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quietplease's Avatar quietplease 05:58 PM 08-07-2006
We just got a stainless steel fridge last year, because we are planning to sell soon and a "stainless kitchen" is a selling point here. I personally hate the fact that the fingerprints show so much, and I won't buy it again. I don't need one more thing to clean! I have enough, thank you!

tracyhos's Avatar tracyhos 06:12 PM 08-07-2006
I wouldn't get a side by side. We had one, (it was free!), so the price was right. But I'd never go and buy one. It's hard to fit anything in the freezer. And if your DH is like mine, and can only make himself a frozen pizza when you're not home.... well good luck fitting it in the freezer.

I'm getting side-tracked. We got a new fridge last fall. It's a KitchenAid. Freezer on top. Has an ice maker and a filtered water dispenser inside the fridge. Doesn't really have any other "super" features, but I'm pleased with it.

Here is a link to it: http://www.epinions.com/pr-KitchenAi...EM_Top_Freezer
J-Max's Avatar J-Max 06:19 PM 08-07-2006
We have a GE profile Artica stainless steel side-by-side, and I LOVE it. We bought it 3 years ago and got a good deal on it because it was the last of that model year and the only one they had. It is huge and has ice and water in the door, and a defrost/super cooler drawer. It is the first fridge we have bought and we defiantly chose well
faithhopelove's Avatar faithhopelove 06:22 PM 08-07-2006
My dh hates that I got us a stainless steel one because it's not magnetic. Me... I am thrilled lol. I am sick of crap all over my fridge.
Jenifer76's Avatar Jenifer76 06:27 PM 08-07-2006
Not magnetic? Mine is magnetic.
faithhopelove's Avatar faithhopelove 06:28 PM 08-07-2006
Originally Posted by Jenifer76
Not magnetic? Mine is magnetic.
Not all of them are. I actually didn't realize mine wasn't until I asked after I bought it. I just remembered it being talked about on another board and thought to ask then.
faithhopelove's Avatar faithhopelove 06:29 PM 08-07-2006
SagMom's Avatar SagMom 06:31 PM 08-07-2006
WE have an Amana freezer on the bottom fridge. The freezer has a full-width drawer on the bottom and a shelf above it, as well as the rack in the door. I LOVE the space, HOWEVER we've had a problem with the door seals--we've had to replace that magnetic strip twice in the 5 years we've owned the thing, and they're NOT cheap!

I'm looking forward to the bottom freezer because I am in the freezer a lot less than the fridge so I'd rather bend down to look in there than bend down to look in crisper drawers.
me too.
7kiddosmom's Avatar 7kiddosmom 06:34 PM 08-07-2006
We just bought this one http://www.maytag.com/mths/products/...seBVCookie=Yes

I like it that there are wide shelves in both the fridge and the freezer and crushed and cubed ice in the door. We have never had an ice maker so we are LOVING that feature.

I like side by sides and have no complaints so far.
lauraess's Avatar lauraess 06:54 PM 08-07-2006
Originally Posted by faithhopelove
My dh hates that I got us a stainless steel one because it's not magnetic. Me... I am thrilled lol. I am sick of crap all over my fridge.
OOO??? I didnt realize that! I dont like all the stuff on my fridge but it IS another place to put stuff. I just dont have a lot of space. we live on one floor and rent the other.
I like stainless steel so we'll have to check on that

Now: Here i am measuring and realizing the width we have to work with is just under the usual width for all the side/side's but found some that are freezer on the bottom that are narrower and will fit. so, maybe i will have to accept that option afterall and since so many of you llove those i think i could get used to it!
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 11:40 AM 08-08-2006
Oops, missed this. Please continue in Mindful Home Management.
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