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I thought ours was huge until we started going shopping with it. Then I realized ... it's not huge compared to a shopping cart! That was the main appeal for us; we could take it to the mall, walk around, shop at different stores, and not ever have to worry about carrying anything (except occasionally the baby, when he wanted out). It's a lot easier than trying to push a little stroller while carrying a diaper bag, purse, and bags of purchases.
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I don't think there is an option of over all size when you go to double and triple strollers. I have a double stroller, one behind the other. It isn't huge IMO. It's well a standard Graco double stroller, same width as my first Graco single stroller which I don't use anymore. I bought it used for $36. The toddler stands behind were just as big, if not bigger and more expensive even used.

I have a 2nd single stroller with an adjustable handle height that I like for walking b/c I'm tall and my feet hit the back of a regular stroller. It seems a smidge wider than my double. I don't use umbrella strollers b/c I'm so tall.

I don't go shopping much b/c of taking all the kids and b/c I can not fit down most isles in a department store with my stroller. Sorry, if I can't get to the clothes for kids in a standard stroller, you're not getting my business. Besides there are so many great deals on free cycle anyway and I like to sew for my dd. I can't even walk down the clothing isles without my body touch clothes on each side, it's rediculous how jam packed these stores are and nothing worth buying anyway by the time I find what I'm looking for -- I hate shoping.

I'm probably out of the loop on strollers, just as I am on carseats b/c I don't get out much How big have they gotten that strollers are in the way at a museum? I know jogging strollers are big, but I can't imagine someone using one for everyday use. As expensive as strollers are, maybe moms are buying 1 for multi-functions??? If I saw a stroller for the right price and I was in dire need, I probably would not even thing about the size other than if it fit in my vehicle.

When we've gone places with the kids, sometimes we use a wagon instead especially outdoor events, but generally the oldest walks, the next 2 ride in the double stroller, and the baby I carry on my back. It's a sight for sure. If I didn't have a stroller, we probably would not go to a museum, art show, out door craft show, or other events where the distances are just too much for our middle children to walk.

I also had 2 c/s and carrying my babes in the early stages of life was not medically recommended. Then my 4th baby at home ripped me up so baddly that I am still not advised by my GYN to lift my toddlers and baby is almost 6 months old! I get extremely sore if I wear him for too long. He didn't even want to approve me walking for fittness until 3 1/2 mo PP and then it was a reluctant okay.

I look fine, but I really can't be carrying babies for long. No one can see my damaged perineal muscle tissues. No one can see my c/s scar. Definitely do not judge the stroller moms, some of us are AP parents with some challenges. (okay that statement comes from the other thread, I haven't read any judgemental statements here, just wanted to make people aware that strollers are necessary for some women).
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I have a "stick" stroller with a canopy. We use it for everything, actually we have two of them (for when our two older girls were younger).

Perpetually breastfeeding or pregnant ENFP mom to a lot of kids...wife to a midwestern nice guy...living in tropical paradise...pink cats and homebirths rock!

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I'm not sure what your definition of big stoller is, we have a Peg Perego. I don't consider this stroller big at all. In fact it could be sturdier.

Umbrella strollers for the most part are pieces of sh*t. Every bump you hit they lock up. What a PIA.

I didn't sling my daughter much because of her back. So the stroller was the logical choice. I needed hands free to keep up with my toddler 9they are 23 months apart).

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Originally Posted by Mpenny1001 View Post
I have never noticed that people with larger strollers seem to be intentionally more rude than people with smaller or no strollers.

I have never been upset by the presence of strollers of any size at any place where I would expect a child to be. In fact, if it's someplace I'm bringing my kid, I would expect there to be lots of other kids and I will do my best to get into a kid-friendly state of mind before I get there.
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OK, I have one of the huge SUV strollers. I have a Bugaboo Cameleon. I love it. And I'm a woman who has a wrap stash. So, why such a big stroller?

1) It pushes like a dream and turns on a dime. NONE of the cheap strollers are nearly as manoeuvrable.
2) it has a full size carrycot (bassinet) which was fantastic when she was a newborn--it was January when she was born, cold and wet. The seat can face either front or back, which is nice.
3) It took me time to find a carrier that worked for me and to get the confidence to use it for longer trips. Even now, I still need the stroller if I'll be bringing back a lot of shopping (even if it's just to use as a shopping cart )
4) I don't drive. It's walk or bus (or DH driving us on weekends). Everyone in London takes their buggy on the bus (they don't have to be folded unless a wheelchair comes on). I can tell you from experience, anything bigger than an umbrella stroller (or semi-umbrella like the Maclaren Triumph) takes up about the same amount of room. The three-wheelers are actually the biggest because they stick out more in front.

