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MIL knows we don't have t.v. or let DS2 watch videos (he's 16 months) and she still asks what his favorite shows are and kind of worries that he doesn't know who Elmo is.  She will hold up toys from shows and say "Oh, you know who this is!"  Uh, no, he doesn't, but he has memorized the cadence of plenty of board books, let me tell you!

I occasionally get funny looks when DD doesn't recognise certain kid "celebrities". We're not TV-free (well, come to think of it, we technically are; we don't own an actual television set. But she watches Pingu and Sesame Street on YouTube, and Star Trek on our projector, and movies and stuff); but I do avoid shows I find annoying or ones I just haven't heard of (ie. most of them). So she doesn't recognise Dora or Spongebob or Teletubbies. She got a haircut recently and the hairdresser made a big deal of giving her a Wiggles cape; I felt vaguely, illogically guilty that she didn't know who they were. And when we go to friends' houses, one of the kids will bring a Thomas book or a Ben 10 book and say "Who's this?" and I'll be all "Er, um, is the green one Percy? Or is he red? I only really know Thomas and Annie and Clarabell"... thereupon losing any possible cool points and causing the kids to leave me severely alone, which sometimes is no bad thing. Except now I have a new baby and so I'm cool again. :p


Placentaphagy definitely gets odd looks, but I don't bring it up to all and sundry for that very reason. One of DH's callow male friends is horrified by my breast pump, of all things - he saw it lying on the bench one time, disassembled, and started whispering and giggling about it like a teenager. He also has Opinions about breastfeeding past 18 months. Why 18 months, you ask? Why, his sister-in-law weaned her kids at 18 months, and therefore anything longer is inappropriate and weird.


My inlaws disapprove of most of it, especially cosleeping and not vaxing. For a while there MIL would forward us all the "Baby dies on couch with mother's drunk boyfriend ohnoes cosleeping is evil" articles she could find... and gave us a copy of a magazine with an anti-anti-vaxing article in it, with a graphic picture of a girl missing most of her limbs on the cover. I was NOT impressed, especially as the article was incredibly badly researched and written.

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The main thing people roll their eyes at is that I don't like to be away from my babies until they are over a year old. It is totally my own issue. When my oldest was a baby, I went out for a girl's night and he had a seizure when I was gone. Never had another, but I haven't been able to leave my kids as babies ever since. Really don't see why this bothers my MIL so much though, we spend tons of time with her...why do I need to leave in order for it to be meaningful? shrug.gif


My mom used to be worried about cosleeping because she says she tosses and turns all night, but I assured her we do not. She also saw the "Who Wants to Sleep Alone?" Mothering cover and it seriously changed her whole outlook. She didn't even read the article, just the cover lol.gif



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Cloth Diapering - "Yeah, we'll see how long THAT lasts."


Making my own cleaning products. Certain people think my house is dirty because I don't bathe it in bleach every day. 


Making my own deodorant. I must be stinky and gross because nothing homemade works as well as what you buy in the store.


This one isn't too bad, but I think my "circle" is tired of hearing me brag about how my car gets 48mpg while they complain about their 12mpg trucks and SUVs.... VW diesels FTW!


If we're talking about AP stuff, I'm not even going to start because everything I do in that respect is wrong. irked.gif

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bfeeding and cosleeping since dd is almost 9. she just weaned a few months ago. in fact it still shocks many APers too. 

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Everything, really. Lately though it's going no-poo, making my own deodorant, not forcing kiddo's to brush hair/bathe x times weekly, continuing to bf/co-sleep with ds(4.5).....

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I'm thinking lately it's the state of my house, only homemade cleaning products and the fact that we don't eat fried foods seem to puzzle a lot of people. Crunchy or not it's different and different is not okay.
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Cloth diapering is gross, Breastfeeding past 1 is creepy, co sleeping is dangerous, and did you know vegetarians are incapable of living a normal life? duh.gif

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My inlaws have a hard time with the CDing, the extended and sometimes tandem nursing, the homemade deoderant, detergents, and cleaning products, the list could go on forever...


However, my mother (who lives with us in a inlaw apartment attached to the house) is completely cool with everything, right down to my placenta smoothies and pills after my kids were born. What finally got her was the family cloth. I just don't get it. We use cloth wipes for the kids, so what is the difference when DH and I use them for ourselves? I get a lot of eye rolls on that...

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Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

DH won't even accept family cloth.. I haven't even mentioned that to anyone outside the family.

When I was "educating" my DH about family cloth, the idea of it grossed him out so much, he wouldn't let me finish.  To say he doesn't "get it" is an understatement.  He is totally cool with all other sorts of crunchy things.


My family practices a lot of things we talk about on this forum so they don't roll eyes.  If we saw the ILs on a regular basis, I am confident their eyes would roll around like gum balls!


Mom to DS, born fall 05 after ,,, wife/best friend to DH We have
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This post has been removed due to privacy reasons.

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Family cloth wipes in the bathroom.  People get really grossed out by this so we just stopped explaining it to people.  We keep toilet paper in the powder room on the main floor and when guests come over we just mention that the tp is under the sink and use the excuse that if we put it on the roll youngest dd just unrolls it all. LOL

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The only two things people have commented on are cloth diapering and (lengthy) breastfeeding. 

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