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are raising! And a hug!

I just read http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=513162 and maybe because I'm preggy and hormonal, I just really feel like bawling. I just can't believe people can be that insensitive.

Please tell me your gentle, wonderful, compassionate kiddy stories, so I'll be able to dwell on the great men and women my children will have to be around when they grow up, instead of on all the inhumane behavior I keep seeing in the news.

Thank you.
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My 11yo son is working with his soccer teammates and their parents to fight the league's new rule banning girls from the team. I admit, I thought he'd resist when I said we couldn't participate if the rule stayed, but he was right on board
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He sounds wonderful : thanks!
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Me (reading a book to dd and ds): See the bird nesting in the tree.
DD turns the book so ds can see. (Aaw. Toddler sharing!)
DD: Mama, treat!
Me: Oh no, sweetie, I said "tree." See the tree?
DD: No, mama, TREAT.
DH (from the table where he's making dinner): I think she's saying "Yeah, yeah, nice tree, where's my treat?" *lol* Q, want a treat?
DD: Yeah!
DH: Here's some carrot.
Me: Is that a good treat, Q?
DD: YEAH! *bounce*

That's just so cool. . . .
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A conversation with dd last spring...

Listening to NPR on the radio, and someone mentioned Katrina...

DD: That man's talking about Katrina from Oswald? (kid's show)

Me: No, I think he's talking about a different Katrina. There was a big storm called Katrina that happened far away from us. There was so much rain and so much wind that some people's houses got broken, their cars got washed away by all the water... everything got covered with mud and water. Some people are still trying to find a new home.

DD: They can come to our house! We can make a fort in the kitchen and have a sleepover!!
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How about a sweet one and a funny one.

This morning, I was rushing around getting the kids ready to go out the door. My DS said to me: "Mommy I just want a hug." Sweet kids. Sometimes we need reminders to slow down and just enjoy each other.

And funny ... I was talking with a friend about an upcoming trip to Paris. My DS is obsessed with exit numbers on the interstate (he has most that he has seen memorized). So he says to me: "What exit number is Paris?"

Jen, Mom to DS (8) , DD (5) & Alli
(1-04) (8-09)
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Poor dh was having a rotten allergy evening and asked if he could just go to bed and let me do the nighttime routine with dd and bring her to bed with me when i came. I said "sure!". She had a late nap and there was no way she would have laid down and gone to sleep anyway.

So, we're in the living room, dh had gone to bed. Dd goes down the hallway, into the bedroom and whispers "Daddy, can you turn the light on?" He says "No honey, I'm sleeping." Dd said "But Daddy, I can't see your beautiful face."

She recently turned 4.

She says many times I day, totally unprompted and seemingly completely out of context: "I love you", "You're so sweet", "You're so helpful". It's awesome!

"To err is human, to forgive, canine." - Unknown
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grow their hair out long and get it cut for locks of love.
and then start all over again
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I took DD, 3, to a routine OB appointment so she could hear the baby's heartbeat. She was entranced, and really enjoyed it. When we were getting in the car, I leaned over her to belt her into the car seat. She reached up, kissed me on the cheek, and said "Mama, you were very brave!"

We were talking about how when it's time for the baby to come, she's going to stay with some friends while Mama and Daddy go to have the baby. She said "I could come with you and hold your hand and say 'good job' like at gym!" (I'd explained that Mama would have to do some hard exercises to help the baby be born.)

I've been sick as a dog this pregnancy, and she will often tell DH "I will take care of Mama" when he goes to work, or curl up on the couch with me and stroke my cheek and say "It'll be OK, Mama, I'll take care of you."

Hope that helps!

Mama to DD : (7/23/03) & DS : (10/27/06) married to DH 7/20/01
and yet 90% more mainstream than the rest of MDC
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the baby is afraid of the vaccum cleaner, and cries when i use it, but he also wants to "Save me from it", he will crawl to me and then crawl away, and then to me.. he doesn't know to protect himself or me.

my 5 yr old usually will come to "his rescue" and pick him up and escort him away from the "bad vaccum".

that's all comming to mind now, but I think i have millions of stories of how sweet they are...to each other , to me and my husband.

my 5 yr old is extra sensitive and he will always try to make me feel better when i am down.
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AAAAAWWWWW... I am pregnant and now I'm tearing up these are so sweet! I love this thread!
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My 1yo will come up to me and give me kisses all day long. He also has a silly blue puffball thing we call Lovepuff. He cuddles with it, rolls on it, and brings it to Mama when she is sad Paddy also *gently* plays with Mama's hair when she's holding him in the sling He's just a very affectionate little boy. Oh yes and he tries to give his baby brother a bottle every day
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Blake's first word was "hug", and he gave them all day long. Now, he is gentle and kind to his baby brother. He likes to help and when we say "time to pick up!" he starts putting things where they go.
He also LOVES to go get bites of fruit to feed to mom and dad.

