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Some people just *have to* give you food as part of a social event. I don't know why!

I'm a bit like that. I feel like a bad hostess if I don't have food for my guests to enjoy. Partly it's just the cultural thing - not a specific culture, just the general worldwide culture of equating hospitality with food. And partly it's because I love cooking. Being "the cook" is a big part of my identity, and when most people come to my house, they expect good food. So I feel vaguely like I'm cheating people if I can't give them something yummy. I even feel vaguely guilty if I go over to someone else's house for dinner and they don't let me bring food! (Luckily, most of my friends are keen to let me do dessert and/or bread with garlic butter.)


Plus, honestly, there's probably an element of social anxiety about it - food is kinda my social asset, and I worry that if people don't have my food to enjoy, they won't want to come over.


I hope I don't hound people to eat my food, and I quite understand if they're worried about cross-contamination or whatever; but I am likely to insist that making GF or dairy-free food is no trouble. And people seem to appreciate it. A friend on a strict anti-MS diet hardly gets sweet things at all, so she loves it when I make something she can snack on at Bible study with the rest of us.

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I HATE noisy/smacky eaters who can't keep their lips together. Close your mouth and keep it closed for the entire chew/swallow cycle, for the love of god. I know I take this annoyance to an extreme, but it just disgusts me soooo much. It gives me the willies, like nails on a blackboard. And I almost can't stop myself from staring in horror and visibly cringing.


Also, can't stand people who take bites and then seem to....store....their food in their cheeks...while talking. My dad does this and it drives me absolutely BANANAS. He'll literally start a sentence, THEN put food in his mouth, chew a little, and then store it in his cheeks while he continues his sentence. You have just GOT to be kidding me. And he does this for several bites in a row. All I can think of is all that semi-masticated food accumulating in his cheeks. WHY can't you just swallow?! He knows how much this kills me now, and when I see him start to stick food in his mouth after beginning talking I cut him off and make him stop. DH's sister does this too, though to a less disgusting extent. Maybe they're savoring their food, keeping it in their mouths for so long, but it's just hideous. Please just chew, swallow, then talk - it's the only acceptable order!


There's just something about the way DH's whole family eats that bothers me actually. It's usually a hurried affair with focused gobbling. It stresses me out. It's a large family and I'm sure they all had to rush to get the food they wanted, and were hurrying off to sports practices and such when they were younger, but sheesh, calm down. And his older sister in particular is so...imprecise with her use of utensils. I don't even know how to describe it, and I know I'm totally loony for even caring or noticing, but she like, won't cut all the way through something...it's like a half cut/half mash/slide sloppy method that just makes everything look more difficult.


Oh, and someone mentioned eating while standing at the counter. That drives me crazy too. Just sit down!


Aaaand one more. DH likes to eat sitting at the coffee table. I dunno how he does it without feeling hunched over. I just cannot master his skill. I always feel like I'm struggling to lean over far enough to avoid dropping food, and I just feel so hunched and uncomfortable. I prefer a real table where I don't feel like I'm leaning past my knees and where I can have my plate at a reasonable distance from my face.

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When we eat at the coffee table, I lift my place up and eat with a straight back.  Or if it's in a bowl I curl up on the couch with the bowl and eat with bowl in one hand, utensil in the other.

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This thread has me cracking up lol.gif. I love the vivid descriptions of annoying eaters. The Metamucil old father clanking away every day like he's imagining being in a symphony, the squirrel eating father who talks, puts food in his mouth, tucks it into his cheek, then talks some more lol, the battle over nuts and raisins and if they're good in baked goods (i personally dont prefer them), the mother-in-law who calls out that dinner is ready and no one in the family makes the slightest move to get up to go to the table except for the daughter-in-law, all the complaints about scraping silverware (i really hate it too), and a bunch of other little stories that made me smile. Here are mine:

My dad would fart at the dinner table. No joke. As if burping wasnt bad enough. He would literally lean over, raise his butt cheek up and let one rip. My brothers and him would laugh while my mother groaned and say his name loudly in exasperated disapproval. He would always say, "What? Its compliments to the chef!" which was his way of saying he likes my mother's food so she wont get too mad at him for farting. Uggh, how vulgar. I think he was raised in a barn. He would also often suck at his teeth after eating trying to get the food out from between his teeth. Or he'd get a toothpick and sit there and pick at his teeth, not caring if people were still trying to eat. Sigh.

People who spray food particles they eat because they're talking with their mouth full. There was a girl back in junior high who did that, it was so disgusting. A friend of mine and i sat in front of her once at lunch...never again after that.

I was the anorexic girl who ate her food excruciatingly slowly back in high school. Especially my granola bars. I would sit there and literally pick at it like a bird for half an hour or more. One time i caught another girl from my class making fun of my bird eating with another girl. I dont think they intended for me to see but it really hurt my feelings. I understand not wanting to eat with someone like that but please dont make fun of them. I had a serious disorder. What if someone had actually shown concern and tried to help me?

My last pet peeve is when the other adults dont offer to help clean up after the meal. I just cooked this nice meal and you cant take 5 minutes to help me clean up?
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