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Overproducktion's Avatar Overproducktion 12:48 AM 03-24-2004
7 babies at once Holy Cow!!

I think there names are the Mchaughty's--or something like that. Could you imagine trying to AP with that many babies at once!!

Would it be possible?

Cloth diapers?


I wonder how she uses discipline?

Breastfeeding? Would you at least try to breastfeed? I don't think it could be a full-time thing.

Like maybe each baby gets 15 minutes each day of breastfeeding.--But they were probably born to early to learn how to nurse?

She's probably just happy that they all survived.

Geez--IT just boggles my mind.

These kids are in like 1st or 2nd grade now aren't they?

mommyof3andcountin's Avatar mommyof3andcountin 12:52 AM 03-24-2004
I don't think they did a lot of AP. Of course the big companies took advantage of them and from what I read they got free formula, free disposable diapers, free cribs (one for each poor kid!!) and bunch of other crap to make the kids consumers from the begininig!! Hopefully their older sister gets a little attention now and then, but I don't think I'd ever get to AP 7 babies.....7 kids, now I should have that many by 2010.........
somemama's Avatar somemama 12:54 AM 03-24-2004
Their last name is McCaughey, and they were born in 1998.

Babies were never meant to be born in litters.
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 12:55 AM 03-24-2004
I was reading an old Readers Digest recently that had an article by a woman who adopted two kids then got pregnant with quints. It was about the quints, and she talked about her vaginal birth, washing diapers and nursing. The kids were about 14 when the article was published, and would be 30ish now.

So some of it is possible.
Overproducktion's Avatar Overproducktion 01:05 AM 03-24-2004
I was reading an old Readers Digest recently that had an article by a woman who adopted two kids then got pregnant with quints. It was about the quints, and she talked about her vaginal birth, washing diapers and nursing. The kids were about 14 when the article was published, and would be 30ish now.
Now that is awesome
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 01:07 AM 03-24-2004
I forgot to mention, no fertility drugs were involved!!
clewal's Avatar clewal 01:26 AM 03-24-2004
I watched one show on Discovery Health once where they followed a woman who was pregnant with quints (I think) and they followed her in the hospital before the babies were born and afterward. She pumped breastmilk and mixed it in with the formula. She said that she was a nurse and she knew how important breastmilk was.
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 01:29 AM 03-24-2004
I'd have to say that in the instance of the quints, she must have had one heckuva support system, a helluva DH and one awesome system to do it all. Kudos to her!

Ms McCaughey did give her babes breastmilk, but, as someone so eloquently put it... We are not meant to have litters.
At all. However, it does happen naturally from time to time. I had natural twins. That's not quite a litter, but, still demanding.
joesmom's Avatar joesmom 01:46 AM 03-24-2004
yeah, i thought bobbi breastfed at least partially. WHO could ebf seven babies at once? not me! :LOL

i agree that obviously we are not made to birth seven babies at once, but that is the number she conceived after struggling with infertility, & she chose not to selectively reduce the babies, which i think was awesome.

with seven at once they have to be a little stricter & structured, but i think it is clear that the kids are loved & taken care of. the two with special needs are doing wonderfully.

i may do an internet search to find out what they are up to now.

i... have... no... life!
boysrus's Avatar boysrus 01:53 AM 03-24-2004
I believe she was planning to homeschool!
We followe the story of the Dilleys for awhile. They had 6. SHe did cloth diapers. The kids were so cute. They showed a pictuer of her dumping out a box of Cheerios on the (very clean) floor. SHe stopped doing bowls at snack time because it would just end up on the floor anyway. Also, they had this wonderful playroom at the top of the stairs. They had a a safety gate installed, and they learned to climb over it. SO, they put in a second one on top of that. One sextuplet would booost another, so they quickly figured out how t get out of that one. She had to rub vaseline on the gate o discourage climbing.
*Erin*'s Avatar *Erin* 01:54 AM 03-24-2004
i was just about to say this myself.
Babies were never meant to be born in litters
it always bugged me how they said since the babies were gifts from god, they couldnt reduce the number of them. i guess needing to use fertility drugs really indicated to them that god intended for them to have 7 kids. sorry if that sounds harsh, not a thing against needing a little help to get pregnant, but i dont like them. i saw a show about the kids recently, how 2 of them have moderate to severe health issues, and the rest of the kids seemed to be pretty uh wild. the couple strikes me as really odd, also. anyway.
Ravin's Avatar Ravin 02:03 AM 03-24-2004
What's more, they have 8 kids total. They have an older girl, also concieved w/ fertility drugs.

