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applejuice's Avatar applejuice 05:20 PM 05-24-2014

Anyone do needlepoint?


I have done needlepoint  in the past - pillows, birth and wedding announcements, baby pictures, framed.


A friend died recently. She left behind a very large needlepoint work in progress. 4'x3' framed She was using virgin persian wool, and I cannot find that color or brand anywhere. I called the company in MA, and the phone number is disconnected.


I have been asked to finish it.


Could I use the same color in acrylic? Would it look that different from the rest? Would it "wear" differently? It will be framed.

mariamadly's Avatar mariamadly 09:18 AM 05-25-2014

Different materials will probably "wear" differently, so I'd try to stick with wool.  Found some conversion charts in case the company in question is included


I did a little work for GhostStitchers a few years ago.  One of their services is finishing incomplete projects; even if you don't have them do the job, they might have some advice on matching the wool.


If it's being framed, another thing that can help is choice of glass.  Making sure to choose an option that provides UV protection can help protect the entire piece and make uneven fading less of an issue.


Also, I've heard good things about -- they're primarily a knit and crochet site, but someone mentioned you could find other needlework topics discussed.


It's really great that you're taking on this project.  I'm sorry about your friend. 

mamapigeon's Avatar mamapigeon 09:31 AM 05-25-2014

Have you checked ebay? I've always had a lot of luck finding discontinued products on there, though I've never looked for anything related to needlepoint.

kitchensqueen's Avatar kitchensqueen 06:17 PM 05-28-2014

Sorry about your friend, but I think it's lovely you're going to try to finish her piece. I found two potential sources for Persian wool you might look into - Crafter's Market and Brown Sheep Company. Maybe they would have a good match?