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SpiralChrissy's Avatar SpiralChrissy 09:11 PM 01-02-2006
O.k. Mamas! I'm coming to you for your wisdom. My husband and I are do tired of the ratrace. We don't want to be a part of this work for commercialism thing. We really just want to simplify our lives. We live in Ohio in a semi-spendy area and a Republican state. Can you help me find a cool place to live? Here's what we're looking for:





Warm, if possible

Anyone have an cities they'd like to recommend? Or towns? I could really use some input. Things need to change for us. I know need to move on but I'm not sure where or how.

Help me, oh wise ones

Doodlebugsmom's Avatar Doodlebugsmom 09:17 PM 01-02-2006
Lewisburg, WV is everything you described! Well, except for warm! Maybe slightly warmer would be Asheville, NC.
umefey's Avatar umefey 09:19 PM 01-02-2006
Eugene, OR. It's small but uber liberal. :]
Viola's Avatar Viola 09:26 PM 01-02-2006
I'd also look for someplace where water scarcity wasn't an issue. I have found utilities to be much higher out west than they were back east, especially water. I'm not sure what it's like in WA and OR, though. Might be better there.

And then air quality, pollution are huge. There is that Places Rated Almanac and sites on the web where you can take a quiz. here is one: http://www.cityrating.com/

I've done those before and gotten Wheeling, WV and Charlottesville, VA as my top picks.
art4babies's Avatar art4babies 09:42 PM 01-02-2006

People are nice. They do talk to you in public, though, so if you are not used to it...

Lots of different areas.

Electricity inexpensive.

Good neighborhoods. Low crime. I feel safer there than anywhere.

shannon0218's Avatar shannon0218 09:52 PM 01-02-2006
Canada is nice--but you have to move to Victoria for warmth.
Natsuki's Avatar Natsuki 09:55 PM 01-02-2006
The northwest area (Eugene or Portland in Oregon, the Seattle area).

Asheville, NC is another place i hear lots of positive things about.
velochic's Avatar velochic 09:55 PM 01-02-2006
Northern Italy. Or Malta.
Jilian's Avatar Jilian 10:01 PM 01-02-2006
I can tell you where not to move. Don't move to SW FL. Unless you own your own business. Jobs don't pay much here ($10 ish per hour) and the price of houses is starting to soar ($250 for something decent). I moved here from Boston over a year ago.

South of Boston was a great place to live, but again the price of buying a house is a little ridiculous ($300 or so for something average). I miss Boston.
boysrus's Avatar boysrus 10:13 PM 01-02-2006
Olympia, WA. Everything except the affordable part. ALthough affordable is relative, and it is still one of the most affordable towns on the west coast
Suzannah's Avatar Suzannah 10:35 PM 01-02-2006
Argh. Someone had to suggest Seattle.

Lived there for five years. ADORED it. It is, however, way too freaking expensive and it, I think, becoming more conservative and Republican as the years go on. Finding a decent house for anything approaching a reasonable price is nearly impossible (think 350K for a 2BR/1BA 1,000 sq. feet. Seriously.)

There is a cool quiz on www.findyourspot.com. It's fun anyway...
SpiralChrissy's Avatar SpiralChrissy 12:09 AM 01-03-2006
Thanks! Y'all are getting me thinking. I did take the Find Your Spot quiz. That was fun I'm getting ideas but I'm open to more ladies!
Verity's Avatar Verity 12:35 AM 01-03-2006
I am completely envious that you CAN move. We are stuck in a backward, red state until we can retire.

I know you'll find somewhere wonderful!!!
SpiralChrissy's Avatar SpiralChrissy 11:34 AM 01-03-2006
Well, who knows if we'll actually do it. We've been WANTING to move for years and years. But, I'm hopeful that 2006 is what we've been waiting for and the time is now. I do feel like we need a change of venue to shake the dust off our lives and renew.
I'll be doing lots of research today on what y'all have already given me!
lotus.blossom's Avatar lotus.blossom 12:27 PM 01-03-2006
How about Portland, Maine? Liberal SAFE and Fun! Houseing is getting expensive in the "city" but the outside areas are very beautiful and lots of land to build. However Warm is not a term I'd use for the northeast!
CrazyCatLady's Avatar CrazyCatLady 12:38 PM 01-03-2006
People around here (MDC) love Olympia, WA and Eugene, OR. I know why now that I live here, but make sure that you know (for sure) the job situation in you or your husbands field before moving here. Otherwise it's not a very affordable place to be sometimes.
SpiralChrissy's Avatar SpiralChrissy 01:09 PM 01-03-2006
Portland Maine...BURRR!!!!!!!! I know Maine is beautiful. It's just too cold for me. Ohio is cold enough
FoxintheSnow's Avatar FoxintheSnow 01:50 PM 01-03-2006
check out www.findyourspot.com It's a quiz that tells you where to live
MPJJJ's Avatar MPJJJ 03:50 PM 01-03-2006
I second Asheville, NC. DH and I have driven through there and stopped in Black Mountain, it is beeee-autiful there! We will be moving to Asheville either this summer or next.
FoxintheSnow's Avatar FoxintheSnow 04:09 PM 01-03-2006
Oh yeah I also wanted to recommend Asheville. We went there on vacation last august and loved it. We weren't too crazy about the Grove Park Inn that my mil made us visit, but otherwise downtown asheville is really cool. We would consider moving there someday but Im not sure about the job opportunities...
jazzpurr88's Avatar jazzpurr88 04:42 PM 01-03-2006
Ha! I did the find your spot quiz and it told me Portland, OR as #1 and Reno, NV as #2.... I live in Reno. Honolulu, HI was #3 and Sacramento CA was #4... I was born in Sacramento.
Boadicea's Avatar Boadicea 05:08 PM 01-03-2006
Originally Posted by jazzpurr88
Ha! I did the find your spot quiz and it told me Portland, OR as #1 and Reno, NV as #2.... I live in Reno. Honolulu, HI was #3 and Sacramento CA was #4... I was born in Sacramento.
Yeah, Honolulu was number two on my list, which just pissed me off as I sit here reading about it in friggin' North Dakota!