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I just made an eye exam appointment for myself (to the tune of $80 : ) and for both kids (they're both free) for next week.

It will be a first eye exam for both kids - and I'm not sure what to expect.
The kids are 15 months, and 3yrs, 3mos. Neither can read, and the little one is barely verbal.

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i'm not sure how they do the exams for the little little ones, but for the 3 year old, he'll just probably have to look at pictures and say which picture s/he can see from the wall chart and then looking thru the binoculars s/he'll be asked to say when he can see the picture and tell the optometrist what it is. i think the pictures are pretty basic

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I know what you mean by the cost : mine are $90, the kids are $10 and DH's are free (he has a degenerative eye disease).

Basically....you will either have your child on your lap or in the cool chair and the eye doc will look at their eyes with a light. Sometimes this works, sometimes not. Then they will turn off the lights and put the cool pictures up on the wall. Don't worry, they don't put that big lens thing on them, at least mine doesn't. The doctor will then try to get the child to name the things up there, and will repeat this with smaller and smaller pictures.

With a nonverbal child, simple yes or no answers will work (like is there a dog?). They also use a picture book with different sized pictures and have the child point.

Basically at this age unless they have very bad eyesight, it is hard to tell what their eye strength is. Like DS is 20/20 or 20/30. DD just has healthy eyes. They are basically making sure that the children's eyes are healthy, can focus properly and to get them used to seeing an eye doctor.

We go every year (DH gets an exam every 3 months or so), just to keep an eye on things. DH's disease is heriditary so our eye doctor checks the kids for signs of it as well as signs of a lazy eye (I have a very bad one).
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My friend's daughter needed glasses at the age of two and they did things like trying to have her pick little beads up off of somebody's hand to try and determine the level.
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we went to a pediatric optamologist when dd was 13 mos. and he used a thing that looked like a prism. he got her to look in different directions and looked at her eyes with different prisms. She didn't mind at all.
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They can get a pretty accurate idea of eyesight and even get prescriptions without any response from the child; my mostly-nonverbal 2.5 year old was able to get glasses without any problem (and he really did need them).
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I took my 6yo for an exam today, and the doc had charts with little pictures on them instead of letters.

She was really funny though, she kept telling him that things were too fuzzy to see. Luckily he didn't fall for it, he ended up bribing her with quarters! (I guess he usually uses nickels, but he was out of them.) He gave her a quarter for each right answer, and she made $5!

Apparently he gets that reaction a lot. In my dd's case, she really wanted glasses so she was trying to fool him into thinking she needed them! That, and she wasn't quite sure at first what she was supposed to be doing.
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Originally Posted by Hera
In my dd's case, she really wanted glasses so she was trying to fool him into thinking she needed them.
That's my 11yo!!!
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We were just at the eye doctor today. My oldest had his first vision screen last year at the age of 3 and was found to be farsighted. They just show pictures (bird, cake, horse, hand etc). My doc uses the big lens thing but my kids think it is the coolest thing ever. I'm thinking the bribing with money thing doesn't sound too bad though, I've wondered if my DS gives wrong answers so he can have glasses.

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My daughter just failed her preschool eye exam, so we have to take her to see a pediatric opthamologist. We're going in a couple weeks, but they said the appointment usually takes 2 hours. I just can't imagine a 2 hour eye exam, let alone for a 3.5 year old!

Anyways, the letter from the county had a box checked that said "2 line difference." I'm not so sure what that means... Maybe a lazy eye or something. I just wish I knew more before they prescribe something drastic...

It's just frustrating, especially since we finally got past the ear infection/hearing thing. We expected her to fail her hearing test and were suprised that she passed. Now vision too?!?!
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I'm glad ya'll are taking your kid's vision seriously.

Ever since I was in grade 4 I kept telling my mom I needed glasses I couldn't see the board....*luckily I'm an Audio Learner and not a visual!* She took me to the optometrist but they said it was just an astygmatism that I'd grow out of. HAH

Here I am going on almost 20 years later, glasses on my face, blind as a bat without them. She finally listened to me in grade 9 *thank goodness for the military they even keep the insurance for their retireees..*

But I plan on getting DD's eyes examined before she goes into kindergarten. I dont want any visual impairment interfereing with her learning.
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They can do eye exams on teensy weensy brand-new babies, who are definatley not reading and often preverbal. My sister got her first pair of glasses when she was 7 months old; when she crawled, she would crawl into walls; she obviously had vision problems before that, but mom couldn't get the pediatrician to write her a referral to an opthamologist before she started getting bruises on her head from running into things. The opthamologist looked at my sister and said, "Why on Earth did you wait so long to bring her in?!"

I'm pretty sure that both of my kids have excellent vision, but if either of them showed the slightest inclination toward trouble, I'd find a way to get them to an opthamologist asap. Mike and I are freaks in our families for not needing glasses.

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