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celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 05:34 PM 12-21-2006
Originally Posted by RiverSky View Post
That's so heart-warming, it brought tears to my eyes!!!
: What an awesome doc, our chiro is really great too. Such a change from our previous mainstream docs.

WuWei's Avatar WuWei 06:47 PM 12-21-2006
I'd be making some fantastic homemade cookies to say thank you!!


ollineeba's Avatar ollineeba 07:05 PM 12-21-2006
That is so amazing What a wonderful person!
kristenok18's Avatar kristenok18 07:10 PM 12-21-2006
That brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful gift!
HoosierDiaperinMama's Avatar HoosierDiaperinMama 07:19 PM 12-21-2006
That is wonderful! I'm sure it made your day.
cyrusmama's Avatar cyrusmama 07:23 PM 12-21-2006
That is amazing!
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 07:24 PM 12-21-2006
: That is so beautiful!
Greensleeves's Avatar Greensleeves 07:26 PM 12-21-2006
This is a good man.
puddingpop's Avatar puddingpop 07:28 PM 12-21-2006
Aww, that's amazing.
bobica's Avatar bobica 07:30 PM 12-21-2006
that's a holiday blessing for sure!!
DreamsInDigital's Avatar DreamsInDigital 07:31 PM 12-21-2006
What a nice gift! I definitely think a handmade gift in return is in order.
LizaBear's Avatar LizaBear 07:36 PM 12-21-2006
Wow !! How generous.
redhotmama's Avatar redhotmama 07:49 PM 12-21-2006
Merry Christmas!
momof2tadpoles0104's Avatar momof2tadpoles0104 08:00 PM 12-21-2006
That is so nice! make sure your recomend him to every one you know!!
Mamatohaleybug's Avatar Mamatohaleybug 08:06 PM 12-21-2006
Wow!! That is amazing and very generous. What a blessing for your family!
Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder 08:25 PM 12-21-2006
How wonderful!
hottater's Avatar hottater 08:25 PM 12-21-2006
Wow, that is awesome!!
Jenivere's Avatar Jenivere 02:45 AM 12-22-2006
Awesome! That must be such a releif to you!

It reminds me of my Chiro telling me not to avoid coming in just because I was short of money. He's treated me through all three pregnancies and he knew how hard it was on my back and hips. He didn't want me to suffer. I love chiropractors.
northwoods1995's Avatar northwoods1995 03:42 AM 12-22-2006
WOW!! That seriously brought a tear to my eye!! What an awesome generous person!!
iamama's Avatar iamama 03:52 AM 12-22-2006
I am so glad I read this link...heart warming, tear welling.
annethcz's Avatar annethcz 03:58 AM 12-22-2006
Wow- I'm truly amazed. That's a very generous gift.
terrordactyl's Avatar terrordactyl 04:06 AM 12-22-2006
wow lucky mama. that awesome. cookies sound like a great idea
2 in August's Avatar 2 in August 12:16 PM 12-22-2006
What a wonderful present for you. It's great to have someone who cares so much more about you than the $$.
crazycandigirl's Avatar crazycandigirl 02:13 PM 12-22-2006
That is so wonderful! What a great gift!
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