Being the big sister to twins was trial enough in childhood for me. I can't even imagine...talk about getting chronically overlooked!
LavenderMae's Avatar LavenderMae 02:07 AM 03-24-2004
I also read they were adviced not to have intercourse when they did because the fertility docs told them there chances of having multiplies was too high that cycle. They chose to have sex anyway and got preg with 7 babes.
I agree with humans aren't meant to have litters.
That said if I naturally got preg with multiplies I would try my best to bf, cloth diaper and co-sleep. I'm sure if I had more than 2 I'd pump.
Beth-TX's Avatar Beth-TX 02:45 AM 03-24-2004
I've heard that a normal, healthy, well nourished woman is capable of exclusively breastfeeding up to 5 babies (there was a study).

She'd probably have to have someone constantly on standby just to feed her though...

peace, Beth
annakiss's Avatar annakiss 03:12 AM 03-24-2004
I saw a thing about them on one of those magazine shows (dateline or something) when they turned six. I distinctly remember that they believe in spanking. And I agree that babies are not meant to be born in litters. I know that in Europe feritlity drugs and IVF are not used the way they are here b/c doctors know the risks of "litters". It is possible to be incredibly careful about how you use this technology and I find the behavior of this couple to be irresponsible. That said, if I had more than one (at a time), I'd try to remain as AP as possible as well and CD and all that jazz.
Ilaria's Avatar Ilaria 03:29 AM 03-24-2004
Babies were never meant to be born in litters.
I couldn't agree more!
Lucysmama's Avatar Lucysmama 03:50 AM 03-24-2004
A bit T but 6 babes were recently born in my town....

I was at a local consignment store, and they were taking donations for the family for children's gear, diapers, and formula. I asked if they would take donations of cloth diapers.

"Oh no.... can you imagine the laundry?" the woman said dismissively. "Disposables only."

Yeah, the laundry is a lot better than the thousands (tens of thousands?) they will spend sposying those kids for 2-3 years!

I was a little that they wouldn't take my donation.
Overproducktion's Avatar Overproducktion 03:53 AM 03-24-2004
I have to admitt that cloth diapering that many babies would be SO much work. But they could have took your donation. The mom could have used cloth once in a while at least.

Even if they only swapped on posie for a cloth once a day per baby that would be 42 diapers per week they would save on....if I did the math right.
*Erin*'s Avatar *Erin* 04:25 AM 03-24-2004
I distinctly remember that they believe in spanking.
oh yea! i forgot that. yes, that really bothered me too.
Mavournin's Avatar Mavournin 11:15 AM 03-24-2004
Okay, slightly T

Did you hear about the woman in Texas (?) this week or last week that gave birth to two sets of identical twins?

Or see the Extreme Makeover - Home Edition? They redid some house for a couple with 2 boys, who were expecting triplets as well. They gave her a whole laundry center with two washers and two dryers... Neat. And then a big diaper changing area with lotion dispensers and a chute for disposable diapers that went right to the trash. (Oh, as well as a years supply of sposies) Granted CDing 3 babes would be work, and that most women in the US aren't into it...

