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Mommy to THREE sweet boys & ONE sweet girl + a newb due in February!  I need a nap. 
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Amanda, mama to my three giggling girls aged 12yrs, 7.5yrs and 3yrs.
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Sending strength and healing energy to you all.


I have a blog.
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I'm so glad to read your update - I've thought about you many times since first reading this thread. You sound like a truly amazing person and your kids are so lucky to have you. I'm happy to hear that you have so many supportive people around you. I hope you can enjoy your summer despite the shadow of the trial.
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I'm so glad to hear from you. I think about you all the time.
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Love and light to your family, from my family...

I am so very sorry, honey...

Homeschooling, organic gardening, jewelry-making, bread-baking pagan mama to Bubba:
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from MDC

Mamatreehugger.gif to two girl beans, Feb 2001hearts.gif and Nov 2003coolshine.gif . DH geek.gif, and two crazydog2.gifdog2.gif . Running on biodiesel since 2004!
"All you fascists are bound to lose" — Woody Guthrie
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Thank you for updating us. I hope you can rest at some point.

: Mama to ds (5) and dd (3) and .
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I think of you and your children often. Thanks for the update

~e, wife to my sweet T , mama to my turtleman (12) , sunshine (9 ), and monkey (6)
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Thinking of you.
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I know I never have met you, but I want to offer a story of a friend of mine that has given me so much comfort.........

While I was in college I met a wonderful family through the child care center I was working at. They had two children at the time, a 4 year old and infant. At the time, I was working in the infant room and had the pleasure of getting to know "Emma." The moment I met her and her family, I knew at that moment we would become great friends. Over the next year I would often babysit for this family. Both parents were wonderful parents who adored their children. Honestly, I have never met two parents who cherished and respected their children as much as they did. For example, even if the they were running late to work, they always took the time to allow their children the time to walk into the center at the child's pace. It was an incredibly kind gesture on their part! I had never seen this kind of patience before.

At the tender age of 17 months, Emma passed away unexpectantly. She was healthy one day and then the next day she was gone. It was a horrible pain that I experienced and I could not even begin to imagine what these two wonderful parents were feeling. I ached for them and for myself. It was physically painful to breath for weeks. Here were these parents that I had labeled as perfect in my heart and watching them have their heart ripped out, was almost too much to bare. I will never forget the sound of my friend screaming as her husband was trying to give her a shower. The sound is still very clear in my head. Many people had warned me that this kind of grief can tear couples apart. Somehow, I knew if anyone could make it through all of this.....they would. They were incredibly close and bonded by the heart. Losing a child, in my mind, seemed like the worst thing that could happen to a person. Little did I know at the time, more was about to happen that would test my friend's faith in everything she had believed in.

Shortly after Emma's death my friends moved to another state where my friend's husband started school for a doctoral degree. They went on to have to more children, one was a girl and the other a boy. The girl was born on Christmas day and the boy was born on the day that both my friend and Emma shared. I was convinced this was devine intervention. Surely, nothing else would touch this family.

In July of 2003, my friend's husband died unexpectantly of a massive heart attack at the age of 45. He was tall, lean and played competitive softball. I mention this because he was the last person I expected to die from this. Once again, my friend was forced to address the worst pain. Now, not only was she without her daughter, but she was forced to continue life with her three children and without her soul mate. At this memorial service, everyone filled a college theater to share stories about this wonderful human being who gave so much. He was the kind of dad, I could only have dreamed of having. This in m mind was the last straw. How could such a wonderful family that did everything "right" be affected by tragedy not once, but twice? It seemed unreal. How could someone who has faced this kind of sorrow possibly "go on" with life?

This past weekend I attended the wedding of my friend to a man who lost his wife to ALS, three years ago. I saw in her eyes the happiness that I had not seen in years. She is still very aware of how close and real the pain is of her losses, but is willing to trust and love again. Her kids also seem very happy. They have accepted this man whole heartedly, while not forgetting who their dad was. Her oldest, who was old enough to feel the pain of Emma's and his dad's death, is starting school in the fall and is going to be pre-med. The youngest two are 7 and 10. All three of them are thrilled to know their mom has found true happiness even after she thought at one time she had the perfect life. My heart holds true happiness for my friend.

I just wanted to share this story with you because I hope that there is some part of the story that gives you hope to know that life can hand you such horrible circumstances and then when you least expect it, life can show you happiness in ways you may have not thought possible.

~My best wishes for happiness for you!

Tricia, married to DH. 2MC's & 4 yrs ttc...finally mom to Andrew6/06 and Benjamin 10/09. Adopted bro & sis 2002. My 2 fav. words: Spay and Neuter! I'm an Ultimate Viewer, 2010!


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I still think of you and your family often.
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Good to see you again.
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So glad to hear from you again.
You are one strong mama!
That photo in your siggy always brings me to tears, it is incredible.
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Thinking of you and your children.

Anne, Mama to Conner 2/27/04 blahblah.gif  Gabrielle 2/6/06 W/LMC-TCS, Neurogenic Bladder, AFO & KAFO wearer, Neurogenic Bowel energy.gif & Delaney 5/12/08 mischievous.gif &  Beethoven cat.gif& Gizmo cat.gif

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One by one the days are slipping up behind you ~ One by one the sweetest days of life go by :
-Woodie Guthrie
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Nice to hear from you.
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Thanks for the hugs and support everyone. And thanks for sharing that story Tricia.
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