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MamaInTheDesert's Avatar MamaInTheDesert 11:23 AM 03-03-2012

What do you guys use to store bath toys in? I had been using a combination of a large wicker basket, and a compartment inside of a step stool. The step stool doesn't hold very much, though it works pretty nicely for what it does hold. The problem is really with the wicker basket. It really started molding terribly on the bottom. I finally just tossed it, and for now am just using a large pot that holds everything. The only solution I can think of is maybe a five gallon bucket with some holes cut in the bottom, but I'd like something a little more.. decorative? So, I'm open to ideas. Lemme know what works for you.

MommyBecky's Avatar MommyBecky 11:58 AM 03-03-2012

I've been wondering what to store bath toys in as well. Something waterproof that drains... I just can't think of what. I had some wet wash rags that needed to go down to laundry in a pot/bucket and they molded very quickly, had to throw some out. I was surprised how quickly, so be careful with storing the bath toys in a pot. Interested to see people's suggestions.

CherryBombMama's Avatar CherryBombMama 02:50 PM 03-03-2012


This is what we use.  I have had it for maybe a year and it has never fallen down or gotten moldy, and we stuff this to the brim with all sorts of things.  The hooks unscrew and you can remove the bag while the base stays suctioned on the wall whenever you don't want it to be seen, or if you want to wash it. Ours is on the tiles low down by the tub so my boys can get their own toys, but that means if I want to take a bath, I am looking right at this big blue bag. That's why the screws are so nice, just unscrew and the bag can be tossed somewhere else!


It is very durable as well, and I think I saw another design if the big blueness of it doesn't appeal to you.

MadiMamacita's Avatar MadiMamacita 10:52 PM 03-03-2012
we use a shower caddy- the kind you keep toiletries in in college..ours is plastic, but this is the idea:

how about a milk crate?

wire basket:

small laundry basket:
(maybe you don't want to get it from though... lol.gif )
mama2004's Avatar mama2004 12:54 AM 03-04-2012

I've had good luck keeping both wet cloths (used to be for wiping bottoms, now sticky hands and faces) and bath toys in string grocery bags.  They're cheap, they're washable and anything that goes in wet has plenty of air to dry before mold sets in.  I put a hook on the wall just next to the tub and I have a string bag hanging there for bath toys.  I just shake out the water and toss them in the bag.

MadiMamacita's Avatar MadiMamacita 05:13 PM 03-04-2012
mesh laundry bag is another choice
chel's Avatar chel 06:19 PM 03-04-2012

I had great luck wit beach toys, (bucket, shovel, sand molds).  Before our vacation dd didn't have any toys.  She found the toys after I had rinsed them off after the trip.  I just put them back into the bucket when she's done.