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celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 10:37 PM 03-23-2007
CAT POOP! WTH!? I am so incredibly grossed out right now! The sink was spraying water underneath into the cabinet, my daughter fed an entire package of fish food to the fish and then I looked over and saw my almost 1year old crawling around with something in his mouth. The floors are pretty darn clean but figured he had found a stray Cheerio or something....NOPE!

So, does anyone know if I need to call the ped or anything? It looked like he had had it in his mouth enough to let it 'melt' (OMG! ) so he probably swallowed some actual poop and maybe a few pieces of our corn-cob based clumping litter too. I wiped his mouth out with a washcloth that had Listerine in it, brushed his teeth and made him drink some water. YUCK! I had *just* scooped the cat box this afternoon and swept the floor in that room. Of course the moment a bunch of other things go wrong (the sink leaking, dd probably killing all our fish) he decides to eat CAT TURDS!? :Puke

celestialdreamer's Avatar celestialdreamer 10:43 PM 03-23-2007
bump :

TAO is moving really fast!
VWChick's Avatar VWChick 11:05 PM 03-23-2007
OH MY! I have no idea what you should do (I would probably call poison control just in case). But, I wanted to bump this up for you again.
2Sweeties1Angel's Avatar 2Sweeties1Angel 11:21 PM 03-23-2007

I thought my kids were the only who did disgusting things like that. He'll probably be fine, unless your cat has worms or something.
Steady101's Avatar Steady101 01:15 AM 03-24-2007
How disgusting. What does the litter say on the package about ingestion?
Ape94's Avatar Ape94 02:08 AM 03-24-2007
I am only laughing because this happend to me about a month ago, so it's nice to know I am not alone! I have no idea where my DS got the poop, because he wasn't anywhere near the litter box, but he found some anyway. Since my cats never go outside and had seen the vet in the past year, I just hosed him down, scrubbed his mouth as best I could and kept an eye on him. He was fine. And I am sure your litte guy will be also.
Mama Dragon's Avatar Mama Dragon 02:10 AM 03-24-2007
If he wasn't immune to toxoplasmosis, he will be soon Man I love kids!
Dimples_2005's Avatar Dimples_2005 06:40 PM 03-24-2007
I feel your pain . . . this morning, my boy proudly handed my husband a handful of cat turds. We have a maine coon that sometimes gets a few danglers stuck in her fur and I guess my boy found them before I did. My boy was so pleased with himself too, like he was handing over the keys to a Ferrari.

Thank goodness my cats have both tested negative for toxoplasmosis.
*daciaperfect*'s Avatar *daciaperfect* 06:43 PM 03-24-2007
ewwwwwwwww! what a day it has been for you! but that really tops it all.
wasswifey's Avatar wasswifey 06:45 PM 03-24-2007
I think you should call the ped just to be safe. Poop has some pretty bad bacteria in it.
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 06:53 PM 03-24-2007
Dh says that poison control should have been called immediately.

I hope that the OP has gotten her child treatment.
muckemom's Avatar muckemom 06:54 PM 03-24-2007
WHAT is with kiddos, huh?

Me: "darling, would you like some of this organic quinoa and freshly steamed vegetables that I so painstakingly prepared for your tiny sensative gut?"

DS: ::muching on cat food::

Gag, kids are cute, kids are sweet.... but kids are also gross.
A&A's Avatar A&A 10:07 PM 03-24-2007
Reason #517 I do not own a cat.