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was it worth it? has the degree helped you? was working toward the degree fulfilling? did it drive you crazy being around traditional undergrads all the time?

i keep going back and forth between whether or not i should go back. i think i post about this all the time. lol.

i have 3 full time semesters left and 2 kids. i don't know if what i'm getting my degree in is what i want to do (social work), though it might be.
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Oh yes. I was an rn with an assoc. degree which means I was limited to working in a hosp. on the floors. The hours and schedule were difficult and the work was really hard too. Now I have the choice of doing many more interesting things for more $$ with a better schedule and hours. I did it the non-traditional way through Regents College so it wasn't difficult being around kids younger than I. Can you check into Phoenix University or something like that? I liked the independent study and being able to choose when I did my work and not having to commute.
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Of course it's worth it! Having gone to college at 17/18 and then retured and completed my degree as an adult, I must say that I received a better education the second time around, especially since it was on my dime. I was kind of bothered by some of the younger students and their behavior. Cell phones, flirting, walking into class late, not being prepared, etc.

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I graduated with a BFA a year ago (at 27). Totally worth it despite my heavy debt and the fact that I am currently a SAHM and have no time to make art.

There were several non-traditional students at my little (300 student) private college. To be honest I often forgot about the age gap and the fact that only a few of us were married (or had kids). The irresponsible people didn't make it past the first or second semester because the work was too demanding.
I LOVED college and I hope to get my Masters someday.
Go for it.

DS 6 DD 8
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totally worth it! I was much more serious about my education, after having lived in the real world, working crappy jobs and paying my own bills.
I didn't do it for some job I might get in the future, I did it for me, because I wanted to. When I originally had gone to school it was because that's what everyone else wanted me to do, what was expected of me. When I went back to school it was because that's what *I* wanted. The sense of accomplishment, knowing that I can actually finish something I started, is what makes it worth it to me.
If you do go back to school, don't do it out of any sense of obligation, don't do it for some potential job in the future or for the money you might earn with a certain degree. Do it for you. Do it because you want to learn more about a certain subject.

yes, some of the younger students did really get on my nerves, but only because they just weren't serious about their studies, they didn't care, they weren't learning a thing, and some of them were rather disruptive when they carried on chitchat during lectures. But I wasn't there to socialize (like they obviously were) I was there for an education. I got one, and nothing and noone can ever take that away from me. Once you are taking higher level courses, though, those people won't be in your classes anymore (seeing as how the vast majority of them drop out, and the ones who stick with it are much more serious about getting good grades).
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was it worth it? [B]yes it was and I went on to grad school too wich I finish May 14th!
has the degree helped you? It got me into grad school which will help me
was working toward the degree fulfilling? yes I enjoyed it much more as an adult than I did at 18
did it drive you crazy being around traditional undergrads all the time? I won't lie...yes it did drive me crazy!!! but it was fun to have the self confidence to speak my mind and not worry about it.

I never did go full time I went 3/4 time...I couldn't focus on 4 classes and my family equaliy!

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I didn't finish my bachelor's degree until I was 27 years old. I had to take 40 hours at the state university I graduated from even though I already had over 100 hours under my belt, in order to meet their graduation requirements. It took me a spring, one summer and one fall semester.

It was hard work but I do feel it was worth my time because I now have that sense of accomplishment that no one can take away from me, even though I am now a SAHM and not using the degree to make money.

If you are the kind of woman who has a knack for starting things with enthusiasm but not for finishing them! : then I would say it is completely worth the time, money etc. to finish your degree. It will feel indescribably satisfying to have at least that one huge "project" complete.

Besides, no matter how great your life is now, you can't know what the future has in store for you. You might really be glad to have that credential to put on a resume some day...
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I finished my degree as an adult. When I was in college as a teenager, I just did not get that much out of it. As an adult, I craved knowledge. I mostly took evening and weekend classes. The student population in those classes tended to be older than the run of the mill college student.

It was a confidence boost to finally receive my degree. And, I was the speaker at graduation!! So, that was even better.... I am in grad school now (and I have a 4 year old ds). It's not easy, but I know it will be worth it!

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I really want to get a degree. I graduated high school as Salutatorian and had full ride scholarships offered to me but rather than take them I decided to run off with my friends and boyfriend and go to a cult Bible school for 2 years and be brainwashed. At age 25 after meeting my husband and marrying him in that religious system, we decided we needed to leave and that we couldn't raise our baby in that system. I feel really embarrassed when the topic of where everyone went to college comes up. I did graduate valedictorian from the school and I did do some foriegn aid and volunteer work I'm not ashamed of, but the whole experience was VERY culty and I'm embarrassed that I 'wasted' those years. I'm an intelligent person but I was raised in a home that made me the ideal candidate for cult membership (instant obedience, don't question, approval given only over good behavior, LOTSSSS of spanking, etc.). Right now dh is finishing his masters and his teacher certification and we've moved to another state since that experience. I'd love to go to school but he and I can't handle us both being in school at the same time. I frankly don't know where to start. I plan on having more kids and want to devote my time to them and not be *too* swamped with school. I don't know what I want to study also - I have way too many interests. When people ask me where I went to school I try to say something vague about things coming up after high school that prevented me. But I love learning. I'd love to get a degree mostly for the fun of learning and interaction. Sorry - this is just thought provoking for me.
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thanks everyone i was so sure that i didn't want to go...but now i'm thinking that i do. i'm weird

sophmama, if you want to do it, you should! most of my schooling has been done while being a mom, and it can be done. look into family housing if you decide you want to go full time and you'd want to rent.
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I quit when I was 22 and went back at 25.5.... will be graduating at the end of June. All I know is that it was eating me up that I quit after all that hard work and I kept blaming myself and others for giving it up. It's something I absolutely had to do. I'm scared that after spending all this money, time, energy on this it won't do me any good anyways. Have you ever heard that song with De La SOul and Teenage Fanclub..... YA Played Yourself.... that's how I'm feeling at the moment. I'm feeling like it's just a piece of paper, but like I said, it would have eaten me up otherwise.
I do feel smarter, but ignorance is bliss. and yes, the traditional students drive me bonkers. For instance, during class a teacher showed a photograph that was pro gay marriage and the whole class, except for little ole me, yelled ewwwwwww. I thought I was going to barf I was soooo angry with their asses. I've also met a few great friends that make me feel like a teeny bopper again.
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