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mama2anna 07-28-2014 06:32 AM

hi, this thread is for non-bloggers who want to post articles (i can't be the only one!!) but can't. here you can.
XOX, Opal.

mama2anna 07-29-2014 09:57 AM

My article
I was bored. I knew, I could go back to work. wait, no I couldn't, I worked from home and was pregnant. dang. it felt like I spent most of my time waiting for something! as soon as I got up, I was waiting for the tea to boil. as soon as it was boiled, I was waiting for it to steep. then I drank. as soon as I had my tea, I was waiting for Anna to get up. as soon as she was up, I was waiting for her to nap, etc.! "how can my life be like this?" I thought. and then... it wasn't. just like that all of my spare moments were spent taking care of a one-year-old, and I was wishing for more time to wait. my life had gone from unbearably slow, to this!:
6:30 am: Anna woke me
7:00 am: I got up
7:15 am: gulped down some coffee, made breakfast
8:30 am: finished breakfast, dressed Anna
9:30 am: finished dressing Anna
9:45 am: got dressed, ran a brush over my teeth
9:58 am: ran a brush through my hair
10:00 am: got the diaper bag packed
10:30 am: got the swim bag packed
11:00 am: got Anna into the car
11:25 am: went to the pool
1:30 pm: went home, rushed about scrimping up a lunch
2:30 pm: finished lunch, put Anna down for a nap
2:45 pm: did laundry
3:30 pm: Anna woke-up, I put the laundry into the drier
4:00 pm: started supper
7:00 pm: finished dinner, bathed Anna
8:00 pm: put Anna to bed
9:30 pm: went to bed
12:00 am: Anna woke me, changed and fed her
1:00 am: see above
2:00 am: see above
4:00 am: see above
6:00 am: REPEAT!

and that was a slow day back in 2013. now it's 2014, and I miss being that slow. yes, now that's slow. and now I'm pregnant again. I'm gonna need a lot of help.

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