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Joannect's Avatar Joannect 05:01 PM 01-07-2005
I just started thinking about this, not sure why tho. :LOL None of my IRL friends are even close to crunchy. In all honesty, I'm not super crunchy, just semi-crunchy. We cosleep, CD, plan on BF as long as DS wants, baby wear, try to use natural health remedies first but have no qualms about using modern day medicines if that's what will work better, try to eat organic if I can find it, don't use mama or family cloth and I don't plan on home schooling.

My friends think I'm nuts for CDing. I actually had one call my fitteds and AIOs "yuppie diapers". I can not tell you how many times I've heard the "You are never going to be able to get him to sleep in his own bed." or the "Babies die from suffication while cosleeping." Well good, I like him sleeping next to me and cosleeping is actually safer as long you take the proper procautions. I also get a lot of "wow, you are still BFing?" DS isn't even a year old yet!

I get tired of deffending my lifestyle. Not a lot of like minded mamas in my neck of the woods. How about yours?

DebraStorm's Avatar DebraStorm 05:04 PM 01-07-2005
I have friends of an degress of crunchiness. I'd probably say I'm about in the lower-middle as far as it goes. Some are sooooo non-crunchy & some are super crunchy!

If you count me against DH's family & most of mine, they'd lock me up in the loony bin for my whacked-out practices! :LOL
mom2tig99Nroo03's Avatar mom2tig99Nroo03 05:27 PM 01-07-2005
in my group of irl friends, there is only one mama crunchier than me. i dont have any soggy friends though, :LOL
hallesmom's Avatar hallesmom 05:34 PM 01-07-2005
MOst of mine are all crunchless. Seriously-one of my best mom friends just has plastic surgery this week Still don't know why.....

My mom and sister are on the same page as I am-along with my BIL. So, that's cool-
Annalisasmom's Avatar Annalisasmom 05:34 PM 01-07-2005
I really only have 2 really good IRL friends... and only 1 has a child, she's almost as crunchy as myself. The one who doesn't have a child is asking me LOTS of questions so she may crunchy eventually
stacyg's Avatar stacyg 06:04 PM 01-07-2005
My IRL friends that have children are nothing like me...
aisling's Avatar aisling 06:08 PM 01-07-2005
none of my friends are all. I'm not even close to being as crunchy as I want to be (still learning all my options!) and they already think I am absolutely bizarre!

It will be very interesting to see what they think of me when Dh and I are blessed with babies! They think I'm wierd now?!
GruppieGirl's Avatar GruppieGirl 06:11 PM 01-07-2005
Not at all!!

My crunchiest friend's chruchiest trait is that she washes her kitchen floor with vinegar and lemon juice. Our mutual friends regard her as crunchy.

One of my closest friends feeds her preschoolers coke and Cheetoes.

I am still waiting to make a real life friend with a few crunchy qualities. Hard to find in the burbs.

Edited to Add: How ironic! An acquaintance of mine emailed me months ago because her sister was interested in cloth diapering. She wanted a few tips. Just got an email saying that she had here baby and its sweet little bottom is wrapped in cloth.
Bippity's Avatar Bippity 06:19 PM 01-07-2005
I have one friend who is much further along the crunchy path than I. The rest are pure mainstream milk-toast, but I'm tryin' to dry them out a little. At least they try to listen to me and don't laugh in my face when I tell them to get some Kefir!
pixiemama's Avatar pixiemama 06:22 PM 01-07-2005
Not very. I do have a few who coslept and/or breastfed for the first year or so. They are all open minded though.
maria423's Avatar maria423 06:26 PM 01-07-2005
I have a small group of friends I met in our Bradley class (when pg with #1), and they're all somewhat crunchy. We all cloth diaper, are doing extended nursing. One is having a homebirth in a few months.

Most of my other friends, though, are not crunchy at all. They think it's weird that I'm still breastfeeding my dd, for example, and I often get asked, "You're going to wean her soon. Right??"

I also often get comments about how bothersome cding must be, but I think I'm (slowly) changing a few minds about it. (crossing my fingers!)
Rhonwyn's Avatar Rhonwyn 06:27 PM 01-07-2005
As a Waldorf parent, I am surrounded by others way crunchier than me. I am one of the crunchiest at work.
hlkm2e's Avatar hlkm2e 06:34 PM 01-07-2005
I'm not very crunchy and I'm the crunchiest by far. My Mom called my oatmealy instead of granolay once and know that's what all my friends say. But, I will get the last laugh when I buy them all slings for their babies when they have them.
GruppieGirl's Avatar GruppieGirl 06:35 PM 01-07-2005
Originally Posted by hlkm2e
I'm not very crunchy and I'm the crunchiest by far. My Mom called my oatmealy instead of granolay once and know that's what all my friends say. But, I will get the last laugh when I buy them all slings for their babies when they have them.
My Mom calls me a "gruppie" in the most loving way!
Dar's Avatar Dar 06:39 PM 01-07-2005
Hmmm. Most are cruchier than I am, really. I live in the land of homebirthing vegan organic berkiness. And I say this even though I'm an unschooling mama who used the sling, nursed my child until almost 4, and still cosleeeps.

Actually I've always thought true crunchies don't unschool; they do a more waldorf-inspired coop thing.

splendid's Avatar splendid 06:39 PM 01-07-2005
: since I live a sheltered life I have no friends close by. My childhood friends are anything but crunchy whatever the opposite is my childhood friends are.

My friends I speak to on the phone is getting crunchy though.
irinam's Avatar irinam 06:40 PM 01-07-2005
It varies. To some I am super crunchy (which I am not), to some I am "brainwashed" by modern society.

