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My DS has played little league for the last couple of years, and before each game they have the teams line up and say the little league pledge. I could never really hear it, since I was in the stands and the boys weren't very loud, but I caught a few things about doing their best and playing fair, and it was cute and sounded nice.

Then one day I was standing closer and heard the whole thing and heard something about god, and kind of did a double take. Now, I know they say "god" in the pledge of allegiance too, and I don't make a stink about it, and I don't plan to make a stink about this, but i was surprised. Anyway, here's the little league pledge. What do you think about having the kids recite it before each game?

"I trust in God
I love my country
And will respect its laws
I will play fair
And strive to win
But win or lose
I will always do my best"

It was written in 1954 (the same year, incidentally, when "under god" was inserted into the pledge of allegiance in reaction to the red scare of communism). I know many organizations that use the word "god" in their phrasing say that you can interpret the word however you wish, whether it's a deity from another religion, or a cosmic force, or whatever you believe in. But that seems like kind of a cop out answer.

I dunno, in this day and age it just seems so outdated to assume everyone on a team (or in a classroom) believes in the same thing. It sounds like just the kind of thing that made sense to people in 1954 when those words were written, but it's sort of absurd now, IMO.

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If it was my decision; I'd cut the first three lines. It makes more sense to keep it about good sportsmanship.
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I agree. I don't see the need for a morality lesson. This is a game, not a classroom or Sunday School. Totally aside from the content (religious, patriotic), I just don't see this as the time nor the place.

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That would tick me off...

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In the greater scope of things, I don't like it but it isn't offensive enough that I would argue over it (not suggesting you would, just saying).  I have a bigger issue with groups that flat out discriminate groups of people.  If it is against my beliefs and I felt that strongly about it, I would just tell my kid not to say it.  

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Neither my DH (a teacher) nor my older DD say the Pledge of Allegiance at school. They simply stand. I do that in another context when a prayer is said. You could have your child do that if it's problematic. I figure it shows respect for the beliefs of others without having me say something I don't mean. Incidentally, my younger DD just joined Girl Scouts and her troop replaced god with community in their pledge - depending on your area, you might be able to do something like that. Our area is pretty diverse and laid back that way.


PS I like the last four lines. The first three do sound like a holdover from 1954.

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