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Still_Snarky's Avatar Still_Snarky 05:15 PM 02-10-2006
Yes, we would donate our children's organs. DH & I are both donors, although because I've had chemo and radiation I can only donate myself to science.

MacKinnon's Avatar MacKinnon 12:19 AM 03-10-2006
What a thread! My sig line will clearly tell you where I stand on this issue! I donated my left kidney via laproscopic nephronectomy to my Dad on Feb. 15. My Dad had a kidney disease of unkown origin and had no options other than dialysis or transplant. He is 52, three kids and a grandchild. I am 27, I have a two year old daughter and we will be TTC ASAP. I had a rough time in the hospital, I was just back in for 27 hours with severe non-specific pain. I am still on pain meds. I WOULD DONATE AGAIN IN A HEARTBEAT! My Dad is ALIVE because of my decision. I feel very lucky to have been able to donate and save his life.

I just finished reading through the whole 10 pages. I am having difficulty replying to this thread. Shalumite had done an amazing job being sensitive and informative without being the least bit offended by many statements that I find very offensive. And to say that this thread isn't about her is just ridiculous! Who is it about? There are many uninformed people posting- should Shalumite sit back and let people be un/misinformed? And as she asked-- do you do that with people who are un/misinformed about breastfeeding/circ/etc.? I greatly respect the manner in which she has provided information. And as far as quality of life goes? My Dad is doing better than I am at this point. He has a long life ahead of him. Should he have DIED at 50?? Because organ donation is "wrong?" Is he a different person now? Not really, but yes in some ways. It sure changes your view on life when YOUR own life depends on the death of someone else, the generosity of a grieving family or the kidney of one of your children. I knew very little about organ donation before this happened. I THOUGHT I knew a fair amount, I THOUGHT I was educated, but as is often the case, circumstances proved me very wrong.

The answer to the OP is obvious- yes I would donate my child's organs, yes my husband and I will donate as well. Everyone in my family is a registered donor. Those of us who weren't before are now. I think that some opinions might be hard to hold onto when someone you love has to choose to DIE or get an organ. I know someone whose 7 yr old son recieved a heart transplant-- at Christmas they recieved a letter from the donor's family. It is a very hard, very bittersweet decision to make. I pray that I never have to go throuugh this and feel so for those of you that have. But to donate can save the lives of so many people- one persons body can provide organs for many people and save their lives.

Just to be clear, I do agree that this is a personal decision and not one to be judged for making. But some of the opinions being expressed are offensive in nature, and being worded very harshly in light of the fact that there are people here who have been very impacted by transplants and donation. And I will not fail to point out that majority of posters have said that they WOULD donate! Good for you!
And GREAT job Shalumite! How wonderful that your sister was a perfect match! Good luck with TTC!
Shulammite's Avatar Shulammite 11:58 AM 03-10-2006
Thank you, Carrie! Good for you, too! You and your Dad have been in my thoughts since we "met" the other day. I hope all continues to go well for you both.
Alkenny's Avatar Alkenny 02:07 PM 03-10-2006
This post caught my eye, after watching Miracle Workers the other night we asked our older two their opinion and they both want to be donors (I am, DH is not).
JamesMama's Avatar JamesMama 02:17 PM 03-10-2006
I have 2 cousins whos lives were saved/extended because some family choose to donate their childrens organs.

I would without hesitation.

I'm registered on the Iowa Organ Donor Registry, they get everything usable.
Ellien C's Avatar Ellien C 03:28 PM 03-10-2006
Originally Posted by Unoppressed MAMA Q
um, i don't experience PMS, my menses mark a time of joy and peace in my life... must a woman be experiencing PMS to feel miffed or have an opinion that isn't sugar-coated? geez... :
i don't know if that was supposed to be funny or what, but consider that comments like that promote misogyny. it oversimplifies a person's emotions and adds fear and loathing to the concept of the menstrual cycle, something already vastly maligned. these things are what i heard all through middle school, usually from jockish boys whose parents had hidden the truth about women's bodies from them. and then they'd snap your bra...
ooo-o-o-o- - Yeah! My kinda woman. You go girl! "Her Blood is Gold," baby.

Did I post before the thread got locked?

I'd donate. Thanks for everyone's perspectives. I enjoyed reading it, (mostly).
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