fax our old policy to the new company I just ended up doing it myself. He left me a gone fishing note this morning, and I know he didn't get it done. And I'm sick of them calling and threatening to cancel our policy because they don't have a copy of our old one
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I am cranky because we FINALLY found a house we want to buy in the Lower 48, and DH is already back in Alaska. It's do-able, but adds in a whole sending-notarized-signed-copies to the process. Had we found the house at the BEGINNING of summer, we'd be golden.

Me+DH+DS1+DS2+Dog=me and a house full of guys, which is really just peachy, thanks.
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I am cranky because i have 6 men working to repair the kids room after a tree fell on our roof and destroyed the corner room my 2yr old is scared to go to bed now, I cannot get her to take naps, our cable is out as it was ALSO hit by the tree. I cannot leave while they are here, right? And the kids are extremely bored as they have no room to play in.

And my partner is obviously not ready for kids as he keeps yelling at them unnecessarily so we are on a month ultimatum for him to get counseling for his anger and read step-parenting books. I dont want to end the relationship as we get along great but my kids come first.

*sigh* and we have had 4 time outs today before noon...everything is chaos.

wild.gifCrazy Chef-in-training baking wife(27) of geek.gif (32) mother of 2 energy.gif 11-21-03 & 9 - 13 - 07
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I am beyond cranky because my DH is going through a really hard time right now, and I'm trying to help him in whatever way I can, but the kids are absolutely sabotaging everything. My DH didn't sleep well last night, was up in the wee hours of the morning, and is now trying to take a nap. The boys refuse to be quiet for even a second. If it's not one thing they're doing, it's something else, all of it really noisy. I tried engaging them in activities, they just fight. I was GOING to take them out back and swim in the pool, but they've been so disobedient and defiant that I don't want to 'reward' them with a fun activity.
Oh, I also considered taking them somewhere(the library maybe?) to get out of the house, but the process of getting us ready to leave will make noise because they're just being like that today, so that'll just end up in failure, too.

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I have to leave for work in 40 minutes. I have about two hours worth of things that I'd like to get done, and I know I'll be too tired after my marathon day of teaching.

Dd needs to practice her violin NOW, and she's stalling. Again. And I don't feel like cracking the whip.

I just want to go back to bed.
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My husband and I have hit another rough patch. WE have them much more frequently then NORMAL couples, but they only last for a few days, thank goodness. WE are both such hard headed, opinionated individuals, we butt heads CONSTANTLY. I am cranky today because of this merry go round ride.
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I'm cranky b/c I hurt my knee 3 weeks ago and can't sleep from the pain. I haven't gone to the doc b/c I don't want to hear the 'if you lost 50 pounds you'd be so much healthier' speech. Does he think I don't know that? I actually hurt my knee jogging (wich was his suggestion).
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I'm just cranky because I've hated my career for so long and today people are just being overly dramatic about details concerning certain if the world will come to an end with every conclusion that's made....we're not even that critical to the overall picture of what's going on.

I love my job, but hate my specialty and that makes life beyond annoying on a daily basis.

I guess I'm cranky becuase I've been feeling highly underdramatic about just about everything.
I'm having a whole "please tell me why this matters" phase.

Edited to add:: to us all.

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I am cranky today because I'm tired of DH's Gandhi-like approach to life. All I ever hear is "We don't have any money", which is ridiculous because he just got a huge raise and we're actually doing much better these days, but he's still living like it's five years ago and making less than 20K a year
I moved the kitchen table out of the breakfast nook and into the dining room, but before I did that I had to move the chairs and bookcase that occupied the new space for the table. Our kitchen is small and I wanted to turn the breakfast nook into a functioning extension of the kitchen.

My basement cupboards are FULL with jam and pickles, and I still have a LOT more to do this season. I NEED more space for my canned goods and canning supplies. I need another pantry in the breakfast nook-the small one of full of all my spices and staples like rice, pasta, broth, etc... My empty jars, boxes of pickling salt, bags of sugar, and all the rest of my canning paraphernalia are sitting in bags on the floor I also need a portable butcher's block for food prep because I am trashing the kitchen counters with all the cutting. All that aside, the MAIN reason I cleared the nook was because DH PROMISED that we would buy a portable dishwasher. We cannot have a standard one because it won't fit under our unusually low counters. They would have to tear off the whole counter and rebuild it-not in the budget!
So there sits the nook, mostly empty

How the heck am I supposed to be the organized, uncluttered housewife that I TAKE PRIDE IN BEING when I have ZERO RESOURCES?!?!?!?

