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I am supposedly related to Stonewall Jackson, and my grandfather was the head of the team that invented MSG.
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One of my great greats was the father of the American Industrial Revolution, but at least his wife was known for being the first American woman to hold a US patent (she invented bitchin' thread).
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Chaucer - author of Canturbury Tails, lncrease Mather who wrote a famous hymnal in colonial times -or maybe it was his bro - don't remember. Also Ben Franklin. Oh, and one of my relatives was hung as a wich in medieveal times.

My fave tho is the Dixon family who were the Lincolns (as in good ole Abe) best friends. Mrs Dixon was with Mrs Lincoln the entire night after the assasination before he died. And she is pictured in a famous painting of Lincoln's deathbed. My grandfather had the original postcard sending for Mrs Dixon from Mrs Lincoln on that night and also a letter describing in detail the entire night. He sold them to collector's tho - but we have copies.
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Originally Posted by Alison View Post

Became king in the 11th century, so that would be a while ago! His wife became St. Margaret (http://www.rampantscotland.com/famou...mmargaret.htm). Links to the history of the town I come from in Scotland. I know she's buried in the Abbey there, which is where Robert the Bruce's body is buried (his heart got buried somewhere else, but they have a bronze cast of his skull on display there!).
You were right! I found the massive PDF geneaology file on the computer and found Malcolm Canmore, aka Malcolm III, Bighead. Born 1031 in Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland. Died November 13, 1093 in Northumberland, England, married to Margaret.
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