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Awaken's Avatar Awaken 03:05 PM 11-29-2013

wow, I have not been on MDC for ages- I spent many years of my life on these forums and it feels good to be back :)  


I don't know where else to ask this...our kids are getting a little older now and MIL has offered to take them for a few days over the winter break.  We have not gotten to travel much in our lives, and I realized this would be an awesome opportunity to go somewhere fun as a couple.  The problem is, of course at this point everything anywhere warm is booked or super expensive.  


We don't have passports yet so it has to be somewhere in the US, and we're coming from the east coast, and has to be somewhere relatively nearby (within a 2 hr flight or so).  Can't find anything in Florida of course.  I'm sort of giving up on the idea of it being somewhere warm, that seems impossible at this late date.  


Any ideas?

mariamadly's Avatar mariamadly 03:16 PM 11-29-2013

Which winter break?  I mean, December / January, or at the end of February?


And welcome back!

Awaken's Avatar Awaken 07:13 PM 11-29-2013
Oh! Sorry for not being clear! For us there is only one winter break- at the end of December between Christmas and New Year's! I'm way too late to be planning this!
mariamadly's Avatar mariamadly 08:47 PM 11-29-2013

We're in the northeast, too, and my ideal vacation is even farther north and east -- we spent a week each over a couple of summers at a rental in Lubec, Maine.  Not exactly a warm getaway, and very low-key, but absolutely beautiful.  I checked the place we were, and it looks like it might be available, plus they seem to have an emergency generator now.  That's either a plus (because they have it) or a huge minus (because they need it?)!  Anyhow, I can send you info if you want a PM.


As for warmer places, if you can't find something in FL, and you'd like a city trip, maybe something like Charleston, New Orleans, Savannah, or Alexandria (though VA gets nasty weather that time of year)? 


There's always the stay-cation idea, too, if your MIL will take your little people at her place.