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sylvi76's Avatar sylvi76 12:50 PM 12-19-2005
I have several friends who have bought houses in the last 2 months, and need to get/send housewarming gifts to them. Any suggestions? Price range is around 30-40 per gift.


KaraBoo's Avatar KaraBoo 01:13 PM 12-19-2005
Plants, welcome rug for front door, pretty vase with flowers, basket of baked goodies, wine glasses and bottle of wine (if they drink, if not, maybe tea/coffee with mugs?, picture frames...all depends on how well you know them and how well you know their house style...
midstreammama's Avatar midstreammama 01:22 PM 12-19-2005
Natural candles, I think they smell wonderful!

Or how about a basket of natural cleaning products?
mrzmeg's Avatar mrzmeg 01:28 PM 12-19-2005
A birdfeeder is always nice.

And with our first house, the nicest/most useful gift was a very comprehensive do it yourself home repair/home improvement book.
Naughty Dingo's Avatar Naughty Dingo 01:53 PM 12-19-2005
WE usually get nice windchimes for the porch. Also candles and nice soaps. I got a christmas present from a friend the other day which was awesome. She had made an all natural environment friendly sink scrub, and gave it to me with a knitted scrubber. She also gave me a little laminated set of recipes to make my own house cleaning solutions. Very cool.
QueeTheBean's Avatar QueeTheBean 03:16 PM 12-19-2005
I like the idea of cloth napkins and/or tablecloths.
afishwithabike's Avatar afishwithabike 03:17 PM 12-19-2005
A hanging basket with frequently used herbs. ie parsley, rosemary. They smell good and many people enjoy the flavor of fresh herbs.
spring2's Avatar spring2 03:29 PM 12-19-2005
Glass Pitchers. There are a lot of interesting ones that are not too expensive.
Autumn Breeze's Avatar Autumn Breeze 04:19 PM 12-19-2005
I usually give candles. With our friends we last gave a pretty "plate" w/ 3 candles of differing heights.
kamilla626's Avatar kamilla626 04:29 PM 12-19-2005
For those close friends who've bought houses that are "fixer-uppers", or if they've specifically said that the need to repaint or retile, a Do-it-Yourself home improvement book and a G.C. to Home Depot might be cool.

That's what a couple people did for us when we bought our house, and we loved it!

I also like the idea of a basket with natural cleaning products.

I'm all about practical. The other thing I was going to suggest (for people you know well that would appreciate it) would be a couple nice frames, plus one of those picture hanging kits that includes all the wire, tacks and hooks, and a new little hammer.
Autumn Breeze's Avatar Autumn Breeze 04:34 PM 12-19-2005
Oh yeah! We LOVED our gift cards to HD/ Lowes