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kathymuggle 10-23-2013 03:00 PM

I got an email from Girl Guides of Canada inviting me to a leadership program run by Disney.


Here is the link:


Here is the guiding law:


  • be honest and trustworthy
  • use my resources wisely
  • respect myself and others
  • recognize and use my talents and abilities
  • protect our common environment
  • live with courage and strength
  • share in the sisterhood of Guidinghare in the sisterhood of Guiding

The Guiding Law challenges me to:

So, I am bothered a bit.  When I think of Girl Guides, I tend to think of empowering girls.  Disney does not scream girl empowerment to me.  


Would Disney running a series of leadership workshop for Girl Guide/Girl Scout leaders bother you?

mariamadly 10-23-2013 06:44 PM

My last experience with anything Disney is close to fifteen years ago (and we just watched, never visited, maybe went to one of their stores at a mall a half-hour away ages ago) but unless they've changed a lot, it would bother me. At least make me shake my head a bit. Sort of like a Barbie STEM seminar, know what I mean?

Carson 10-23-2013 06:55 PM

Looking at the site for Disney Institute, it doesn't seem that it is Disney branded training. Rather it seems they developed their own division of corporate and leadership training seminars, built off of their sheer success as a corporation.

One_Girl 10-23-2013 09:24 PM

It doesn't bug me. Barbie already partners with Girl Scouts and I would lean more towards their material because they have many movies with strong female characters saving the day and not getting married (usually no kissing either). Disney has the one movie and I'm not ready to switch my support to a company that is so behind the times at this point.

Smokering 10-24-2013 05:16 PM

 Disney has the one movie

Which movie do you mean?


Disney certainly has a chequered history with gender roles, but the movies feature plenty of strong, brave and unconventional female characters. Rapunzel was a fearless natural leader. Tiana was a hardworking, no-nonsense businesswoman. Mulan saved China. Jasmine refused to marry against her wishes. So did Merida (arguably selfishly, but she was willing to admit to her mistakes and showed plenty of courage and understanding later on). Belle saved her father's life, refused to hide her brains to fit in and deftly dealt with an obnoxious suitor. Megara was sassy and cynical and saved Hercules' life.


The early princesses were pretty passive, sure; but that was sixty-odd years ago. You can't say Disney hasn't improved. Sure, I have huge issues with their merchandising, in which they portray even the strongest female characters as clothes-obsessed and simpering; but they're not all bad.


A leadership thing run by Disney wouldn't bother me at all. A company that big and successful probably knows a thing or two about leadership.

One_Girl 10-24-2013 05:52 PM

Brave. They did make some of the later princesses stronger but they are still teens getting married except in Rapunzel where she marries a criminal years later. They have non cartoon movies too but they are typically lame and have never appealed to the kids I know

SweetSilver 10-25-2013 09:41 AM

As a Girl Scout leader, I would be completely uninterested in that.  Someone mentioned the Barbie patch.  Ugh.  But, you  know, some of the girls in our troop really like that cr......a....aa....ap.  Sorry.  Couldn't stop myself, however much I tried to be diplomatic.


One alternative is just to ignore it and do your own thing.  But that doesn't answer to anything as to why commercialism is creeping into Scouts and Guides.


BTW, love the line about "talents and abilities".  We cover that in some of the curriculum, but it doesn't spell that out in the Law.

kathymuggle 10-25-2013 10:09 AM

Originally Posted by SweetSilver View Post


One alternative is just to ignore it and do your own thing.  But that doesn't answer to anything as to why commercialism is creeping into Scouts and Guides.




I almost completely do my own thing.  The list of things that bugs me about Girl Guides (mostly around fundraising and bureaucracy) is crazy long.  I have decided not to let it get in the way of delivering a much in demand program to this area.


But-ugh-Girl Guides and Disney…..:dizzy 

SweetSilver 10-25-2013 12:38 PM

Originally Posted by kathymuggle View Post

But-ugh-Girl Guides and Disney…..:dizzy

No doubt!  I used the word "creeping", but the reality is more like "crashing".  Unfortunately, I see a certain group eating this kind of stuff up.  I think the opinion is really divided.  I'm sure my coleaders might say either something supportive or mildly critical, but then add that their girls would love it.  Pretty much our entire troop went as a group to see Disney On Ice (not as an official troop activity).  Not my girls, though. For some reason they hate Disney and aren't wowed by princesses.


How much of the leadership workshop trickles down Disney-style to the girls?  Or is it simply Disney's take on leadership that only the leaders hear?  I didn't see that on the link.  I might not have looked carefully, perhaps because there were no Princesses speaking soundbites in speech bubbles and dancing around the screen!  Maybe that's what it all is--kids and parents are getting so used to a certain level of action and marketing that a Disney-sponsored workshop *has* to be better and more engaging than some plain-old boring leader training. Disney is colorful!  Exciting!  Everything Disney does is better!  Wow!

NiteNicole 10-25-2013 01:03 PM

Oh no. Not a fan. I don't like that Barbie and junk food are associated with Girl Scouts, either.

My kid watches TV. She has eaten at Mcds. She has seen Disney movies. We may even go there one day. I don't flip out if she wants certain character backpacks but I DO NOT WANT Disney in my Girl Scouting.

Smokering 10-25-2013 02:28 PM

 Brave. They did make some of the later princesses stronger but they are still teens getting married except in Rapunzel where she marries a criminal years later.

Ex-criminal. Heroic, reformed ex-criminal. What, you should never marry anyone who doesn't have a squeaky-clean past?


They're teens getting married because of the time periods in which the films are set. In several cases their ages aren't mentioned. And most little kids won't see them as teenagers, but as grown-up ladies. (In the films, at least - the latest Princess 'looks' are very teenageified, and I hate it.) Cinderella could be in her mid-twenties easily. There's no way my five-year-old DD would equate the Disney princesses with her teenage aunts, age-wise - Aurora doesn't look or act like a sixteen-year-old. Anyway, what's intrinsically wrong with teens getting married? I got married at twenty, and it would have been earlier if we'd been richer. :p Also, we don't actually see all the princesses get married - for all we know, Snow White, Aurora and Belle could have had years-long engagements. (Not sure about Mulan and Jasmine - I know their weddings were delayed in the sequels, but I'm not sure of the timeframes. I avoid the sequels because they're awful.) Even when we do see the weddings, in most instances the timing is unclear - Cinderella could have gotten married the next day or the next year.

AAK 10-25-2013 03:59 PM

I'm with smokering regarding the disney films.  However, I wouldn't want Disney to become a part of our girl scout troop.  I don't care if we do something that is Disney--like if our troop decided to go to Disney on Ice (or a movie, etc), because it would be us seeking it out.  However, to have Disney and/or Barbie involved like that feels like they are trying to "get their claws" into girl scouts--as if regular people can't hold leadership seminars.  I don't think it all needs to be big commercial stuff.  


Oh, and I am sure they aren't doing this simply to be "doing something for the community."  While I do think that the adults could learn leadership skills, etc. I am pretty sure that the "Exciting new RESOURCES" and "COMPLETE BROWNIE EXPERIENCE for Guiders to share when you get home" will be promoting the disney family of products.  



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