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oregongirlie's Avatar oregongirlie 01:11 AM 12-28-2006
So, my waist is a size 20 and my hips are a size 8. Basically, they're almost the same masurement. Anyone know where to shop? What do you wear when your maternity jeans wear out? I can't live in sweats! Do I get a size 20 and have it altered? I bet that's expensive. Anyone else have this problem? What did you do?

mother culture's Avatar mother culture 01:18 AM 12-28-2006
I like to add side pannels to your old favorite jeans. Personally I do patchwork in vintage prints or a cool modern/retro print. I am available if you want to PM me. I know it can be rough and you have to have a pair of jeans! I live in Yoga pants and I love the style that folds over!
bendmom's Avatar bendmom 01:21 AM 12-28-2006
I love fold over yoga pants, they fit over anything, and black is always flattering.
oldgirl,newtricks's Avatar oldgirl,newtricks 01:28 AM 12-28-2006
I've been wearing these leggings for the past several years.

I'm not large in the hips or legs, but need the room in the waist, so the smallest size works very well. They aren't tight on my legs like in the pictures, but fit me like looser jeans.
pookel's Avatar pookel 01:31 AM 12-28-2006
I buy new maternity jeans. So what if you're not pregnant? Wear what fits!
eleven's Avatar eleven 01:38 AM 12-28-2006
I'll third fold over yoga pants.

The patchwork jeans sound gorgeous, too.