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Quote:Originally Posted by ollyoxenfree 

While this is often true - probably more often than not - there are historical incidents that are a little more encouraging. I'm thinking of the Shackleton expedition to the South Pole. Their ship sank, they were stranded with few provisions in one of the harshest environments in the world and had to cross almost 1000 miles of open water in a couple of lifeboats to reach help. They all survived and it was only possible by cooperating and working together. Endurance by Alfred Lansing is a fascinating account of their experience. 

What I personally think would happen in any prolonged SHTF type scenario is different groups. You are ALWAYS going to have people who would take advantage of a situation where people aren't as prepared for violence or rioting. 
You are ALWAYS going to have families and people with stronger moral fiber. 
So - I think there would be groups of people making trouble and groups of people helping each other out. The important thing is the *good* groups need to be big enough to keep the nasty people at bay.
Quote:Originally Posted by JudiAU 

Mostly just watching a lot of cool 1970s apocolyptic films and relying on the fact that my dad keeps a serious arsenal of weapons and ammunition. I am opposed to the later unless there are zombies. Or people want to eat my kids. Or people want to eat my old people.

LOL! I totally agree. I am not a violent person, but touch my kids or my family and I will touch you back!  
(Your "location"  cracks me )
Quote:Originally Posted by Coco_Hikes 

I don't think Brita filters made for use with tap water would help make potable water out of lake or stream water. Specially made filters at outdoors stores like those mentioned will, though. Such filters are made to weed out giardia, the parasite in water sources. You do not want to drink giardia-tainted water. Zombies might be a less painful experience.

A bunch of people I know got giardia from a camping trip (cleaned their plates with lake water) and it was horrible. Much rather get eaten by a zombie.
Quote:Originally Posted by AbbyGrant 

Preppers seem to like the Big Berkey for water purification. It looks like it's out of stock. I guess December is almost here. ; )  I've also seen a way to make a water filter with five gallon buckets, charcoal, sand, and mesh. Boiling would be need though of course.

It's probably out of stock BECAUSE it was on preppers!  Does anyone know if iodine tablets can make less than ideal water into potable water? I worry about the Big Berkey being to BIG if you needed to vacate your house.
Quote:Originally Posted by MadiMamacita 

Hibiscus tea!
(though in the situations we are discussing that would only help if you live in the tropics.. )

Thanks! I still think even in a SHTF type scenario, things like this would be better than meds. If this helps, than I can STOCK UP on it. Doc's only give you a 3 months supply that only lasts THREE months, KWIM?

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I haven't read every single response yet, but to answer the original question - we are trying to be as self-sufficient as we can simply as a matter of personal preference and lifestyle. If anything should ever "happen" - natural disasters, economic meltdowns, whatever - I think that our existing lifestyle choices will be very helpful. We currently live in an apartment in a large city, so we're very much plugged into the electricity/resource grids, but some things to we do for ourselves and have - 


- We know how to grow our own food (and max out what we can do on the patio every year).

- We have four kerosene lamps and a small supply of kerosene. 

- We have a supply of candles and a hand-cranked flashlight.

- We have a camp stove that uses multiple types of fuel. 

- We have water purification tablets (and need to get an actual water filter soon - it's on our list, especially since we also camp). 

- I know how to sew, knit and crochet. 

- We know how to cook food from scratch. 

- We put up as much our own food by canning and freezing as we can each year so we always have nutritious food in the house. 

- We know how to fish and forage. 

- We have a first aid/emergency preparedness kit. 


There's probably more, but that's all I can think of at the moment.

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I try to concentrate on more every-day disasters and be ready for those - usually have enough food  (usually never less than 5 kg of rice in the house) and drink and fuel (charcoal) at home to last a few days without power or shopping. For example, if there were a really bad Typhoon that put out the lights for 3 days. Have some candles, have a hand-cranked radio that can also re-charge phones and has a small light.  Oh, and several decks of playing cards.


If things got worse than that - who knows? I live on the 5th floor of an apartment building in a city of 7 million by the sea in a sub-tropical climate. Yeah, we have some skills (cooking, sewing, container gardening; my b-i-l knows how to slaughter a pig, etc.) But, I don't think these skills are really likely to be needed as some sort of apocalyptic safety net.


If hyper-inflation happens, well then I maybe have to barter my silver-ware for eggs - people survived the hyper-inflation of Germany int he 1920s and in Argentina in the 1970s and people are living in Zimbabwe right now using other countries' currencies because there own became so worthless.


Some of the posters speak of a "SHTF" scenario. Well, having spoken w/ and lived w/ people who grew up in China in the 20th century  (basically a state of almost constant war from 1920s-1949; fear of war in the 1950s; Cultural Revolution 1965-1975...); knowing people who have lived through all sorts of hard times in other countries and situations, and seeing how they managed, I have faith that my family and I will too (if g-d forbid) a disaster strikes.

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Originally Posted by annie2186 View Post



My husband and I are planning on moving out to the country as soon as we can. I can't wait to have chickens, a goat or cow and a garden thumb.gif  I do need to learn more about food preservation and herbal medicine though. 

What about water filters? If you had less than ideal water resources - would those Brita water bottles with the filter in them actually help any?


You should look into Berkey water filters- they are a gravity system, the filters last a long time (years and years) and they filter out pretty much anything you can think of (pathogens, heavy metals), even flouride if you want that.


Originally Posted by MadiMamacita View Post

Hibiscus tea!
(though in the situations we are discussing that would only help if you live in the tropics.. )

That's why you keep a nice stock of dried hibiscus in your back cupboard if you have someone with high blood pressure in your house. :) If it's dehydrated and and you throw an oxygen absorber in, seal it in mylar, and it should store for a super long time.

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