Due to increases in operating costs, decreases in revenue and market instability, the light at the end of the tunnel has been turned off. We apologize for the inconvenience.
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I'm cranky about my mom always offering to take my daughter over night for a sleep over. Then when the time comes and my dd is all excited, she bails on it. Almost.every.single.time lately.

I'm also cranky about these house guests that we have here right now. I was told in advanced about what wonderful parents these people are so maybe I was expecting too much or something. But all I've seen them do so far is neglect the kids, then when the kids act up they scream at them (which doesn't even work). They feed them nothing but pure junk and not once in days have I seen them really interact much at all with the kids. Then all of the kids misbehaving is blamed on having sn.

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no coffee in the house. rawr.

oh yeah, and it's Tuesday morning and I want to play World of Warcraft and I can't because of server maintenance. rawr.
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I am stressing so much over money and finding a job that I have been making myself physically ill the last 3 days (since my unemployment was reduced). I have been looking for work in my field in my area for a while.

I applied for a job yesterday that I am qualified for but that I think I will hate. If I get it I am hoping that it will be temporary until a position (my old job) opens up somewhere around here and I can apply for it.

Wife to dh, Mommy to ds1 12/2002, ds2 9/2005, and ds3 9/2008.
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Right now my back is tired.
I'm going to try to chill out soon and have some coffee.

Had a super-cranky yesterday involving a possibly injured cat (who I have to take to the vet later today), dd1 not doing ANYTHING at her swimming lesson , MIL inviting herself over at 7pm (we have a 3.5 y/o who is extremely difficult to get wound down and to sleep and a 3 mo old - I'm tired then and it's a really bad time to visit CAUSE IT'LL MEAN EVERYTHING LEFT TO DO FOR THE DAY LASTS UNTIL 10:30 OR LATER which it did cause she runs around being majorly loud and stays too long - both dd and MIL ), dh had said 'yes come on over' without bothering to consider me and I so didn't want to deal with her after my long day in which dd2 had barely napped, and continued not to with them blabbing loudly around the house. Oh yeah, and since he's working the next 3 days and was tired, he went right to bed . So all the extra junk with that (and with her dragging in the morning too) - all on me.

My mom sent me this 'helpful' email about picking up extra stuff from my parent's neighbor's house to save for me (who passed away this year) that I don't want and an 'oh sure, try praying, maybe your house will sell in the fall' -- from an atheist who remembers there are like 2 more months of summer - real cheery and encouraging mom .

Oh yeah, and MIL happened to bring us more stuff for dd that I don't want in the house now either. WE HAVEN'T MOVED - WE ASKED EVERYONE NOT TO GIVE US NEW ANYTHING UNTIL WE MOVE CAUSE I DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH IT!!! (Don't worry, I just ditch everything these days - that cranky bit won't last long ).
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I'm cranky because for the last three days dh has been cleaning nonstop (which is wonderful) but now I can't find anything. Also, when I was mowing the yard on Saturday the mower died and we have no clue what's wrong with it, and it's making me crazy having a half mown yard. Ds2 has hit a patch that should hence forth be known as "the super duper horrible awful horrendous twos" he screams because he's tired, screams when I try to get him to nap, then only naps for half an hour, fights bedtime, throws his food and plate when he's done eating and it's really running me down.

Elizabeth wife to Matt , mom to Logan (2/21/01) , and little man Desmond (9/23/08)

Mourning the loss of her father: Robert Edward Dillon 5/31/52 - 01/03/2011

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I'm cranky because after a month of dealing with a crazy fraudulent home buyer we are now having issues with our new buyer. Dh has been laid off and we need to sell the house to pay the bills. If conditions aren't met by Friday, he's going to have to pull the sale and find a new job. I'm not moving cross country past 37 weeks pregnant.

Bottom line; don't sign a purchase agreement for a house if you have no intention of following through!!!
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I'm cranky because I had my first ever root canal today.
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I'm cranky, well a little more than that, because a friend is really screwing my kid over. I guess I'm p!ssed, not cranky sorry for the thread jack.
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I am cranky because I'm still wrapping my head around receiving a fibromyalgia diagnosis last week, didn't sleep well last night, have been in pain for weeks, and dd picked today to be most emphatically FIVE in all its glory and attitude. I just sent her to her room until dh gets home from work (15 minutes), because for the umpteenth time today, she took the one instruction I gave her about playtime and did that exact thing I told her not to do. Not my finest parenting moment, but better than covering her in peanut butter and hanging her from the clothesline as squirrel bait.
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I'm in my third trimester. 'Nuff said!

Don't trust anyone under 5! Mom to 3 boys under 5. Blogging to save my sanity.
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I have residual cranky (with the expectation of more)....