But since the OP says "friends" - the only people who would "qualify :LOL " have to be open-minded.

So, although we have differences - we all respect one another and constantly learn from one another.

I changed some of "my ways" because "my friends way" was better and made more sense to me.

Some of my other friends saw what I am doing and now I see them doing the same.

Live and learn
Isis's Avatar Isis 06:45 PM 01-07-2005
Only one of my friends is as crunchy as I am. She's become a great friend!

None of my other friends are buy I still love em.
veggie4ever's Avatar veggie4ever 07:14 PM 01-07-2005
All my old friends were crunchy some more so then others. We all cd and bf toddlers. Most were into organic.

Where I live now no one is crunchy 2 actually bf longer then a year.

They all think I am a little or a lot strange. But I know if I ever get out of this place I really will not see them again.

I miss my Ap friends
Persephone's Avatar Persephone 07:55 PM 01-07-2005
Well, I cant judge my friends based on child care, because only one of us has kids. Lets' see... well, I'm pretty hardcore crunch myself... it doesn't have to do so much with *what* I believe as it does with how strongly I believe it. My friend who has a child breastfeeds, cosleeps, gardens, eats healthy, uses herbs (we have a lot in common ) I got her into buying wood toys for her dd. I have another friend that will almost surely breastfeed when the time comes, and since she's an anthropolgy buff, she might go with the babywearing, potentially cosleeping... who knows? Other than that, she's not terribly crunchy. I have another friend who's going to be a Montessori teacher, but I don't know her views on breastfeeding or anything like that, because she's never mentioned them. And I have another friend that I don't think is crunchy AT ALL. And we all have been friends since high school and get along really well, and I wouldn't trade them for anything in the world.
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 08:53 PM 01-07-2005
I'm not particularly crunchy but I'm crunchier than pretty much everyone I know.
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 09:25 PM 01-07-2005
Most of my friends are crunchier than I am. 'Course, I met them here and I aspire to achieve their level of crunchiness...
Seeking Refuge's Avatar Seeking Refuge 09:27 PM 01-07-2005
I met many of my real life friends here at MDC and some are crunchy, some are not as crunchy. I think the more important thing is that they are tolerant of my life choices and I am tolerant of theirs.
Justice2's Avatar Justice2 09:34 PM 01-07-2005
Only one of my IRL friends are crunchy, and I have never seen her face, but geesh, we talk 4-5 times a day (most days)...that's gotta count!

In all actuality, she is my only friend IRL who parents in an AP fashion also.
Missy's Avatar Missy 09:34 PM 01-07-2005
: I don't have any real friends.

OK, I do, but only a few. A lot of my "friends" were teaching colleagues and we drifted apart rather quickly when I left work. Others made very different parenting choices and we're just not comfortable together anymore. They think I've "let myself go". And I guess I have (but I'm comfortable!). Since my youngest's severe food allergies were dxed, we've lost touch with even more friends. Several people I know can't allow their kids to sacrifice their dairy products long enough for us to spend a little time together and, well, I guess I'm equally stubborn because I won't sacrifice his life for the sake of a play-date. I've started meeting other moms through hs groups, but the hs community is a lot less crunchy than I thought it would be. I do have one IRL friend who is willing to do almost anything to keep my ds safe, including bake foods he can actually eat. Amazing, considering his list of allergies. She also eats largely organic food, avoiding the junk that seems to show up at every hsing event. In fact, we were talking today about forming a distinctly AP/NFL-friendly hs group. Both of us just assumed that hsers, particularly unschoolers, would at least be a little crunchy and, honestly, I'm tired of explaining our lifestyle choices. And I'm not that crunchy compared to a lot of mamas on this board.
mommymushbrain's Avatar mommymushbrain 10:02 PM 01-07-2005
Add me to the list of having no friends IRL :LOL

So far I am the only person I know who has breastfed longer than 6 months, co-slept, slung my babies (hehehe that sounds bad! ), CD'd, etc. etc. etc. I am a freak in their eyes.

Oh well. I like being freaky.
GoodWillHunter's Avatar GoodWillHunter 10:05 PM 01-07-2005

purplegirl's Avatar purplegirl 10:54 PM 01-07-2005
Zip, zero, zilch, nada, no one . Once I have a baby, I will be on the serious look out for mamas in my area who believe as I do.
JesiLynne's Avatar JesiLynne 11:12 PM 01-07-2005
I don't really have any crunchy friends unless you count my mom, who is probably crunchier to a small degree, but then again there things I do that my mom doesn't that are crunchy
It is hard, especially since I have kids who wanna be friends w/ other kids and thier mom's have told me, " after bfding 2 kids I decided to put #3 on the bottle just so I could get thinds done"
Yeah that was the end of that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I was the only crunchy one in Bradley Class, even though the instructor is into Homeopathic stuff, I really felt outta place, especially when another couple asked about extended brestfeeding, the instrucotr kinda shot it down, I was very depressing.
WE felt like outcasts! Meaning DH and I , come to think of it, he is really Crunchy!!!! Totally into Homebirth, no drugs for baby, homeopathic stuff, exxcept trying to get him to eat healthy is a battle
Seeking Refuge's Avatar Seeking Refuge 11:13 PM 01-07-2005
Originally Posted by purplegirl
Zip, zero, zilch, nada, no one . Once I have a baby, I will be on the serious look out for mamas in my area who believe as I do.
Seriously hit the tribal area here at MDC. I have met some really great IRL friends there. Just be sensible about where you meet people for the first few times. We went to a play group in a mall the first time.
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