I was still a little saddened.
stayinghome's Avatar stayinghome 11:18 AM 03-24-2004
We had a baby in the house at the same time those Mchouney-hoo kids were born, and I remember them saying in an interview that they had one night off a week, all night, where they didn't even sleep in the same house. And they had round the clock helpers. I remember saying, in my sleep deprived stuper, that she had it easier then me with one baby and a toddler...
DaryLLL's Avatar DaryLLL 11:23 AM 03-24-2004
I also read up on them over the yrs. The kids were on a strict schedule, up at 7, dressed, fed, outside for play. In for lunch, then all locked into cribs with lids for 2 or 3 hours of "nap." Then downstairs, snack, indoor or outdoor play, inside, dinner, bath, bed by 7.

This went on for yrs. That is a lot of time locked into a crib. If they were in their cribs for 15 hrs a day, that is only 9 hrs a day of active time with adult attention.
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 05:46 AM 03-25-2004
You do the best you can to survive regardless of how you got them. The McCoys give me shivers though. They are not homeschooling. they were trying to do a very accademic school at home sort of thing and it just wasn't working even with an assistant teacher. They had round the clock help for years, well thats easy enogh and she never breastfed. Ya know, you have 6 babies, you can feed the one your holding. You can feed two kids at a time every 2 1/2 hours. that is 2 feedings per kid per day.

Beside she isn't the first person to have seven kids. Why does they get so many freebees. Full wardrobes from carters for 5 years, house, car, private school tuition, diapers, food, every other little thing including 2 washers and dryers, and cosmetic surgery. My friends mom had 14 kids about 1 to 1 1/2 years apart (which i think would be more complicated. that is 2-4 kids in diapers ata time, all at diofferent places in thier development, poor as anyone) and no one was lining up to help them and they got by just fine on 1 washer and a clothes line.

And just for the record, imagine . . . .a big wash room with two front loaders and two of those new maytag dryers, the ones with a place to do your "lay flat to dry" stuff (wool soakers anyone) and a chute that led from your changin station to your washer #2. which was already filled with water and had a timer to automatically start the wash at the end of the day. ahhhh a girl can dream or heck even a chute from my kitchen to my garbage would be oh so helpful.
dotcommama's Avatar dotcommama 10:08 AM 03-25-2004
These babies were born right before I had my first ds - so it was in November of 1997.

I remember b/c my ds was very sick and we were in the hospital with him a week after he was born and the news kept talking about the 7 babies and they're struggle for life. I had so much sympathy for what the mother was going through as it was a torture for me to watch my one ds hooked up to an iv and so tiny and sick - I couldn't imagine watching seven go through that.
menudo's Avatar menudo 12:13 PM 03-25-2004
When I worked at WIC a woman had quints naturally (no drugs) and breastfed all 4-from the tap only!!!!!!!!!!!!

Around the same time a story broke but was swept unfer the rug-a 16 yo girl got pregnant with quints just from normal teenage unprotected sex-what happened to her? I think she was in NY.
Momtwice's Avatar Momtwice 12:46 PM 03-25-2004
This mom did breastfeed. She could not have exclusively bf (although I have heard of a triplet mom exclusively bf!) but I saw a photo in People magazine of her nursing two of them at a time.
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 02:53 PM 03-25-2004
I htink it would be possible for a person to BF 4 exclusively. It would be double hook up around the clock but it could be done so long as she was constantly eating and drinking. That is totally doable,. She might want to claw her eyeys out by the time they are six months old but ya know, totally doable.
neveryoumindthere's Avatar neveryoumindthere 03:03 PM 03-25-2004
if it were us, we'd hire wet-nurses

and cloth would be 'hard' but since there are so many helpers why not each take a load home and bring it the next day? much less expensive than disposables..
AND pop each one in a slling while ur at it

awww and cosleeping sounds too cute with all 7 :

it's hard enough talkin to ppl about ap'ing with one or two kids..dont know how it would go with parents of 7 all at once...
joesmom's Avatar joesmom 03:06 PM 03-25-2004
Originally posted by neveryoumindthere
awww and cosleeping sounds too cute with all 7 :
it might SOUND cute, but could you imagine actually doing it? yikes!
neveryoumindthere's Avatar neveryoumindthere 03:10 PM 03-25-2004
lol. nope
just the image in my head was so cute of all 7 on the same mattress...
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