15 mo dd2 threw a screaming hissy fit last night when I took dh's cell phone from her. Scared the cat so badly he peed and threw up on the floor. Cleaned it up. Just about the time I had dd settled down, something else (from outside; probably another animal) spooked the cat and he peed on the floor again, in a different room.

Tomorrow we take him to the vet, for a long overdue checkup. Overdue because, you know, the prospect of the carrier/car spooks him and he pees before we go, during the trip, on the way back. So it's easy to put it off.

Fun times.

Mom of two girls.
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I'm cranky because I have a nasty ovarian cyst that hurts. I was supposed to have a fun day at the zoo today and had to cancel it. I'm really hoping I feel better by this weekend as we are camping with friends on the lake with lots of boating, waterskiing and tubing involved.
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Add this to my cranky list, people that state the obvious.
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Hah Cranky doesn't even describe it!

I am down right po'd.

Where to begin.... Dh was in a car accident, and the other driver lied and said it was his fault. DH got one ticket for $260, then another three weeks later where the officer noted several infractions (DH drives for a company) went to court and had it reduced to a whopping $800. Dh went to our apt pool and his bike was stolen while he was doing laps. Then right now, his keys and t-shirt were stolen, and they have our garage keys on there but not our house/car keys (small mercy at least). So I guess you can sense a theme here.

DH is all keyed up, get it huh huh! And I told him to write a letter, and he told me to do it. And I told him no, he is the one responsible for these messes and he needs to clean them up. It's not like it was a huge surprise that any of these things happened to him, because well, he gets into these messes ALL. THE. TIME. One would think he would learn his lesson, but no. And I am the one that usually has to deal with all the paperwork aspects of it because my thought process is more clear .

So now he is upset with me because I told him to take care of it. I mean come on we are not in the suburbs, WTH did he expect to happen. That all of a sudden the people that are making a buck off of his stuff would stop. Why would they stop stealing when they are practically making their rent off of his stuff. Because, oh yeah, we saw his bike on CL and I called too late because the guy had another "customer" on the way. And yep, the photo was of our same living room exactly. Neighbors really suck .

Thank goodness it's not worse though, so I at least try to stay somewhat grateful and positive about the situation.

I hope I don't wake up in the morning to the garages empty. We have insurance but filing a claim I am sure it something really impossible. DH was too whatever to go buy new locks. Please keep your fingers crossed for us that are garages remain full. I would go to the store right now, but I am afraid the baby will wake up anytime. I feel relly crappy right now. Well when it rains it pours.
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I'm really cranky that MIL is NOT going to move to Texas (i.e., away from us) like she was going to!!

"Our task is not to see the future, but to enable it."
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I'm cranky because I seem to have come back from my mini-vacation with a stomach bug. And because it isn't very hot but it sure is humid and I have a ton of weeding to tend to in the garden, it looks like a jungle. And because I really need new bras but I have no money for the ones I really want. And because I have so much to do but instead I am wasting time on the computer because I have no motivation.
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I'm cranky because I have things to do and don't really feel like doing them.

I'm cranky because dh is not coming home this weekend and we'd like to go see him, but that involves leaving the dog behind. My neighbor or my babysitter would happily come over and take her out, but then she's alone except for when they come by. Friday night to Sunday night is a long time to be alone

AND we have to go pick dh up next weekend anyway so what's 7 more days of not seeing daddy? A long time that's what. I don't know what to do and I'm unusually stressed about it.
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acckkkkkk for the millionth time, please stop emailing me forwards mom!
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My head hurts and I don't want to do anything.
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I'm cranky and sad because my BFF was supposed to get married next month and just cancelled it. NOT blaming her....things happen, I honestly understand. But this is after I already bought a $200 bridesmaid dress that can't be returned, decorations/food for the shower that was supposed to happen this Saturday, and an expensive wedding gift.

Just sad and cranky...


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I'm cranky because BF has two classes left to finish his bachelor's and WON'T take them, but won't admit that he isn't going to finish his degree. Leaving us stuck in this craphole college town with a skyrocketing crime rate. I'm also cranky that he won't save money to take the classes, instead blowing it on ... I don't know what.

I'm cranky that my parents also convinced me to stay here in said town so they could "help" me, when they won't watch DD EVER. I'm cranky that I keep having to give up shifts at work because of childcare emergencies, while they sit at home and do nothing. I'm cranky that my stepmother just redecorated DD's "room" at their house, but refuses to watch her at all if it involves bedtime. The room is just for show for her friends so they think she's such an involved grandma.

...and DD just peed on the floor next to me, after insisting she didn't have to use the potty. That actually makes me much less cranky than anything else, but still...

DD 2/08
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