Oh - and he like to nurse his toys - not just the baby doll, but the tiger, the giraffe, the dog, and also some of the cars.
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My 15 yo son.........

Will not leave my presence without giving me a hug and a kiss, even when in full view of his full-of-testosterone buddies.

After a soccer game, all the parents and kids decided to go out for breakfast. I was alone with him at the game, while dh stayed home with the littles. He tried to insist on sitting with me, even though all of his buddies were at a table without parents. He didn't want me to be alone, but he would have been the only player at our table.

Crap, now I have to go tell him I love him!

Megan- mama to 3, midwifery student , doula, , runner , knitter .
Violet Lane Birth Services Doula care and placenta encapsulation serving Seattle to Mount Vernon
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When my youngest dd was 9 we were running to the house and the dog was covered in something( paint , mud, I don't really remember) and I yelled at "Rags" My dd put he arms aroung the dog and said, " Mama, when you yell only her ears can hear you, when you speak softly you can talk to her heart." Out of the mouth of babes...

Today I watched my oldest dd nursing her own dd, ahhh, the cirlce is complete.

When my oldest dd was hit by a car, my son, in his feshman year in college stayed by his sister's bedside and said in tears, "You have to be Ok, you were my first best-friend"

While washing dishes with me my second dd just stopped and looked at me and said, thank you for not letting me die( she has been struggling with an eating disorder)
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Awww... .now I'm teary all over again! Thanks! I needed that!
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What great stories!

DS asked me in the car the other day why I don't like WalMart. I explained that they don't treat their emplyees well and that their products are made in countries where the people are poor and don't get paid much, while WalMart makes millions of dollars. He said, "We could just find those people who make the stuff and pay them more ourselves!"

He got a Lego police station for his b-day and he wanted to know why there were big spotlights on it. I told him they were to look for the bad guys if they escaped. So he aimed them at me and said they were looking at the most beautiful mommy.

We were at Office Depot where they were collecting school supplies for needy children. The collection box had pics of random kids all over it. After I explained what it was for, DS said, "But they are happy, right? They look like they are. Are they happy?" He wouldn't stop until I said that, yes, I thought they were happy for the most part. "Good. I thought they were happy," he said.

When people ask how I am feeling (I am pg after IVF), he always has to tell them how big the baby is this week. He wants a sister so it "will be fair" with two boys and two girls in our family. He's really excited.
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Overheard from another room this week: teen ds telling preteen dd, "I love you, (name.)"

This same teen ds has donated his own money to food banks.

Take the time to heal from your marriage before you move on with someone else. Make a list of all the qualities you would like in a new partner and then work on growing that way yourself. ~mandib50
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My son's first words were "I love you". (Sounded more like "I wuh ooh.")

My son is very gentle and sweet. If another toddler wants the toy he's playing with, he will give it to them because he likes to share. I didn't teach him that, that's just who he is. We went to a birthday party recently and they had a pirate-shaped pinata. He didn't want to hit it! He likes to kiss my pregnant belly and say "baby OUT!" He also shares his stickers and toys with the baby in the belly. He likes to give mommy and daddy "massages". He is always full of hugs and kisses. My son is going to grow up to be a compassionate man and a strong force for good . . .

♥ blogger astrologer mom to three cool kiddos, and trying to figure out this divorce thing-- Blossom and Glow ♥

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My DS is trying his darndest to get up and stand on his own.. And every time he does it for just a moment, he gives me the biggest, most proud grin. And I return that exact same smile.
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Dd (8yrs)found a doll that someone gave her when she was 1yo (someone gave us 2 of these dolls and about 4 baby versions of this brand)- the doll is very 'little girl' from a french co. called Corelle - I suppose it's the size and look of the American Girl dolls, but I don't really know because we don't have one. The doll is blonde with very beautiful clothes, sort of victorian little girl clothes and DD LOVES her.