Don't forget, the smallest thing you can use with a <6mos infant is a Maclaren Techno, and it's not really ideal (baby isn't enclosed, can't face mom which is best at that age).

I admit I did feel a little silly in New York, where you can't take the buggy on the bus so only really posh mums (I saw loads of them in Central Park) have Bugaboos and everyone else has Maclarens. In London it's not quite like that.

Anyway, with the amount of stroller pushing I do, I wanted something that was easy and could stand up to a lot. If i were doing it again, even with the wrap, I'd get it.

I WOULD like to avoid a double; it all depends on spacing I think.

Now, I have a friend with triplets, and her stroller really is huge. But I don't think she's got much choice!

DD 01/2007, DS 09/2011

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I have had a big stroller in the past. I often found it invaluable. It was sometimes the only workable way I could manage an outing with 3 young children, snacks, water, my purse and diaper change stuff, etc. I've never noticed anyone with large strollers being rude. So hmmmm, I dunno. At that stage of the game, life would have been a LOT harder with anything smaller. I did downsize to one umbrella-type stroller when I had only one rider, but then I missed the storage space for shopping and other stuff. I must admit, I now miss my stroller days, and the babies that rode in them!

However, I DO notice plenty of people with shopping carts being rude and oblivious. Why, oh, why do folks just park those things right in the middle of the aisle and not even care or notice that other people can't get by? Grrrrr!
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Originally Posted by mackysmama View Post
We have a sit and stand stroller, which is quite long but not very wide. I use it when we'll have a lot of walking to do - the zoo, festivals, family walks, etc. I have a 5 yo son and an almost 2 yo daughter. My son has fatigue problems so he gets tired if he has to walk for a while. My daughter is a fiesty little thing so tends to run in the opposite direction of where we're going. I often carry her in the sling, and she is usually slinged for short outings, but sometimes she gets heavy so she goes in the stroller if she can't walk without running away from us. Sometimes, the stroller is only holding my stuff, sometimes it is holding one kid and my stuff while the other kid walks, sometimes one kid is in a sling and one kid in the stroller, and sometimes they are both in the stroller.

Oh, and I sometimes get looks when my son is riding the stroller, like I'm being lazy for keeping him in a stroller, because they can't tell that he has special needs. He LOOKS like he should be walking next to me but he can't do it for very long.

Plus, when I am hurting, a larger stroller gives me something to lean on. The umbrella stroller, when I used it, was a few inches to short and ill-balanced, so that if my child got out of it, it would fall backwards. I would often end up with a backache because I was leaning over to push it, and it was even worse for my dh who is a good 10 inches taller than me.

Mom to 10yo Autistic Wonder Boy and 6yo Inquisitive Fireball Girl . December birthdays.

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I wonder about this, too. But, my DS is 4, has always been very strong and active, and refused the stroller starting at age 2 and a half when his sister was born. I bought a Sit n Stand and used it maybe twice! We use a jog stroller at home for walks or out for very long trips where we'll be doing lots of walking. I use an umbrella stroller or a small stroller with hood and basket (can't recall the brand) for shopping trips or short outings.

My friend has children the same age as mine, and she spent a huge amount of money on some gigantic double jog stroller, and her 4 year old rides everywhere in it. The kid never walks! He is very chubby and frankly I think he could do with a bit of walking! (He has no health problems, just doesn't like to move much!)

I guess it works for her. I suppose people use them for situations where the child won't walk for long, or they use it as a restraint. Or if you are in the city and have to walk everywhere, you'd need it to carry stuff, too.
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I have a double running stroller with the 20" wheels. It's a monster. I use it for running and also when my dh and I want to walk to the grocery store rather than drive. It's the same width as wheelchair access doors so it fits through public doorways just fine and down the grocery aisles. I love it. I'd never take it to the museums in DC though. I'd let dd walk or ride in a regular stroller if we'd be walking miles and ds in a sling (or the stroller when dd walks).

The big strollers can be a problem in crowded public spaces.
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I have the big ole' jeep jogging stroller but its the only one DS will sit in! its not THAT big but its not small either! He loves to run off so the stroller is great for when i have to pay, etc

he is 14 months, 26 pounds and really doesn't like being in a sling or mei tie anymore (he NEEEDS to get done and explore anywhere new)

I actually have a very embarrassingly large amount of strollers

but in all fairness i used to babysit/day care and NEEDED them! i swear

~Jaclyn~ Mama to Lucas Wyatt born 5-3-06
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