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LaLaLuna's Avatar LaLaLuna 11:40 PM 04-21-2004
Does anyone have a bottle of Trader Joe's house brand of vitamins for children? The one in the honey bear bottle...

My 4 year old ingested about 40 of the damn things and poison control wants to know how much iron. vit. a and vit. d is in them and the label is gone from my bottle. If anyone can get me this info. ASAP I would be VERY GRATEFUL!!!

[email protected]


Overproducktion's Avatar Overproducktion 11:42 PM 04-21-2004
Gemini's Avatar Gemini 11:49 PM 04-21-2004
I'm on the phone with them!!!!!!!

I'm on hold!

Do you still need it?????
Gemini's Avatar Gemini 11:52 PM 04-21-2004
LaLaLuna, how is she doing? Are you heading out to thr ER??

I'm still on hold.......

Calling another store.......
Gemini's Avatar Gemini 11:54 PM 04-21-2004
LaLaLuna's Avatar LaLaLuna 11:55 PM 04-21-2004
I FINALLY found a store in Portland that had some in stock and got the info. I need- will keep you posted on the outcome. Thanks! Sorry for panicking!
Gemini's Avatar Gemini 11:55 PM 04-21-2004
Meaning they are calling another store for me, they were out of stock of it.
Gemini's Avatar Gemini 11:55 PM 04-21-2004
Oh good!!!!!!

I'm glad!!

Let us know how he/she is!!!!!

Hell, I'd panic too!!!!!!!
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 12:04 AM 04-22-2004

Viola's Avatar Viola 12:22 AM 04-22-2004
no iron in them.
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 12:34 AM 04-22-2004

Bearsmama's Avatar Bearsmama 12:42 AM 04-22-2004
Lala-Please let us know how your DC is doing.
boycrazy's Avatar boycrazy 12:48 AM 04-22-2004
Is dc ok? How scary for you!
LaLaLuna's Avatar LaLaLuna 04:31 PM 04-22-2004
First of all, I really want to thank you all for jumping up and helping me find the info I needed: What a TOTALLY AWESOME community!!

I called poison control back and they assured me that he (even though he ate half the dratted bottle) had not eaten enough to be worried about toxicity. No iron in them is a Good Thing (thanks Amywillo!)

So I just had to keep an eye on him to make sure he didn't start vomiting or otherwise display odd behavior. Other than being as wired as a hummingbird and having astonishingly fluorescent pee he seems to have come through it ok.

Oh man. That was a bad night. 1. Time to preschooler-proof the house (child-proof caps are NOT!) 2. Never assume that an absence of noise and chaos means that everything is okey-dokey.

Thanks again, everyone, for being there- you're GREAT!
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 04:38 PM 04-22-2004
Oh, LaLaLuna, I've BTDT. My DD got into some meds I had for nausea... One trip to the ER and $1000 later, she was watching The Little Mermaid and eating ... dare I say? A Happy Meal. In the freakin' ER. Sigh.

Glad everything turned out for you.... Thank goodness!
QueeTheBean's Avatar QueeTheBean 04:41 PM 04-22-2004
Originally posted by LaLaLuna
Never assume that an absence of noise and chaos means that everything is okey-dokey.
Oh--but that always makes me think something is up! When it is noisy & things are flying all over the room, I know everything is ok! :LOL

Glad everything worked out--what a terrible scare.
Trishy's Avatar Trishy 04:43 PM 04-22-2004
Yeah quiet means bad around here. But if ds were to get into the vitamins, say when I was using the bathroom, he could easily eat 40 of them in the time it took me to quickly pee and come back down. Kids are just so quick. to you mama I'm so glad he is ok.
Overproducktion's Avatar Overproducktion 04:44 PM 04-22-2004
I'm embarassed to say that poison control probably knows us by name
dr.j's Avatar dr.j 05:39 PM 04-22-2004
Wow. What a horrible scare. I'm so gald everything is alright!
cj'smommy's Avatar cj'smommy 05:48 PM 04-22-2004
phew! Glad things are ok!
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 05:53 PM 04-22-2004
I'm so glad things are ok. My ds can get the 'childproof' cap on his vitamin bottle open also. I had a big talk about him telling me he is going to have one and never to take 2.
It's scary they can get that stuff open.
indie's Avatar indie 07:06 PM 04-22-2004
btdt..........My dd got into some of my prenatals. I freaked but luckly she didn't get enough to hurt her.
JoAida's Avatar JoAida 07:53 PM 04-22-2004
Originally posted by happymomwith4
I'm embarassed to say that poison control probably knows us by name

Glad I'm not the only one...:
cat_astrophe's Avatar cat_astrophe 08:10 PM 04-22-2004
Since everyone else is telling their stories to try to make you feel better, I'll tell you mine too.

Dh had been working on the car the day before, so there was that orange scented gritty hand cleaner by the kitchen sink. I went to potty, and ds1, then 2y.o., climbed a chair and got it. He thought it was shampoo and dumped it on his head getting it in his eyes. He was screaming and i was rinsing his eyes dialing poison control in tears..... it was awful. Turns out it didn't cause any damage, but try holding a screaming 2 y.o. under the bath tub faucet to rinse his eyes....

Can I please have the worst mommy award??
spero's Avatar spero 08:59 PM 04-22-2004
Originally posted by cat_astrophe
Can I please have the worst mommy award??
No, because I already have a lock on that one.

And not just because I had to call Poison Control so many times in one month, I started giving them a false name.

That, unfortunately, is just the tip of the "bad mommy" iceberg in this house.
menudo's Avatar menudo 09:06 PM 04-22-2004
I have a CLEAR memory of being 2 or 4 yo and home with my Mom. She was busy doing something and I was busy trying to open a child proof cap. Idid it (her prescription) and ran to her saying "See it is NOT child proof-I can doit!" I was so proud...she was very pale...

I caught DS with 2 Zyprexa-could've easily killed him. DH was bipolar and apparently hiding his meds (in a couch cushion?!?!)...Apparently, they limited his frickin' COMMON SENSE. Let's just say I was THIS close to prison....
Mamid's Avatar Mamid 09:12 PM 04-22-2004
I know parents that give preschoolers "adult proof" caps to open because they can't.

I'm glad your babe's ok.
GiraffeLovin'Mama's Avatar GiraffeLovin'Mama 12:20 PM 04-23-2004
I just got to this thread but I'm glad your kiddo is okay!!!!
pilesoflaundry's Avatar pilesoflaundry 02:44 PM 04-23-2004
All you fellow poison control mommies s I have had to call twice!

And my mom had to call twice in one day, my sister ate a poisonous mushroom in the yard and then a few hours later took a bite out of one of those old cake like room deodorizers they don't even sell anymore. The guy on the phone said to my mom 'didn't you just call me a few hours ago?" She felt like crap!
LaLaLuna's Avatar LaLaLuna 04:00 PM 04-23-2004
My older son just doesn't think to not ask if he can do something- so I'm not used to having to worry so much about these kinds of things (DUH). Orion, OTOH, seems to be adopting a don't-ask-don't-tell policy...

Obviously I better get up on my toes a little more with this kid. I think I'll just put the poison control # on speed dial. :

Glad to know I"m not the only mom with a curious, conniving and fearless child here! :LOL
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