N.E.-way.....Her best friend (7yrs) came over after school for a play date - I told her that there was another doll in the garage just like that one except with brunette hair. So, we found it.

DD said she wanted to give one of them to her BF - I told her that it was entirely up to her. She and her BF spent the next hour discussing the idea.

Heres the thing that impressed me. These girls were so compassionate, and caring and careful not to hurt each others feelings. DD & BF were saying things like - "No matter which doll we decide to keep - they are both beautiful and we are lucky to have them." and "I don't want you to worry that I'm going to take a doll if you don't really want me to, you just found these dolls in your own garage - if you're not ready to give one away, I totally understand." and "You are my best friend and I think it would be like we each have a doll version of the other at home to play with when we want.".....

It went on and on - no hurt feelings, no greed, no jealousy. Both are partial to the brunette doll - both were honest about that - but there was no fighting over it.

For now they decided that they would switch dolls at each play date and the task at this time is to pick a name and on the next playdate they will discuss if they like the name the other picked.

Thank you Attachment Parenting! I love watching this in action!!! I literally was standing outside the dining room while they were playing (listening in ) and weeping little tears of joy.: :
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You know, I hear all these horror stories about kids today, etc. but I really haven't seen that in my kids crowds.


I went as a chaperone to NYC with my daughter's choir. I was big and pregnant and not feeling well at all (when I signed up to do it, I wasn't pregnant). Those kids were great all weekend. They were always making sure I had a seat or a drink or whatever. They were well behaved and polite to the chaperones and to other strangers. Really, the most annoying behavior was normal teen behavior like giggling, being too loud, etc. I was so impressed and I can honestly say I had a good time with these kids.

On the last night, we took a cruise and there was dancing. I did some funny moves with my pregnant belly and they all thought that was funny (except my daughter!) and they made sure I had a warm, safe spot to sit during the entire cruise (we were short on chairs!)

So anyway, I think the bad things get so much overpress, but I just don't see it. I see kids that are, in general, kind, compassionate, volunteering,etc. And these aren't just homeschooled kids, I'm talking about public school kids too!
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My dd started to cry after she headbutted me last night, does that count?

BTW, she wasn't hurt, but I SURE WAS!!
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my 11 year old is asking for donations to the SPCA instead of birthday gifts this year!

when my 10 year old son was about 4 he told me was going to save the world by inventing a love machine when he was a growd up. he used to also gather plants when we were outside- when i asked why he told me they were medicine and he would cure cancer.

the same little boy asked me to stop telling people he was a boy when they called him a girl in error because "there is nothing wrong with girls.." heh

it might sounds little but i was proud when we were walking down the stairs on the ferry the other day a teengaed girl was walking up past us.. a few steps up she stumbled and my daughter went back up to ask her if she was okay and help her up...when most teenaged girls will not even look at each other.
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My dd told me, "Mommy, I want to have 8 babies when I am older, and be a good mommy just like you."

Ds is so gentle with his little stuffed cat. He hugs it, pets it, "feeds" it, and rocks it. We always tell him he is practicing to be a good daddy.
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i love this thread!

a couple of days ago i found my very boisterous 3 year old sat quietly nextto his baby sister who was starting to get upset in her room. he was handing her a toys and saying in a really gentle voice, 'its ok im here dont worry'
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My 5yo really clues into other's emotions. She can tell when others are sad and tries to do what she can to help them feel better. Now that we have the baby she says all kinds of wonderful things like "I will love you forever (to the baby)" "He loves you (us, me daddy) so much mommy" One of the first times I changed his dipe, he was crying and she ran to get the musical stuffed bunny that I had used to calm her down when she was a baby and hated dipe changes.
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We've been under a lot of stress lately (trying to get a business open) and I sort of lost it one day last week after learning that we might have been facing yet another delay --- I was laying in bed crying and both kids heard me and came running in (Ean is 4.5 and Zoe is almost 3). Ean asked me if he did something to hurt my feelings and when I told him no, he and Zoe just sunggled up on either side of me and patted me. They both kept saying "I know, I know -- it's OK to cry, we're here, we'll help you feel better". Their sweetness got me crying even harder (which totally confused the poor things!), but it was just such a beautiful moment and I was so moved by it!!
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