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Arduinna's Avatar Arduinna 01:14 PM 07-13-2010
So how long did it take you to fully adjust?

I've moved out of state before but I didn't want to live there so I thought the long adjustment period was due to that, since I always fighting it.

This time I am where I want to be. Or I thought I was, but I'm really surprised at how hard it's been to adjust. I love the weather, but my routine is completely messed up and I can't find products I'm used to and I am surprised that the *home* feeling I was having has slipped away and I just feel confused.

I don't want to move back to where I was, but I'm also not really here yet either.

Artichokie's Avatar Artichokie 01:23 PM 07-13-2010
I've moved a ton and I love it. It really depends a lot on a person's personality, I think.

Are you are church/synagogue/temple/mosque goer? that is usually our first point of connection with other people. Have you posted in your new Find Your Tribe? Maybe a playdate with your new neighbors is in order.
CrazyCatLady's Avatar CrazyCatLady 01:32 PM 07-13-2010
It's taken me about a year+ each time and I've changed states a lot.

Keep going and give it some more time, eventually things should start falling into place.
Happiestever's Avatar Happiestever 01:34 PM 07-13-2010
It has taken me about a year. I'm okay with that time frame though. I got used to the city itself in a couple of weeks, but had to get accostumed to triple digit weather in October, so that was something else. Anyway, once I unpacked the stuff I needed in a couple of weeks, I felt pretty much at home.
savannah smiles's Avatar savannah smiles 01:36 PM 07-13-2010
It takes around 2 years for me to feel really settled in an area. I've lived in my current house for almost 4 years and it feels more homey than any of the other places I've lived so far.
PajamaMama's Avatar PajamaMama 01:38 PM 07-13-2010
It's taken me about two years each move to find "community" and start to feel at home.
Fujiko's Avatar Fujiko 01:46 PM 07-13-2010

i could've written your post in 2006. I took 1 year before i felt settled, and another year before it felt like home. now almost 4 years exactly, it feels sooo good and the transition period is totally worth it!
lolar2's Avatar lolar2 04:12 PM 07-13-2010
About a year each time.
celtic_angel's Avatar celtic_angel 05:10 PM 07-13-2010
Originally Posted by Artichokie View Post
I've moved a ton and I love it. It really depends a lot on a person's personality, I think.

I would also add that feeling passionate about where you are does help a lot ! When I moved to Colorado I fell in love with it within the first 48 hrs and still miss it often. However I have been in New Hampshire for 3 yrs and even though I know the area well and love many things about it, I am not "at home" here.
Penelope's Avatar Penelope 08:07 PM 07-13-2010
For me, 18mos - 2 years. We moved almost exactly two years ago, and we've now got a church, some friends, a set of places we like to go and things we like to do, a pool, a lake, a bike/running path, etc. I've done lots of good work in our garden and we're getting the house to look like we want it to.

We don't have good activist connections, enough friends, or enough like-minded people in terms of politics, and our neighborhood is fairly sleepy; I'm not sure I'd choose the same location if I had to do it over. But it's feeling basically pretty good, even if it's not my dream town.
PuppyFluffer's Avatar PuppyFluffer 10:17 PM 07-13-2010
I have to say, I was really suprised when I saw that you'd moved to your current location. My instinctive feeling was that this is not a good match for you. I was suprised to read how much you liked it.