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RBinTEX's Avatar RBinTEX 11:39 AM 05-04-2007
I'm a Houstonian. We have mild winters, glorious 75 degree springs and falls, and hot, hot, burning hot summers. We have a big Muslim population and a very low cost of living. The traffic is terrible and public transportation is a joke. It's not the prettiest city by any stretch of the imagination, but the people are friendly. Galveston beach is right down the road. You've also got Clear Lake and Lake Conroe for sailing. This place is huge, and each area has a different personality. You'd have to investigate the areas you are interested in to see if the neighborhood would be a good fit for you. Half of the restaurants here serve Mexican food (only a slight exaggeration).

Austin is gorgeous, and a boater's paradise. They're much more hip than we are. I think it's a bit more expensive to live there. I don't know about the Muslim or Turkish population. The weather is about the same as Houston.

Emmeline II's Avatar Emmeline II 11:53 AM 05-04-2007
Originally Posted by Turkish Kate View Post
Thanks for the suggestions, I was beginning to think we weren't going to have a response.

I would love Houston, and we actually considered moving there before Katrina hit and turned it into a refugee center. What's it like now?
I live in the second largest Texas refugee center (San Antonio), and the largest impact seems to be on our cuisine . I'm sure there is more, but not big enough to make the news in a negative way.
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