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No, never have had a TV in the bedroom and probably never will. I think the bedroom is for sleeping, "other", snuggles, talking. . .but not for TV viewing. I will have to say that for the last month we've lived in a hotel with a TV in the bedroom and I really don't like it. DH watches it while I'm trying to sleep and I've been watching way too much of it. I can't wait until we get into our house so we don't have it in there any longer!!

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We only have one TV in the house. I don't think TV's belong in bedrooms and I certainly can't fall asleep with one in there. (This is coming from a girl that grew up in a household that had a TV in every room!).

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we do, and it is rarely watched.

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We don't have one in our bedroom, but we do have two TVs in our house--one in our living room and (the big, obnoxious) one in our finished basement. So there is space to spread out if we wanted to. Right now, though, we're going through a time in which we very rarely watch TV at all, so it doesn't matter anyway. In our old home we used to have a TV in our bedroom, but I prefer to have it out. It's not good for me to fall asleep with TV on, or to watch as mindlessly as I do when it's right there in the bedroom.
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Originally Posted by MichaelsSahm View Post
If yes, why? If no, Why? lol

Just curious because I am contemplating taking it the TV out of our bedroom & move it into the family room and leave our bedroom for sleep, stuff () and reading?!
I am always tempted to watch tv before bed, and I get nightmares. Not sure if its TV related. I also don't seem to sleep as well.

Just trying to get others opinions!
No. Because my bedroom is for reading, sleeping, having sex and storing clothing. None of those activities require a television. The only reason for having a tv is to watch a show or a movie. Therefore, my tv is in my living room, where we live.

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Yes. Answer, we like to watch TV in bed or while working upstairs.

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We do but we rarely use it. The kids will watch cartoons and movies in there quite a bit while we watch shows out in the family room that they can't HBO shows or rated R movies. The only time we ever use the TV in the bedroom is when we watch an "adult movie"

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Yes. I my bedroom tv. It's my get away. I go in there and recharge with my Animal Planet and Discovery.

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Yes, I like watching TV in bed. In the morning I grab a cup of coffee and crawl back into bed to have coffee and watch the news until my brain turns on and I get ready for work. This also helps DH wake up too.
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I previously posted, but yikes, after reading some of the responses here, my almost 21-year marriage is about to implode...all because we have a television in the bedroom! Help! Help!

Seriously, my DD was not conceived in the bedroom. We presently don't have the luxury of sanctioned rooms for certain activities, so we make do with what we have. The bathroom is the only true space in our place which is used for the purpose that it was intended...but that is sort of unavoidable.

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We do have a TV in the bedroom, but it is not hooked up to the satellite and is only for DVDs. We used to not watch it a lot at night, but we are going to bed earlier and earlier because of the babe (90% of the time we go to bed together) and DH will pop a movie in when it's only 9pm and he's not tired. The DVDs don't bother me; I could ignore a train barreling through the bedroom when I'm ready to fall asleep!

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We have a tv in the bedroom. Just about every room has one. Suprisingly there are times when they are all off.I like being able to go into another room to watch something if dh or the kids have something on that I do not like.I like watching tv at night.No issues with sex,but I definitely want the tv OFF during those times.
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I've only read the OP...

No. I don't. There's not really a "why", as it's never occurred to me to have a TV in the bedroom. I was probably in my early 20s before I realized that real live people do that, not just people on TV. It would drive me nuts. (FWIW, my parents never had one in their bedroom, my siblings don't have them in their bedrooms, and I don't think I actually know anybody who does.)

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I have decided to keep a tv in there, I just have a small one for the bedroom as we don't have a real big room and I don't need to big tv taking over my bedroom. lol
My sex life is great, I still read, I just love to go to bed sometimes and unwind and watch some tv!
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